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Elle Michaels loves when a sexy woman takes the reins and steers her in the direction of reckless abandon and pleasure. This Texan hottie first noticed her sexual side on the cheerleading team in her native San Antonio, when her squad would flirt with the football players at the after-game parties. This curvaceous porn star says she's headstrong in her everyday life, but in the bedroom loves to please, doing whatever it takes to make the wishes of other lustful ladies come true. Not that this bisexual babe doesn't get off on fucking dudes too, as she puts it "Sex with guys is great, but there's nothing hotter than having a hot girl spread out in front of you!"

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April O'Neil in 'Beyond  The Thunderclit'

April O'Neil - Beyond The Thunderclit

Its 2115AD and no one on earth is alive, Elle is one of the nuclear explosion survivors and she is unsure if anyone made it through, the dust has settled and its safe to go out to see if any food has started to grow, so she finds herself in the habitat belonging to April and Kiara were once the doors are shut she finds out their are the horniest humans that need to be pleasured.