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Emilianna in 'Brazzers' - Spicy and New (SexPro Adventures)

Released : April 4th, 2007
Tags : Sex Expert, MILF, Natural Tits, Blonde, Sex Therapist, Threesome, Feet, Medium Tits

Ashley's issue is that the sex with her high school sweetheart is very boring. She wants to inject some excitement in their sex lives which is why she contacted the pro. Emiliana knew just the thing the couple needed and they both rendez-vous back at the house to meet the boyfriend. The couple definitely got what they paid for and boring will no longer be an adjective to describe their sex lives!

Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'
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Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'

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Emilianna in 'Family Bond'

Emilianna - Family Bond

Emilianna decided to go visit her daughter in California. Since her daughter and boyfriend Chris had just moved into together. Emilianna's daughter was happy to see her mom but let's just say she's a little less then lady like. Her daughter left her alone with Chris in the house, BIG mistake. Emilianna knew by the bulge in his pants that her daughter was getting it good. She got jealous and the rest is on video....

Emilianna in 'Big natural round boobs'

Emilianna - Big natural round boobs

We have the gorgeous Emilianna in a very hot scene just for you fellas!! This girl is the bomb, she has a beautiful face, a great ass and the most perfect pair of natural boobs!!! We really like this girl because she always does what we ask her to. This time we gave her a big hard cock and she just went crazy on it. She took a really hard pounding and a huge load on her face and awesome tits in the end.

Emilianna in 'Not The Size Of The Boat...'

Emilianna - Not The Size Of The Boat...

When Dr. Emilianna's patient asks for a penis enlargement she is a bit curious as to why he would need such a thing. Once he shows her what he's packing, she gives his cock a medical examine that proves that it's not the size of the's the motion in her tight doctor PUSSY!

Demi Delia in 'and Emilianna Busty Threesome'

Demi Delia - and Emilianna Busty Threesome

Two sexy milfs with huge tits Demi and Emiliana love to get wet together before smokin' our man Justice's cock! Their gorgeous tits are just busting out so perfectly!! Non-stop fucking action and huge boobs... This is the shit! After they prep themselves for his cock he joins in on the fun and they suck him and fuck him with their tight pussies till they get what they wanted all over their big popping round breasts! Get ready for one WILD threesome!

Emilianna in 'Working Late'

Emilianna - Working Late

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Emilianna is forced to work late. We all know how much working late can suck, especially when she has an empty apartment to go home to. At least the painter is there to keep her company...

Emilianna in 'Busty mom Emilianna'

Emilianna - Busty mom Emilianna

What can we say about this mommy other than the fact that she loves to fuck! Emilianna showed us all about huge boobs when she took out her two lovely friends and played with them a little. Then it was up to our guy to have a little fun. He couldn't keep his hands and mouth off of them, even when he was ramming Emilianna's tight pussy! After some serious pounding, we had to drench those tits with a huge load!