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Alanna Ackerman in 'Big Butt Obsession'

Alanna Ackerman - Big Butt Obsession

Cheyne couldn't take it anymore so he decided to sneak into Alanna's house and setup a web cam. Once the camera was in place, Cheyne hid in the closet for Alanna's arrival. He wasn't quiet enough and he got caught, but Alanna didn't seem to mind so she decided to have him worship and fuck the shit out of her big wet butt...

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Alanna Ackerman in 'Friend Alanna Ackerman fucking in the bed with her big tits'

Alanna Ackerman - Friend Alanna Ackerman fucking in the bed with her big tits

Alanna Ackerman and Nat have no idea what happened last night, but they think they had fun. So since Nat's sister won't be home for a while, they decide to explore the amount of fun they had last night ... and have hot morning sex.

Alanna Ackerman in 'A Sucker For Big Ones'

Alanna Ackerman - A Sucker For Big Ones

Alanna Ackerman's video was shot in first-person point-of-view, the best for jacking because--hey--you're the chick's virtual partner. Johnny Rod picks her up in the park and takes her back to his place. Once they get there, it's non-stop fucking and sucking until he blows a load on her big tits. It's direct and to-the-point. That also pretty much sums up Alanna's sexual personality.

Alanna Ackerman in 'A Fetish For Nipples'

Alanna Ackerman - A Fetish For Nipples

This is not a complaint: I don't know why so many unusually horny girls like Alanna Ackerman come from South Florida. It might be because of the year-long sunshine and heat. Busty natural Alanna wasted no time going straight to the hard stuff. The hard stuff right in her ass. She quickly became known for being happy to do anal, and when a model's happy, I'm happy. White cock, black cock, it didn't matter. She even called herself a sex freak. We don't usually hear that from the girls.