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Coming from the warmth and the waves of sunny Laguna Beach, this California cutie knows a thing or two about how to bring the heat. Allie made her adult industry debut back in 2010, and each and every single scene she's recorded since has brought this sexy teen sensation to new heights of erotic mastery. Whether she's posing for sensual softcore glam shoots or getting fucked hardcore by the big dicks here at Brazzers HQ, she brings her A game whenever a camera is pointed at her. Her sweet smile gives her an aura of innocence that makes it all the more hot when she drops to her knees and starts sucking on a fat cock, and blowing a load all over that pretty face of hers is the one and only way to make it any hotter!

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Allie Jordan in 'Dont Be Scared, My Cock Wont Bite'

Allie Jordan - Dont Be Scared, My Cock Wont Bite

Allie and her friend, after watching a scary movie, talk about how much they would love to meet a vampire because vampires have really massive cocks. They suspect Keiran of maybe being a vampire. Later, Allie brought Keiran to her room to uncover his dark secret. When she feels the huge bulge in his pants, she gets very scared and assures that he is a vampire. But he tells her to touch it, to deep throat and let him shove it up her teeny little pussy.

Allie Jordan in 'Movie Night, Schmovie Night Bitch, Suck My Cock'

Allie Jordan - Movie Night, Schmovie Night Bitch, Suck My Cock

Keiran and his girlfriend are settling in for a quiet movie night at home. However, their plans are quickly foiled when the neighborhood tart, Allie comes over to join in the fun. Keiran's sweetie falls asleep while they watch a film, leaving Keiran all alone with Allie. Oh, and did we mention that Allie totally wants to jump his bones? With Keiran's lady out like a light, Allie finally gets her chance!

Allie Jordan in 'Tip Me Mister Grocery Boy'

Allie Jordan - Tip Me Mister Grocery Boy

Allie wants to go out to look for boys, but her parents have left her a note saying to stay and wait for the groceries to be delivered. When the delivery man comes, Allie realizes that the only thing that she is hungry for is a big dick.

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Allie Jordan in 'fucking in the desk with her natural tits'

Allie Jordan - fucking in the desk with her natural tits

Professor Dera is still in his classroom cleaning up from Allie's birthday party when she shows up to help him. He tells her that it's easy to clean up, and that she should be out celebrating her birthday with her friends. But Allie says for her birthday, she wants to help him -- in more ways then one. The lightbulb goes on in the professor's head when Allie starts touching his leg inappropriately. Does he break the teacher-student code? By the massive load he spurts on her face ' I'd say yes.

Allie Jordan in 'Friend Allie Jordan fucking in the floor with her petite'

Allie Jordan - Friend Allie Jordan fucking in the floor with her petite

Allie's decided that it's high time that she got into shape. Luckily her buddy Derrick has a home gym, and he agrees to get the girl started on the road to physical fitness. Gung ho at first, Allie quickly finds out that working out is just that ' work! After struggling with some light lifting, the two decide the only lifting they should be doing is lifting her onto some workout equipment and making her sweat from the best workout known to man.

Allie Jordan in 'Savor the Moment'

Allie Jordan - Savor the Moment

Once the fires of Allie Jordan's passionate lust start to smolder, there's little she can do but run her finger-tips over her skin and indulge herself in a luxurious session of touching herself. Running her hands over her soft, perky breasts gets her so excited she can barely stand it, and sending a hand down south fans the flames of her desire to a fever pitch. Watch this steamy solo scene as Allie lays back on the sofa and works her pussy with two hands, rubbing the clit while she fingers herself passionately, until her back arches in a delightful orgasm.

Allie Jordan in 'Second Helping'

Allie Jordan - Second Helping

When Allie and her man got home today they lost no time jumping right into bed together. The passion was high, and Allie was in the mood to go deep. She wrapped her lips around the crown of Ryan's cock and pushed all the way to the base of his shaft. Soon after, her pussy got the royal treatment as Ryan returned the favor with slow and indulgent licks of her pussy. He licked her wet lips up and down until she begged him to slide his fat prick inside her.

Allie Jordan in 'Anal Asses'

Allie Jordan - Anal Asses

Two sassy sluts, blonde Kimmy Olsen and dark-haired Allie Jordan, tease director Mike Adriano with their plump, adorable asses. They walk on a treadmill while Mike films them from behind; he hungrily licks chocolate syrup off Allie's round buns. The girls put on fishnet pantyhose and kiss while Mike tongues their assholes. Kimmy and Allie stretch their buttholes with big anal toys and join forces to rim the director's anus and slurp his big dork. Mike plunders these horny young ladies' bouncy asses in a frisky anal threesome with lots of ass-to-mouth cocksucking... climaxing in a gooey sperm swap.

Allie Jordan in 'Fill her ass up with dick'

Allie Jordan - Fill her ass up with dick

Allie Jordan is a sexy piece of art. Having her on today's Mr. Anal is a blessing. She puts on a great display of anal pounding. She shoved beaded dildos and Alex's big cock in her ass-hole. He sure was on cloud nine when her tight ass-hole grip around his cock. Come and see this non-stop anal action. ENjoy!

Allie Jordan in 'Formal Fuck'

Allie Jordan - Formal Fuck

You are formally invited to this black tie event, as Allie Jordan saunters and purrs, catlike, from an ottoman in jet black stockings. Cody Cummings is dressed to the nines, but the elegance before him is what as arrested his attention. Cody kneels down to Allie and slowly undresses her, sinking his face into her skin, kissing her on the neck and moving down the small of her back as he removes her garments. Slowly undressing himself, she takes his cock out of his pants and takes it down to the shaft, the head gagging her throat as Cody pushes her all the way down, fingering her from above as she slobbers all over his meatstick. Opening her legs, he slides his hard cock into her as she braces for penetration, and as he pushes inside, she whimpers and moans. Pumping her from behind, then from above, then from below, Cody has had all that he can handle as he pulls out and blasts her soft belly with his gargantuan load, white as light and pure as driven snow.Enjoy!

Allie Jordan in 'Three for the Money'

Allie Jordan - Three for the Money

Cody Cummings is up in the club, making it rain like a fuckin' baller. With all this hot skin and sexual tension in the room, it's only a matter of time before the heat turns up. Darcy Tyler and Allie Jordan see high rollers all the time, but there's something about Cody that is different. So when he starts throwing money around and helping himself to a drink or three, they can sense that this night is going to end a little crazier than usual. While Darcy dances onstage, Cody and Allie get friendly on the couch. Wanting to get in on the action, Darcy peels of her see through mini skirt and spreads her legs as Cody slips his fingers between her legs. Turning moist, she doesn't stop him. Instead she and Allie make a move for Cody's pants and unzip them to let his cock join the party. Two steps ahead of them, Cody's cock is already standing in full salute, and so they take turns sucking on the tip of his head and then slamming his shaft down the back of each other's throats. Cody is living the dream as he bends Darcy over and enters her from behind, all the while Allie fingers Cody's taint and pushes him deeper. Flipping the positions, Allie assumes the position and Cody penetrates her as she moans from the pleasure of his thick cock pounding her insides. The three of them are dripping wet from the sweaty three way as Cody is on the verge of letting loose, so they bend down and he soaks both of their faces with a sticky load as they suck on his head and milk him for every last drop. Enjoy!

Allie Jordan in 'Planet Anal'

Allie Jordan - Planet Anal

It's ass-fucking time - and exotic, dark-haired Allie Jordan is ready to open her sweet bunghole for the stud's cock. This fleshy fox removes her skintight hot pants and spreads her plump cheeks, letting performer shove his tongue deep inside her soft ass. Allie kneels and gags on stud's member, bobbing her head. She buzzes her clit with a vibrator while he reams her tight rear end; she sucks his greasy boner ass-to-mouth while her asshole gapes widely. Finally, the seductive bitch opens wide and swallows a hot load of sperm.

Allie Jordan in 'and Derrick Pierce in Naughty Athletics'

Allie Jordan - Naughty Athletics

Allie's decided that it's high time that she got into shape. Luckily her buddy Derrick has a home gym, and he agrees to get the girl started on the road to physical fitness. Gung ho at first, Allie quickly finds out that working out is just that - work! After struggling with some light lifting, the two decide the only lifting they should be doing is lifting her onto some workout equipment and making her sweat from the best workout known to man.

Allie Jordan in 'Shopping Mall Nut'

Allie Jordan - Shopping Mall Nut

I took the girls with me to the mall this week. Angel Vain, Allie Jordan and Katie Kox are my ladies of danger this time around and they want to find some fresh meat and get some christmas shopping done right. So we did our thing and sure enough we found our chump of the day. His name was Billy and he was waiting for his friend to get out of work. So we snatched up his crib and the girls got busy playing on his phone until they found someone who wanted to come over and help The Fuck Team five bust a nut.

Allie Jordan in 'Sucking Cock In The Parking Lot!'

Allie Jordan - Sucking Cock In The Parking Lot!

What's up? Bangros has another new update of Blow Job Fridays just for you. This time, there's going to be some cock sucking going on in the parking-lot. Allie Jordan is going to have a blast. She's a petite chick with sexy hips. Buddy is going to love this one. Once outside, Buddy didn't hesitate not one bit. He whipped his cock out and shoved it down her throat. Wow! What a blow-job! Allie Jordan sure knows what she's doing. Enjoy!

Allie Jordan in 'Make Out With My Balls'

Allie Jordan - Make Out With My Balls

Allie Jordan is new here at Bang Bros and especially at Facial Fest. I'm not sure if they broke down what she would be in for exactly, but she wanted to film some stuff with us and we said okidokie! Allie is a sweet chick with a lot of heart and sex appeal. She diggs on Preston immediately and when Preston asks her to strip she obliges him and does it slowly and sensually like all us dudes like. Sometimes you meet a girl and with what she has on you can't really tell how hot she really is underneath all her gear. This is the situation we have with Allie Jordan. This chick is crazy hot and sexy with out her clothes on. You wouldn't even imagine the bod on this one yall! Beautiful ass and perky ass tits. Allie gets right in to it when she starts sucking Prestons cock. After a bit of that she starts to ride his dick reverse cowgirl style and this is when she begins to shine for real. I'm happy to say that we have a winer here folks! I want to see more of Allie Jordan! The cutie with a booty from L.A.

Allie Jordan in 'Belly Dancing Toes'

Allie Jordan - Belly Dancing Toes

So today we bring you another amazing set of toes. Allie Jordan graces us with her presence, and OMG this chick is cute as fuck, small petite and a gorgeous jiggly ass. Her toes are just adorable and I wouldn't have one problem shoving her whole foot in my mouth. This hottie loves to get her feet sucked and licked to the orgasmic zone and thats the only way place Mojito knows where to go, watch as he explodes all over her cute little toes. Enjoy

Allie Jordan in 'Teen and Clean'

Allie Jordan - Teen and Clean

Allie feels someone watching her while she's taking a shower. The creep sneaks in and finds a teen slut ready to fuck right there on the stairs. Her huge ass gets pounded so hard she screams and creams. The only way to shut her up is with a gushing load in the mouth.

Allie Jordan in 'Hardcore'

Allie Jordan - Hardcore

Allie Jordan taste her own orgasm as she sucks this cock after a hard pounding in her pussy