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Straight off the beach, this platinum blonde babe has a body made for a teeny-weeny bikini that barely covers a nipple, let alone those massive double D's. Audrey Show has all the physical makings of an A-list pornstar, huge tits, fuck-me eyes, and a supple round ass that begs to be spanked, but it's her dirty mind that makes this lovely lady stand out in a crowd of sluts. This glutton for punishment might look pristine at the beginning of a shoot, but she refuses to leave the set until her hair's in knots, her stockings are torn, and there's a load of cum dripping from her lips. Audrey loves being bent over a desk and fucked hard, then kneeling on the ground to have a hard dick shoved down her throat, making her gag 'til her mascara runs down those pretty cheeks of hers. Brazzers is the perfect place for this gorgeous gal, and we're sure to fulfill all her naughty desires, making her squeal with pleasure as she reads each script.

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Audrey Show in 'Hit The Shower, Sins'

Audrey Show - Hit The Shower, Sins

Star athlete Johnny Sins got the scare of his life when Audrey Show threatened to throw him off of the team, but fortunately for him, all she really wanted was to wrap her pretty lips around his big thick cock! Tracking him down in the showers, she stroked his dick until it was rock hard and then deepthroated it all the way down to the base. Johnny tore her fancy clothes off of her to get at that tight pussy, pounded her hard, and then busted a nut on her pretty face! Good thing she fucked him in the shower, because after Johnny was done with her, Audrey was really going to need one!

Audrey Show in 'Doctor Discipline'

Audrey Show - Doctor Discipline

Hospital administrator Marco Ducati has received some complaints about one of his doctors, a busty blonde beauty named Audrey Show. Determined to show his clients that he's no slouch when it comes to disciplining his staff, he calls Dr. Show into his office for a little one on one. Peeling her short skirt off of her juicy round booty, Dr. Ducati gives Audrey a nice spanking and then fucks her pretty face. Stripping down to stockings, garters, and some sexy high heels, Audrey rides Marco's cock, her big fake tits bouncing as she cums all over that big dick!

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Audrey Show in 'Pull Your Pants Down'

Audrey Show - Pull Your Pants Down

Athletic hotties Audrey Show and her stepdaughter Marry Lynn are doing their daily workout with the help of Jake Taylor. Audrey decides to help hook Marry up with Jake, and thanks to a few pointed questions she makes her intentions clear.Jake is uncomfortable with the conversation and he tries to go back to the workout, but after he helps Marry perform a handstand he has an obvious erection! Audrey is all too willing to help Jake out with his little problem, and Marry is happy to follow her stepmom's lead.Sitting Jake down, the girls take turns wrapping their lips around his hard dick and sucking him down until they are deep throating. As Marry works her mouth over Jake's manhood, Audrey gets all three of them naked and ready to move on to something even hotter.Laying Jake down exactly the way they want him, Audrey and Marry get ready to double team him! Marry slides down on Jake's fuck stick for a bouncing stiffie ride, while Audrey plants her creamy pussy over Jake's mouth so that he can eat out her cock hungry slit. Getting creative with the workout equipment, the girls position themselves so that they are poised to do a lesbian 69. Jake presses his dick deep into Audrey's snatch so that he can fuck her doggy style while she licks and fondles Marry's puss. Marry gets one more pussy pounding courtesy of Jake while she buries her moans in Audrey's twat. As Marry is moaning her orgasmic delight, Jake reaches the end of his endurance. Fortunately Audrey is there to pull him out so that he jizzes all over Marry's bare mound, leaving plenty of cum for Audrey to lick up and enjoy.

Audrey Show in 'Melt in my Mouth'

Audrey Show - Melt in my Mouth

Young stud explores every inch of Audrey's hot MILF body