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Phoenix Marie in 'A Memorable Physical Exam'

Phoenix Marie - A Memorable Physical Exam

Dr Phoenix Marie still has a wild side to herself that no-one at work knows... yet... After work, she decides to take some extasy and party all night long and the next day is a hard one for her. She has appointments for a full physical on Jez which is not too hard to convince otherwise. He ends up being the one that gives a full physical examination to Dr Phoenix Marie in more than one hole.

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Brandi Lace in 'fucking in the bed with her small tits'

Brandi Lace - fucking in the bed with her small tits

Brandi Lace has had her eye on Derrick for a while, so when she catches him sniffing her panties, she's more excited than mad. And while she knows her panties smell sweet, they're getting in the way of his cock and her pussy.

Brandi Lace in 'fucking in the desk with her small tits'

Brandi Lace - fucking in the desk with her small tits

Brandi's professor knows he needs to stop fucking his students, but Brandi is a girl who knows what she wants. He figures one more won't hurt, especially since she won't take no for an answer.

Talon in 'Chocolate Syrup Cat Fight!!'

Talon - Chocolate Syrup Cat Fight!!

What a fucking party!! First, Talon picks up a really hot chick and fucks her in my friend's room. Then, Four of the hottest bitches fight on chocolate syrup!!! yes!! chocolate syrup!! It was the hottest shit ever. Finally, I catch Claudio fucking another little slut in the garage. Best party ever!!

Crista Moore in 'Pool Party Poontang'

Crista Moore - Pool Party Poontang

Wow!!! All I have to say is Wow!!! These girls are sex hungry and they don't give a shit that everybody there is watching!!! Blonde Bombshells, Busty Brunettes, you name it, this party's got it!!! If you go to a party, always bring a camera!!!