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Riley Ray in 'Spin My Bottle'

Riley Ray - Spin My Bottle

Five friends decide to play spin the bottle. Two of them, Brooke and Riley, have one goal in mind: fuck Jordan by the end of the game. However, they have some competition (Nikki) who also has her eyes on Jordan. They all do their best to get him but in this game, only the sluttiest succeed...

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Brooke Bennett in 'Get on your knees and suck f'

Brooke Bennett - Get on your knees and suck f

Brooke Bennett has an interview at Lagina Burger. When she tells the manager a little bit about herself, she mentions that she loves sucking cock. This throws the manager, Jordan Ash, back into his seat. He then mentions that she would fit in just fine at Legina Burger but she is going to have to prove shes really worth it by getting on her little knees to suck his big dick.