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Brooke Brand is perfection, from the tip of her blonde head all the way down to her pretty little pink toes. This small town girl-gone-bad has got the kind of tight, tanned, and toned body that you usually only see on models, but she puts it to good use every day fucking on screen. Standing at 5'8, she's got the long legs of a dancer, ideally suited for being wrapped around a big-dicked stranger. Her toned tummy and tight ass are hard to take your eyes off of, and her perfect tits make the whole thing almost too good to be true. Throw in some baby blue stunners, and you've got Brooke Brand, one of the sexiest babes in the biz.

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Brooke Brand in 'Don't Be A Dick'

Brooke Brand - Don't Be A Dick

Sexy blond MILF Brooke Banner just recently got married, but she gets more than she bargained for after her husband's son (AJ) gets injured playing college rugby and is left on the couch, hardly able to move. AJ becomes an insufferable dick, constantly ringing a little bell to get assistance from Brooke... even when she's trying to relax in the shower! Brooke realizes that she has to kill AJ with kindness if she wants to get some peace from him... or in this case, flaunting her hot body should do the trick. While her husband's away, Brooke confronts AJ wearing sexy lingerie and offers a trade; give up the bell in exchange for a taste of her pussy.

Brooke Brand in 'Forest Hump'

Brooke Brand - Forest Hump

Keiran is fed up waiting so long for his legs to heal. Dr. Brand tells him that if he wants to heal he's going to have to work for it. At first she tries to get him to stretch out his legs or move them by some traditional methods. Keiran is very stubborn however, so Brooke pulls his cock out and starts sucking it for incentive. Then when he's good and horny and wants to fuck her she puts her pussy just out of reach of his cock so that he really has to thrust and work at fucking her, until his braces break off and he's in full fuck mode.

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Brooke Brand in '2 Chicks Same Time'

Brooke Brand - 2 Chicks Same Time

Brooke Band and Jenni Lee need a favor. They plan on throwing a party and want to use their friend's house to host the gathering. He isn't convinced by their initial offer, so he makes a counter offer: two days at his place for two chicks in his pants!!!

Brooke Brand in 'fucking in the table with her tits'

Brooke Brand - fucking in the table with her tits

Brooke's over at Mark's place helping him learn to cook because he's trying to impress another lady. Brooke wants to know why he's trying to impress some distant stranger when she lives across the street and is all set to make a lot more than dinner with him...

Brooke Brand in 'fucking in the living room with her tits'

Brooke Brand - fucking in the living room with her tits

Brooke Banner is taking care of Charles Dera and he got sun burned. Brooke suggested that some awesome pussy can cure his pain. Charles is a married man so he was a little hesitant at first. It's hard to refuse a sexy blond like Brooke and they started fucking on the couch. Brooke just knows how to take care of a man when he's hurting.

Brooke Brand in 'MILF Brooke Brand fucking in the desk with her glasses'

Brooke Brand - MILF Brooke Brand fucking in the desk with her glasses

Over coffee one day in the teachers' lounge, Professors Julia Ann and Brooke Banner are discussing a student who is always late and sleepy in class. Well, guess what? At night, he's an exotic dancer. So how about we show you some of our stripper moves, Justice?

Brooke Brand in 'Student Brooke Brand fucking in the desk with her small tits'

Brooke Brand - Student Brooke Brand fucking in the desk with her small tits

Aaliyah goes to her favorite teacher asking for sex tips. She's never given a hummer before so she was looking for books on how to give good ones, but what's better than a hands on approach to learning. He's going to help her learn how to give a blow job worthy of an A, and might teach her a thing or two more while he's at it.

Brooke Brand in 'fucking in the couch with her big natural tits'

Brooke Brand - fucking in the couch with her big natural tits

Hail to the good ol' days when your hot sexy housewife Brooke Banner waited on you hand and foot. A drink and a smile at the door, let me take off your shoes and make you dinner ... and then how about me for dessert? What a good wife.

Brooke Brand in 'fucking in the kitchen with her tattoos'

Brooke Brand - fucking in the kitchen with her tattoos

Poor Brooke Banner's a sad little maid who has to clean before going to the ball. If only Mr. Clean would show up to save the day. He doesn't have a glass slipper to slide on her foot, but he has a rock hard boner to slide in her pussy

Brooke Brand in 'fucking in the desk with her tattoos'

Brooke Brand - fucking in the desk with her tattoos

Brooke Banner does NOT get told no. So when Kyle refuses to take a test for her so she doesn't have to study, she unzips his pants to speak to the other head in charge. And there she isn't refused. Once she starts sucking his cock, he agrees to her every whim, from eating her pussy to getting her lunch.

Brooke Brand in 'in Tonight's Girlfriend'

Brooke Brand - Tonight's Girlfriend

Sex with my wife has been almost non existent for a while so I'm finally taking the plunge and calling up Brooke Brand. I've seen tons of her videos and know that she can provide me with the relief I need.

Brooke Brand in 'and Van Wylde in Dirty Wives Club'

Brooke Brand - Dirty Wives Club

Brooke Brand's husband cancelled plans with her to go to an art show. Instead, her husband makes his friend Van take care of her and accompany her to the art show. Frustrated with her husband, she decides to fuck Van.