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All-natural stacked hottie Charlotte Rayn is a bubbly, energetic starlet from Orlando, Florida. Charlotte's threads are always on point... because she can make them herself! An embroidery adept, Charlotte can sew the sultriest of outfits, and then display them on her curvy, delicious body! Charlotte loves to dress up, especially if that means she can attract more than one stud to pleasure her holes. A double penetration fanatic, Charlotte's biggest fantasy is being shared, and this travel enthusiast peacocks far and wide to keep that fantasy fulfilled! As crafty as she is sexy, every Charlotte Rayn scene is bedazzled, bright, and glistening. Check out this Florida native in the scenes below.

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Charlotte Rayn in 'Movie Night'

Charlotte Rayn - Movie Night

Charlotte Rayn is enjoying a movie night with her new husband when her new stepson, Jimmy Michaels, tries to butt in and watch alongside them. Jimmy's dad would rather he go clean up the mess in his room, however, and leave them alone. Jimmy's got a few tricks up his sleeve, however, and after the old "vacuum against his cock trick" doesn't help get him some alone time with his hot stepmom, he finds another way to take his dad out of the equation! Let's just say Charlotte's in for a big surprise when she sticks her hand in the bucket of popcorn - and the treat she discovers is too good to pass up!

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Charlotte Rayn in 'wants to fuck her student while her husband watches on video call'

Charlotte Rayn - My First Sex Teacher

Charlotte Rayn has been wanting to get fucked by her student and she has the right idea so that her husband can watch over video call. Johnny the kid has not returned his work on time and he needs to pass the class for his soccer scholarship, so that's when Charlotte tells him she can trade a grad for sex.