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Slovakian stunner Chloe Lamour is easy to spot in a crowd: just look for the big tits, big booty, and even bigger smile! This Euro hottie confesses that she loves getting attention, which is why she enjoys going out in low-cut tops with no bra...that, and it's hard to even find lingerie that will fit her massive knockers! When Chloe isn't attracting the eye of every guy in Europe, you can usually find her doing squats in the gym, jet-setting from one perfect beach to another, or taking all the hard cock she craves in the videos below!

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Chloe Lamour in 'Cross-Training Those Tits'

Chloe Lamour - Cross-Training Those Tits

Chloe Lamour has employed Brian Ragnastone to help her work out her perfectly curvy body, but it's clear that her personal trainer has far more than fitness on his mind. After sneaking a peek at Chloe while she does some yoga poses to warm up, Brian eagerly helps her through some guided stretches using hanging exercise cables. However, getting so close to Chloe's juicy tits and perfect, round ass proves too tempting. In no time at all, Chloe invites Brian to stick his thick cock in her wet pussy and work up a real sweat!

Chloe Lamour in 'Greedy Cupid'

Chloe Lamour - Greedy Cupid

What a surprise when the sultry Chloe Lamour appears in front of Jordi right after he preys to cupid in the hope his upcoming date with a stranger will go smoothly. Sporting red lingerie and using a bow, this well endowed "Cupida" can do a lot, but certainly can't fix the horrible person Jordi's about to meet. After outrageously flirting with Jordi, the perverse Chloe decides it's better if she keeps the kindhearted man all for herself, and kicks the other woman out! The hot sex that ensues proves her she did the right choice.

Chloe Lamour in 'High Five For Double Penetration!'

Chloe Lamour - High Five For Double Penetration!

Chloe Lamour's roommate, Pavlos, sucks at closing his door. Even when he's about to try out his new sex toy, a lifelike ass and pussy. She can't help but spy on him from the doorway as he pulls out his rock-hard cock and plays with it. As she watches, she whips out her glorious big tits and rubs her pussy. Accidently moaning a little too loud, Chloe almost gets busted. Pavlos goes to investigate and Chloe sees her chance to do a pussy swap. She sneaks in and hides the fake pussy, subbing in her own. Pavlos catches her stripping down peeping from the doorway and beacons to his other roommate, Angelo Godshack, to come check out what he's seeing. They both can't believe their eyes when they realize that Chloe is positioning herself for a prank on them. Both guys are down and high five, for double penetration.

Chloe Lamour in 'Doppelbanger'

Chloe Lamour - Doppelbanger

What the fuck! Chloe Lamour and her roommate have a lot in common already, with their brunette hair and big round tits, and now they're both wearing the exact same outfit? This has Charlie Dean extremely confused. They're looking like lookalikes! Chloe has a solution, tearing her roomies top in half. These ladies don't play, but the games have just begun. Charlie catches Chloe showering and mistakes her for his girlfriend. He decides to surprise her with his big hard cock. It's a surprise alright and Chloe loves his dick inside of her. Charlie realizes he's bamboozled himself yet he can't help but get more of Chloe's amazing pussy. Charlie busts out the double barrel oil and they have a slip slidy good time. It's all cum and games... until they get caught.

Chloe Lamour in 'This Could Be The End'

Chloe Lamour - This Could Be The End

There's been an outbreak of sex crazed maniacs and nobody is safe! Rose and her husband hide out in their house, waiting to be rescued, when they hear Danny banging on the door. Once they rescue him, they debate over the safest place to hide while they wait for the military to save them. Will they survive this new nightmare sweeping the nation? Or will they succumb to their primal urges and join in on the fucking and sucking?

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Chloe Lamour in 'Creampied In The Studio'

Chloe Lamour - Creampied In The Studio

Big tits hottie, Chloe Lamour, feels horny during her photoshoot. Unable to control her lust any longer, the sexy tattooed bombshell decides to fuck a lucky stud in the studio. Chloe is on her knees, sucking a cock, in no time. The beautiful hottie teasingly strips out of her shorts and lets the man fuck her doggystyle. Chloe's massive tits gracefully bounce as she rides on the man's dick like a real cowgirl. Her firm ass looks heavenly as she twerks and grinds on top of the lad in reverse cowgirl. Loud moans of pleasure fill the studio in no time. Chloe can't help but enjoy the intense pussy pounding in missionary. The lucky bloke tirelessly fucks Chloe's tight pussy until he unloads his warm cum inside her.

Angelika Grays in 'Angelika Grays, Chloe Lamour and the Groom'

Angelika Grays - Angelika Grays, Chloe Lamour and the Groom

Armed with her huge tits and insatiable sexual appetite, dressmaker Chloe Lamour is helping the spectacular Angelika Grays choose a suit for her groom, Aaron Rock and when you combine these two horny stars with a BBC… there's only one way things will go down! So watch Chloe and Angelika in an interracial threesome to remember on as they treat our lucky stallion to some double deepthroat action before mounting up and taking turns getting pounded, ending with a round of anal for Angelika, and a nice shared cumshot to finish!

Chloe Lamour in 'Anal = True Love'

Chloe Lamour - Anal = True Love

Chloe Lamour was showing off her perfect enhanced body with all that ink. Everything was shaped to perfection. Angelo Godshack stepped into frame and Chloe took out his giant dick. It was so much fun to suck it. A big dick feels great in the pussy but it feels even better in the ass. They didn't waste any time. After some titty fucking he fucked her straight in the ass. Chloe took it like a pro. They fucked in doggy, missionary, she was riding him, he was choking her and they fucked until she gaped. Angelo came in her mouth.

Chloe Lamour in 'and Eveline Dellai, Photographer and Model Share a Stud'

Chloe Lamour - and Eveline Dellai, Photographer and Model Share a Stud

Today in Private's Lingerie Model Agency, photographer Chloe Lamour has taken on the task of shooting with models Eveline Dellai and Angelo Godshack, and as expected, when our girls are on set… things get wild! It's hard to stay professional working with such horny models, and soon enough Chloe joins in on the fun as she puts down the camera to join Eveline for some double blowjob action. Then watch Chloe put her busty, tattooed body to work in this stunning anal threesome as both girls take turns getting pounded all the way until her beautiful big tits are covered in cum.

Chloe Lamour in 'Anal Step Mom'

Chloe Lamour - Anal Step Mom

Chloe Lamour came home from the gym and as usual her step son Sam Bourne kept staring at her. When she went to change he was peeking through the door playing with his dick. When Chloe was in the shower Sam sneaked into the bathroom and started to masturbate. Chloe got upset. She confronted him. If it was her body he wanted she would give it to him to stop this sneaking. She started to motorboat him, then a tittyfuck, a blowjob. Then they fucked. But she wanted to give him all. She said: 'fuck me in the ass!!' So he did. He fucked her in doggy. Fucked her in missionary. She was riding him. She sucked his dick again. He came all over her tits.

Chloe Lamour in 'Busty Model Chloe Lamour Fucks Her Fit Photographer During A Photoshoot'

Chloe Lamour - Busty Model Chloe Lamour Fucks Her Fit Photographer During A Photoshoot

The captivating fit model with big jugs, Chloe Lamour, is doing a sexy construction-themed photoshoot with Stanley Johnson in charge of the camera. The strong vibration from the jackhammer makes the busty, dark-haired slut wet and horny. She can't stop her lust any longer, so she drops on her knees and gives Stanley a sensual blowjob and titjob. Stanley returns the pleasure by licking and fingering Chloe's shaved pussy with all his might. Moans of delight fill the set as Stanley bangs the big-breasted bombshell in missionary and doggystyle. Stanley enjoys the gorgeous sight of the tattooed babe's bouncing funbags and round booty. Chloe then slobbers Stanley's big cock and jerks it off hard until he blasts his load of warm jizz in her mouth and all over her tits.

Chloe Lamour in 'Skillful rimming for a skillful job!'

Chloe Lamour - Skillful rimming for a skillful job!

It wasn't an easy day for Frank. He is a car mechanic, and today he had a lot of hard work. The day was already coming to an end, but he was head over heels busy repairing another car. He did not have enough time for rest for so long that there was no time even to have lunch. Repair was hard, the nuts did not want to be loosened, and the spare parts seemed utterly heavy. It was obvious that the man was very tired and needed a rest. Suddenly, a spectacular girl with a short haircut entered the car repair shop; it was Frank's friend Helen. She was worried that he had not come for dinner, and decided to visit him. Her huge boobs and great ass cheered up Frank a little. He was very happy to see Helen!

Chloe Lamour in 'Chloe Lamour, Curvaceous Beauty Knows How to Please'

Chloe Lamour - Chloe Lamour, Curvaceous Beauty Knows How to Please

Debuting today in Private Gold, Sexclusive Spa is Chloe Lamour, a curvy brunette with great big tits and a certain set of skills that would leave any man happy. Chloe is an expert masseuse and treats her client George Uhl to a handjob with a prostate massage just for the warm up! Then watch this busty beauty in action as she gets a taste of cock before taking a hard pounding and hopping on for a ride. Enjoy the sight of those huge tits bouncing as Chloe fucks her man to not just one, but two juicy cumshots all over that beautiful body.

Chloe Lamour in 'Intimate Touch - S7:E10'

Chloe Lamour - Intimate Touch - S7:E10

Chloe Lamour takes a bath to prepare herself for an intimate evening with Thomas Green. She makes sure that her massive breasts are nice and clean, then steps out of the tub so she can towel her stunning body dry. Climbing into a thong and tank top that can barely constrain the bounty of her knockers, Chloe joins Thomas in the bedroom with the most passionate intent.Climbing onto the bed, Chloe lets Thomas look and touch to his heart's content. He slips his hands beneath Chloe's crop top, enjoying the heft of her boobs. When Chloe peels the top off, Thomas draws her close so he can bury his face between those generous globes and suckle each nipple to hardness. Moving down Thomas's body and taking the sheet with her, Chloe uncovers Thomas's erection and takes it in hand to place it between her jugs for a titty fuck. Then she opens her mouth and leans in for a full on blowjob.When Chloe tires of sucking cock, she climbs up Thomas's body to plant her tits in his face once again as she takes his hardon deep inside. Thomas has plenty of big ass to hang on to as Chloe rides his fuck stick with long strokes of her hips. When she reaches out to the headboard to hang on for a harder ride, Thomas takes the hint and begins pistoning in and out of Chloe's creamy snatch for both of their pleasure. Scooting further up Thomas's body, Chloe continues her ride atop her boyfriend's mouth before leaning forward to resume her blowjob and complete a hardcore 69.Falling to her side with Thomas spooned behind her, Chloe lets her beau lift her leg so he can enter her from behind. Their spooning sex transforms into a doggy style romp as Chloe gets on her knees and hangs on for Thomas to bring her home. When she climbs back onto his stiffie, this time for a some reverse cowgirl action, nothing will stop her riding her man's fuck stick until she's once again moaning in orgasmic bliss.Finally satisfied, Chloe lets Thomas have another go with her massive boobs before she gets on her back. Her hand works his dick as she brings him to the edge. When he finally releases his load, Chloe makes sure to aim at her face and titties so she is covered in her boyfriend's hot love.