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Scarlit Scandal in 'Love In Porn - Part 2 : Scarlit's First Anal'

Scarlit Scandal - Love In Porn - Part 2 : Scarlit's First Anal

It's finally time for Scarlit Scandal's first anal! After plenty of buildup in a sex filled weekend getaway, Scarlit wanted her loyal fans to see every genuine reaction as her tight asshole was filled - every moan, gasp, and pleading whisper for more. Husband Chris warms her up first before Scarlit is wet and aching for that taboo pleasure. Not only does the strappy outfit show off Scarlit's tight body, it has plenty of handholds and bindings to give Chris the leverage to give Scarlit exactly what she's begging for. The only question is; Are you ready to see her ass take a cock for the very first time?

Scarlit Scandal in 'Love In Porn - Part 1 : The Scandals'

Scarlit Scandal - Love In Porn - Part 1 : The Scandals

In preparation for her first anal scene, Scarlit Scandal has invited loyal Brazzers fans on an exclusive sex-filled weekend getaway with her husband, Chris! With a first-hand look at the "daily life" of a true pornstar couple, we follow Scarlit and Chris as they arrive and explore their vacation home and all the gorgeous backdrops to get the best backshots… Scarlit undresses and teases viewers, showing off those perfect perky tits with a wicked knowing smile. Spreading those perfect round cheeks to show off a tiny winking asshole, ready to be stretched and filled tomorrow… But not quite yet. First Scarlit needs to be warmed up. To fuck the nerves out, be left drooling with every part of her body melting in pleasure. To be railed and have her tight, wet pussy by Chris so that when Part 2 comes around, her ass is aching for it!

Haley Spades in 'Hard Lessons For A Quick Cummer'

Haley Spades - Hard Lessons For A Quick Cummer

Blonde Haley Spades is horny after her shower, so she decides to do a little strip tease for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend's roommate, Chris Scandal, notices Haley's amazing, juicy ass as she walks by in a tiny towel. Chris swears bombshell Haley flirts with him, but he needs to get her boyfriend out of the way. Lucky for Chris, Haley's boyfriend cums all over himself even before Haley and him get started. Chris swoops in and Haley is so impressed with his big, hard cock, that she rides him all afternoon!

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Demi Hawks in 'Private Party - S44:E26'

Demi Hawks - Private Party - S44:E26

Chris Scandal and Demi Hawks have barely made it in the door from the Fourth of July festivities before going at one another. After a fast and furious few moments of making out while Chris pushes Demi to the door, he begins working his way down his love's body. He's a little bit rough as he cups Demi's puss and then shoves his fingers into her mouth before dropping to his knees for a taste of the juice.Lifting Demi into his arms, Chris makes his way to the kitchen. There, he can take his time while feasting on her petite figure to his heart's content. Starting with Demi's feet, Chris nips and kisses his way to the apex of Demi's thighs. Diving in, he licks and sucks some more until Demi is moaning. Using two fingers, he leaves Demi breathless and wanting so much more.Demi isn't about to let Chris give everything without returning the favor. She slides down to her knees and takes his hardon in her fist. Stroking him off at first, she leans closer and opens wide. Demi's BJ quickly becomes faster and harder as Chris winds his fingers in her hair to help her face fuck him.Getting to her feet, Demi leans forward against the kitchen island. Chris is right there behind her, hard and eager as he slides all the way in. With his hands wrapped around Demi's neck, Chris demonstrates that he's in charge in the hottest way possible.Their passion carries them into the bedroom next, where Chris lays down and has Demi climb on top of him. She rides that D with increasingly desperate thrusts of her hips. Turning around, she goes back to work in reverse cowgirl.When Chris urges Demi onto her back, he curls up beside her to spoon with her as he takes her again. Shifting so that he's doing Demi in missionary, Chris keeps it up even as Demi spreads herself as wide as she can. Pulling out, Chris nuts on Demi's belly to leave her with a treat to dredge her fingers through and lap up.

Scarlit Scandal in 'First Fantasy'

Scarlit Scandal - First Fantasy

An actress finds it easy to sink into her role when her scene partner supplies aggressive energy.