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Dolce is sweet, svelte and soft, and loves to get tossed about a little in bed. Nothing is quite as fun to her as giving a deep and satisfying blowjob, and you can see the shy little delighted smile she gets every time she gets to suck cock. Playful and quiet, this exotic bed playmate is always curious and always up for something or someone new. She likes cranberry drinks in martini glasses, playing on the beach, and running around naked when she thinks no-one is looking. Her sexy curving lips are painted hot red in our French tour video, and her ass gets stretched open until she isn't quite as quiet as we thought.

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Dolce Elektra in 'Ep-2- Ce Soir, Le Sex'

Dolce Elektra - Ep-2- Ce Soir, Le Sex

While sight seeing with Christoph, Keiran encounters the lovely Nadia, who invites him to join her at a trendy nightclub. While there, the two decide to venture away from the dance floor and fuck in a private room. Keiran's exploits don't go unnoticed, however, as busty Dolce takes notice and decides that once Nadia's done, she doesn't mind being Keiran's sloppy second!