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If bad girls make your heart race then you definitely need to check out Elicia Solis's white-hot Brazzers scenes. This British babe is as naughty as they come, and knows how to wrap horny guys around her little finger. Although Elicia tried to keep her sexual appetites under wraps as an officer in the British Metro Police, she had to quit and unleash her nympho cravings in the UK adult industry. Her career began with glamor photoshoots and exotic scenes, but this Half-English, half-Spanish babe quickly expanded her repertoire to include raunchy hardcore. Like the nasty strumpet she is, Elicia admits her guilty pleasure is licking ass, and says her tongue is talented enough to tie the stem of a cherry. But don't our word for it! Head over to this babe's steamy porn videos to see just how much fat cock she can stuff in her mouth.

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Elicia Solis in 'Milf Mummy'

Elicia Solis - Milf Mummy

Danny D and his wife are spending their first night in and brand new house. Danny is certain that the place is haunted. Sure enough, he finds a mummy (Elicia Solis) in the basement! Luckily for him, this happens to be an outrageously sexy mummy with an unholy appetite for big dick that hasn't been satisfied in millennia.

Elicia Solis in 'Comply With This Guy'

Elicia Solis - Comply With This Guy

It's not easy making porn. No matter how hot the actresses are, sometimes you say one wrong thing and the whole scene gets scrapped. That's why every good adult director needs a compliance guy like Keiran Lee! When Keiran saw those busty sluts Romi Rain and Elicia Solis being given sub-par directions, he had to step in to make sure their threesome was one of the hottest of all time! He started by fucking both of their pretty faces, and after they gave him nice sloppy blowjobs, he fucked their tight pussies hard and then gave them a huge facial cumshot to share!

Elicia Solis in 'The Multitasking Titties'

Elicia Solis - The Multitasking Titties

When you're a perfect slutty secretary like Elicia Solis, you can handle distractions such as your boss strutting into your office, undoing your blouse and playing with your big juicy tits. While Elicia fielded a phone call, Closer put his mouth on her perky hard nipples, then offered her a big hard cock to suck on. When it was Clover's turn to pick up the phone, he had his hand up Elicia's skirt, fingering that British's slut perfect pussy until she was super horny to fuck. Clover nailed that bronzed babe on his desk, and even took up his belt to give her juicy butt a good spanking before pounding her hole again!

Elicia Solis in 'All or Nothing'

Elicia Solis - All or Nothing

When a mix-up nabbing Danny D landed her in hot water at the station, Officer Elicia Solis decided she'd had enough of being Metro Police. Elicia grabbed Danny from his cell and escaped out the back. Back at the stash, Danny showed her the rest of the loot, and the sight of all that cash made Elicia's pussy so fucking wet. Elicia dove mouth-first onto his fat cock, andsucked him off. Then she let Danny peel off her police uniform, showing off her big tits and tanned body. Then Elicia got her favorite sex treat: some naughty ass worship as Danny licked his tongue slowly up the crack of her butt and ate her pussy out from behind. Check out the hot, nasty fucking that went down in Danny's hide-out.

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Dru Hermes in 'Tight Essex Pussy Takes Black Cock'

Dru Hermes - Tight Essex Pussy Takes Black Cock

Fuckin' hell I sure picked up a live one today with Dru! As soon as this handsome bearded man got in my cab and started chatting, I was hoping I'd be able to get in his pants somehow. I got my chance when Dru told me he'd lost track of his wallet, and would have to send me the money later. Rather than make a fuss, I offered to waive the taxi fare if Dru whipped out his lovely penis and let me watch while he tugged on it. Now you know me, seeing a lovely penis, especially one like Dru's always gets me in the mood, so I told him we were going to pull over so I could have a bounce on his a big, thick black cock. I did my best to deepthroat all of it, running my tongue up and down the shaft as I gave Dru the sloppiest blowjob, and he pushed my head down until I was gagging. I was so horny, when Dru spread my thighs open and stretched my tight little pussy open, I screamed out from the first deep thrust. Watch how he pounded me doggystyle in the open air, rain pouring over both of us, and a fat creampie dripping out of me!

Elicia Solis in 'Driver Takes a Facial for a Fare'

Elicia Solis - Driver Takes a Facial for a Fare

Hullo, hullo! I thought I'd caught a lucky break when the tattooed hunk Pete who jumped in my cab was such a friendly chatterbox. But the bottom fell out when he asked for a free ride because he "didn't have enough cash" in his pockets to pay me. But you know me, I'd rather see a passenger whip out his cock than his wallet anyway, and Pete was happy to oblige when I told him to spit in his hand and wank his dick. Watching him tug himself got me so excited, I went back and gagged on his fat cock, then kitted down so he could eat my pussy from behind until I was dripping wet. After some oral sex, he rammed me with that impressive cock, then blew his big load in my mouth as a tip for services rendered!

Elicia Solis in 'Blonde Cab Driver Loves Cock'

Elicia Solis - Blonde Cab Driver Loves Cock

No way was I going to let such a handsome fare pass through my cab without at least trying to seduce him. He had big plans to see the football match, but even still, I figured I could get my hooks in and see if he was up for a romp. Turns out he'd already been picked up by one of the other girls, so he was very forward, asking me if I liked cock and asking to see my big tits. What a nice surprise when I pulled down his pants and found a big hard cock to feast on! After fucking him off, he filled me right up and pounded me so hard he forgot all about his football team's losing record!

Elicia Solis in 'Cabbie Legend Gets a Good Rimming'

Elicia Solis - Cabbie Legend Gets a Good Rimming

Oops! My dirty deeds finally caught up with me when the owner of the cab I drive slipped in the back and gave me the gears over what bad girls we've been! Ever since we started fucking every every handsome bloke in town, our reputation for debauchery spread far and wide. As a result, John knew all of my dirtiest secrets, even that I enjoy eating a man's ass. We pulled over in his new hiding spot so I could suck his balls and give him a rimjob. After I'd shoved my cock up his ass and given him my best sloppy blowjob, I put my legs on his shoulders so he could fuck me silly!

Elicia Solis in 'New Driver's First Day on the Job'

Elicia Solis - New Driver's First Day on the Job

When they offered me a gig driving a taxi, the idea of driving around and having my pick of handsome strangers sounded like simply too much fun to resist. Lucky me that the first guy I picked up was such a charming, good-looking bloke. The local roads were still a complete mystery, so just imagine the look on my customer's face when I asked HIM for directions! He was even more shocked when I asked if he wanted some company in the back. Didn't take long before we were both naked, and I used my mouth, tits, and pussy to work this lucky guy to the big finish.

Elicia Solis in 'Messy Facial For Busty Driver'

Elicia Solis - Messy Facial For Busty Driver

I got a bit lost driving this hot stud around town the other day, so I decided to make up for that poor service by taking him to a secluded spot and fucking his brains out. After climbing in back and teasing him with my big tits, I was desperate to see what kind of cock he was packing! By the time I got his dick in my mouth, I was soaking wet and eager to have him inside me. His impressive cock filled me right up and sent explosions of pleasure through my body. I sucked his cock and tugged hard on his shaft until his dick rocketed cum all over my face and mouth.

Elicia Solis in 'Sexy Cabbie Gets What She Wants'

Elicia Solis - Sexy Cabbie Gets What She Wants

No surprise my passenger today couldn't keep his eyes off my big tits. I was wearing a top that meant I could easily flash my knockers at anyone I passed on the road! You can bet his eyes lit up when I let him know I'd had sex in my cab before, and I'd love it to happen again. It wasn't long before this studs fat cock was in my mouth and my finger was up his arse. He fucked me beautifully in the back of the cab and eventually ended up cumming all over my tight pussy.

Elicia Solis in 'On the Prowl for Fat Cock'

Elicia Solis - On the Prowl for Fat Cock

Another day, another big dick! I took my cab out for a spin looking for a bloke willing to fuck in the back seat, and what luck I found this handsome fella! He was a bit shy at first, but once we started chatting, he was game to let me put my mouth on his knob and fuck right there in the back of the cab. We had a fun romp, the cheeky bugger didn't even mind the taxi-cams recording our every move!