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This smoking hot MILF likes her sex slow and sensual but is happy to try any kind of fuck she can find. Felony is so very dirty when she plays she has even seduced a man in a shed at COSTCO while the store was open. Felony loves to be tied up, enjoys grinding on her man until she comes and prefers her Sapphire gin with soda. A MILF with epic huge tits, we can't look at her without fantasizing about wearing her gigantic jugs like earmuffs while she rides us like her favorite dirt bike. Everything we love about MILFs is right here in one hot, smooth, and ready package. This is the kind cougar we dream of hunting.

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Felony Foreplay in 'Antique Boobs'

Felony Foreplay - Antique Boobs

Felony finds herself in a furniture store looking to buy a new bed after a night of rough sex breaks her old one. Not wanting to buy a cheap bed that will just break again, Felony persuades the store clerk to help her "test" the bed, to see if it can her beating.

Felony Foreplay in 'Warm Apple Pie'

Felony Foreplay - Warm Apple Pie

Keiran is over at his friends place playing video games. He?s hungry so he goes in the kitchen and finds a warm apple pie. Keiran?s also horny so he starts fucking the pie. Oddly enough his friend?s mom comes home to find Keiran fucking the pie she made. Very curious to how her pie turned out she starts sucking off his dick. He gets to feel something better than the pie. Miss Foreplays warm pussy.

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Felony Foreplay in 'fucking in the classroom with her piercings'

Felony Foreplay - fucking in the classroom with her piercings

Professor Felony Foreplay is a horny teacher. She hides it during class, but underneath her stern appearance she just wants some young college dick. When Felony meets with a failing student, she drops the strict teacher act and wraps her soft pussy around a hard cock!!!

Felony Foreplay in 'fucking in the bedroom with her tits'

Felony Foreplay - fucking in the bedroom with her tits

Felony Foreplay is house sitting for a couple this weekend. Derrick and his wife are spending a relaxing getaway together, and his wife had left early to tie up some loose ends. But before Felony will house sit for them, she wants to cock sit on him!!!