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While in Vegas, in 2008, Isis met with her very first agent to talk about business, and not just any business, but the best in the world. She would be getting paid for her naughty ways, so how could she pass up an offer like that?From Big Wet Butts to Baby Got Boobs, this babe is versatile, and she loves every minute of being on film. Isis's most guilty pleasure may surprise you..waffles! That's right, if you want into her heart, get her waffles, I'm guessing some strawberries and whip cream to go with?

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Isis Monroe in 'Monroes First Anal Experience'

Isis Monroe - Monroes First Anal Experience

Jordan has lucked out here folks Isis Monroe is about to give him the massage of a lifetime with much more than a happy ending. Isis has granted Jordan the opportunity to fuck her in the ass for the first time ever.

Isis Monroe in 'Break Into My Daughter'

Isis Monroe - Break Into My Daughter

When a local crook is on the lookout for some houses to rob, he spots big-titted Isis sitting out on her front step. He decides to put a temporary hold on his pillaging to try and get closer to that set of knockers. Fortunately for him, Isis' father takes a liking to the crook and offers to let him stay over for the night. When Isis discovers that their house guest is actually a criminal, she decides to take the situation into her own hands (And his dick into her holes).

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Isis Monroe in 'fucking in the floor with her petite'

Isis Monroe - fucking in the floor with her petite

Isis is back again working out with her trainer Bill, but she's tired of the same old routines. She tells him that her friend, who referred her to Bill, got the "special workout" from him, and that she recommends it. Bill says he feels his "special workout" will go over well with Isis ... especially since it involves taking off her clothes, eating her pussy and fucking the hell out of her. That's why it's his bestseller.

Isis Monroe in '- Glory Hole'

Isis Monroe - Glory Hole

can easily wash away the black goo that's completely covered Isis Monroe's picture perfect face.