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Jasmine Jolie in 'Older Guys Measures Up!'

Jasmine Jolie - Older Guys Measures Up!

Jasmine is over at her friend Joanna's house and they're talking about how to get older guys. Jasmine then asks Joanna to hook her up with her old brother Keiran. Joanna refuses, so Jasmine decides to introduce herself. She finds Keiran in the bathroom taking a shower and notices his big dick and is stunned! She is instantly turned on and what to know what it feels like to have his big dick inside her! She got on his dick as soon as he got out of the shower and it got real wet and steamy in there!

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Jasmine Jolie in 'fucking in the desk with her big ass'

Jasmine Jolie - fucking in the desk with her big ass

Jasmine Jolie has her Italian final on Friday and her professor knows she isn't going to make the grade. He still wants to help her pass but she'll have to take a position on his teaching staff to show him how much she really wants it...

Jasmine Jolie in 'Jasmine Jolie: Common Whore'

Jasmine Jolie - Jasmine Jolie: Common Whore

Jasmine Jolie gets completely overwhelmed with cock

Jasmine Jolie in 'Revenge of the Insane'

Jasmine Jolie - Revenge of the Insane

Felony over powers helpless orderly in asylum and sexually dominates.

Jasmine Jolie in 'Jasmine Jolie'

Jasmine Jolie - Jasmine Jolie

Super cute and enthusiastic girl fucked and punished in bondage.

Jasmine Jolie in '- taking care of business'

Jasmine Jolie - - taking care of business

sexy blond machine railed, cums hard and loud from long thick mechanical cock.