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Jenna Lovely is a Euro-babe with the flair. Citing the Czech Republic as her native land, she definitely perpetuates the myth of Czech women being amongst the hottest in the world. She's well known and lusted after for her killer curves, sparkling smile, and golden tresses. She commenced her career in the adult entertainment business as a model and in 2006 moved on to shooting scenes. Her bevy of anal films in particular have gained her a wide following.

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Jenna Lovely in 'Freedom Fuck'

Jenna Lovely - Freedom Fuck

Jenna really wants to cross the US boarder to get a taste of that amazing freedom air. She hires Scott to get her across but when Jenna shows up with 14 bags of luggage things turn crazy. They get caught by boarder patrol and while they are waiting to be processed Scott fucks Jenna like crazy because he knows it the last pussy he'll see for a long time.

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Jenna Lovely in 'Daily Boobs in Daily Doses'

Jenna Lovely - Daily Boobs in Daily Doses

What’s Jenna worth if she has small tits? And who ever said that size doesn’t matter? Well, whoever was, Jenna definitely will prove them wrong with the next scene. The blonde bombshell and her big boobs will be the stars of the next hardcore half an hour that surely will make your day.

Jenna Lovely in 'Golden Shower Power Workshop: How To Make Watersports A Usual Ritual In Your Life ...'

Jenna Lovely - Golden Shower Power Workshop: How To Make Watersports A Usual Ritual In Your Life ...

When Georges Uhl is throwing a piss workshop with almost a dozen freaky Eurobabes, you better believe the name "Big Piss" is an understatement! He's hoping that Adel Sunshine, Alyssia Loop, Celine Noiret, Maxine Hardcore, Vanessa, Valentina Ross, Nicole Vice, Bailey, Lola Wan, Chelsy Sun, and Uma are all ready to get nasty as hell, and as soon as the funnels for piss come out, the whole scene turns into one big pile of piss soaked, swapped, and spitting hardcore reverse gangbang action! Georges is one lucky guy as he finds himself in the middle of some of the world's finest piss lovers, watching these babes happily cover themselves in plenty of piss and even get a taste of the good stuff when the mood is right! We've even got waterproof cameras all up in those piss blasting snatches, so check out this insane piss drenched group fucking up close and personal like you've never seen it before! These are world-class piss freaks and they're not stopping until everyone is totally piss satisfied! These freaks are all begging to learn about piss action because they don't get enough at home, but Georges finds he barely has any teaching to do as these sluts end up getting piss nastier than even Georges planned! Get involved in some BIG PISS!

Jenna Lovely in 'Maxine Hardcore Strap-On Cum Dominates Her 'Fuckin' Bitches' ;-)'

Jenna Lovely - Maxine Hardcore Strap-On Cum Dominates Her 'Fuckin' Bitches' ;-)

Maxine Hardcore (aka Jenna Lovely) has officially arrived on the scene, and in this first edition of Extreme Fuctivity, you'll see why

Jenna Lovely in 'Oily Wrestling: Jenna Lovely vs. Nicole Vice and Erika vs. Tanya'

Jenna Lovely - Oily Wrestling: Jenna Lovely vs. Nicole Vice and Erika vs. Tanya

Slippy, sloppy, oiled up babes are always a sight to see, and in this first edition of our oily wrestling series we've got two rounds of Eurobabes sliding around in a pool of oil as they aim to dominate the scene and catfight the hell out of each other! Tough chicks Jenna Lovely and Nicole Vice are looking hot in their swimsuits as they go at it like beasts and end up with gooed up hair and everything else, and shiny babes Erica and Tanya are well suited for exactly this kind of romp in the oil! These Eurobabes ain't playin' around as they go for gold as sexy and sloppy as they can, so join the Eurobabe crowd in cheering them on as the whole scene gets ridiculously trashed in gooey, oily hotness!

Jenna Lovely in 'Muddy Wrestling: Jenna Lovely vs Lilith Virago and Gabriella vs. Sheila'

Jenna Lovely - Muddy Wrestling: Jenna Lovely vs Lilith Virago and Gabriella vs. Sheila

The debut mud wrestling event begins here, with two scenes of totally mud covered Eurobabes going at it like the animals they are! With moderator Sassy Mayhem giving us the scoop and a crowd of sexy Eurobabes along the sideline cheering them on you know these crazed babes are going to go out it for the love of the mud! We've got two rounds of mud splattered intensity, one with Jenna Lovely using her muscles against Lilith Virago, and the other with two well matched babes, Gabriela and Sheila. Messy wrestling is always fun and sloppy as hell, so see who comes out on top as they all end up covered in mud from head to toe!

Sandra Romain in 'Sandra's Farm: Princess Donna Called in to Assist!'

Sandra Romain - Sandra's Farm: Princess Donna Called in to Assist!

Sandra Romain and Princess Donna team up on a hungarian hottie!

Sandra Romain in 'Sandra's Farm: Breaking in Jenna, Lea and Claudia'

Sandra Romain - Sandra's Farm: Breaking in Jenna, Lea and Claudia

Sandra trains two hot foreign slaves with electricity

Jenna Lovely in 'Perry's DP's 4'

Jenna Lovely - Perry's DP's 4

Dolled up for the club in a skintight cocktail dress, blonde bimbo Jenna Lovely waits for her date to finish playing pool with his buddy. Fed up with being ignored, the horny slut grabs her man's crotch, commanding his interest, and does a seductive striptease. Soon both players are getting their big dicks serviced by this lovely attention whore as she kneels between them. They take turns fucking Jenna's mouth and rectum, then stuffing her full of throbbing meat in a lewd double-penetration. Once all pockets have been filled, Jenna's asshole gapes and her pretty face is smeared with sperm.