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Katie Monroe in 'Read My Lips'

Katie Monroe - Read My Lips

When smoking hot blonde MILF Katie Monroe suspects her husband of cheating, she goes to see an unconventional psychic reader, Alex Legend. Alex doesn't read cards, he reads lips; Labia lips. This reading quickly turns into finger fucking making Katie's pussy wet, and her mind no longer on her cheating husband, she wants Alex's big thick cock instead.

Katie Monroe in 'Mom's Helping Hands'

Katie Monroe - Mom's Helping Hands

Tyler Nixon is having trouble getting hard, so his girlfriend's hot mom, Katie Monroe, decides to lend him a hand and introduce this shy, inexperienced college guy to a whole new world of sexual experiences.

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Katie Monroe in 'Creampie For Katie Monroe'

Katie Monroe - Creampie For Katie Monroe

Katie Monroe accidentally locked herself out of her house after going out for a jog. Not knowing what to do, she went over to her neighbor and asked him if she could shower at his house. Her neighbor, Sean Lawless, was very welcoming. But as she showered, he started spying on her and eventually began masturbating as he watched her. She didn't notice for some time, but eventually she caught him in the act. Katie was furious at first but eventually it ended up just turning her on. After chasing him, she opened his robe and began blowing him in his own kitchen. From there, they started fucking on the spot. Katie took Sean's cock in several different positions before receiving a huge load right inside of her pussy.

Katie Monroe in 'Stepmom Fulfills His Fantasy'

Katie Monroe - Stepmom Fulfills His Fantasy

Katie is enjoying a little bit of private time to herself. She gets naked and rubs her pussy as she lays in the bath. Tyler, her stepson, walks in on her. He's in shock. He's always wanted to fuck his stepmom. He tries not to get caught but she catches him. He begs her to make his fantasy come to life. She tells him to get in the tub and she gives him an amazing blowjob. He fucks her tits before moving on to the pussy. They have amazing sex in the bathtub and he lets out a huge load all over her perfect tits.

Katie Monroe in 'and Riley Steele get fucked'

Katie Monroe - 2 Chicks Same Time

It's Halloween and Katie Monroe and Riley Steele are putting a spell on you. A fuck spell that will get your cock rock hard. Happy Halloween all!