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Someone once told me that teens love it big, and when I found out that Katreena Lee was one of those teens, we had to shoot her. While making her Brazzers debut in 2010, she has come across as the perfect Asian teen. Perky tits, and a nice young ass.With any nice teen, there is a secret naughty side, the kind that loves to swallow cum 24/7. Be sure to watch this tight teen fuck.

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Katreena Lee in 'The Grill Depot'

Katreena Lee - The Grill Depot

Katreena has never been to the ghetto, the day she heard about bad boys with huge cocks, she knew she needed to get the guts to go there and see huge cocks for herself. Johnny Sins is part of the Grill Depot, a back yard gang that spends all day chilling and making deals. Katreena is cornered into seeing Johnny's cock and when she does there is no turning down a teen style grilling.

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Katreena Lee in 'fucking in the desk with her natural tits'

Katreena Lee - fucking in the desk with her natural tits

Katreena is pretty much flunking out of Professor Woods college course, and he's called her in to have a chat. As usual she's on the phone when she arrives, and it's all he can do to even get her attention. Explaining that she's about to fail his course, she get's a text, and an incredulous Prof. Wood watches as she waves him off to start texting! Well that's it! He says she's out, and she doesn't understand why. He doesn't really care, and when she starts begging not to be kicked out he comes up with one last way for her to continue with his course. Guiding her hand to his cock, she quickly finds out that in this professors class, texting is out, but fucking is very much in!