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Katrina Thicc in 'Bathtub Anal With A MILF'

Katrina Thicc - Bathtub Anal With A MILF

Sexy MILF Katrina Thicc is excited to meet Damion Dayski, a college stud who happens to be friends with her son. Damion is immediately drawn to Katrina's juicy ass, checking her out in the kitchen. Katrina quickly catches on, so she draws herself a bath and masturbates. Damion spies on her and decides to make his big move, stripping down and slipping into the bath with his hard cock at the ready. Katrina's initially surprised, but she ends up appreciating the bold approach, not to mention Damion's massive dick. Just when Damion thinks he can't get any luckier, Katrina invites him to finger and fuck her ass. Wet and intense anal sex ensues, with Damion blowing a big load of cum all over Katrina's big ass.