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Krystal Jordan in 'Indecent Exposure'

Krystal Jordan - Indecent Exposure

Welcome to BIG BOOTY in public. Krystal Jordan has one of the biggest white booty's i have ever seen!! She just loved it when we asked her to come on out and show it off on the streets of LA! Krystal is really not a shy girl and this episode proves it. Krystal didn't care getting fucked in front of spectators ,she even smiled when they applauded for the cum shot.

Krystal Jordan in 'Jordan strikes again!'

Krystal Jordan - Jordan strikes again!

If you're not already please get familiar with Krystal Jordan. This white girl from the midwest has an unexplainable ass! This girl ass is so legit black girls are jealous! We had to hook up her with a serious dude, not just any dude can fuck with Krystal Jordan!You need at least 9 inches just to get pass her butt checks! So my man stepped up to the ass with his 14inches and Krystal dropped that big ass on him and all you heard was base!! White girl with ass and she knows how to work it...damn y'all don't and can't miss this one!

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Krystal Jordan in 'fucking in the desk with her big ass'

Krystal Jordan - fucking in the desk with her big ass

Krystal Jordan just doesn't get Professor Stone's assignments or why he makes her feel like there are butterflies in her stomach. Well, he's about to fuck those butterflies away and replace them with little tadpoles!

Krystal Jordan in 'Sexy white girl with ass and blowjob skills'

Krystal Jordan - Sexy white girl with ass and blowjob skills

AssParade from 2007! Another classic update from the past. This sexy white girl has a serious ass, her apple-bottom is incredible and best of all, she really knows how to move that ass. I had her shake her ass nice and slow and then I made her really work that ass fast..I love this chick, she really knows how to please an ass lover like me! I called JT so that he could bang the shit out of this GREAT ASS.

Krystal Jordan in 'Loves Big Dick'

Krystal Jordan - Loves Big Dick

The vault is releasing a monster! Back when Ramone was THE monster of cock, we had a fine ass update featuring Krystal; a sexy brunette white girl with perky natural tits and a mouthwatering ass and pussy. Krystal was on her way to the airport, when she ran into Ramone hitchhiking on the highway. Krystal had heard of Ramone and his monster and decided she'd be willing to miss her flight for some legendary dick. Once at the pad, Krastal was peeling off her clothes, making Ramone crazy for that pussy. The beast is eventually unleashed and Krystal gets demolished! Enjoy.