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Kylee King in 'Grade A ass!'

Kylee King - Grade A ass!

Kylee King is the new front women for the Teachers gone Wild campaign. This ex-kindergarten teacher has gone from wiping food off of his chins to wiping cum off her own..and she loves it! Hey whatever works for her works for me. Let me tell you though she has definitely now found her calling!She performed great in this scene and got her ass worshipped like never before...she gets an A from me!

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Kylee King in 'Ass Masterpiece'

Kylee King - Ass Masterpiece

Kylee King's got one bulbous backside and she really knows how to rock it! She's not bad in the cock-suckin' department either. We've slapped some high-boots on this little ass masterpiece number for added value - what's your bid?

Kylee King in 'fucking in the living room with her small tits'

Kylee King - fucking in the living room with her small tits

Kylee and Billy's TV keeps going out and she is tired of paying for repairs. This time, when the technician swings by, she plans to talk the price down ... or at least his pants!