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Big booty babe Leila Larocco is a hardbody bikini competitor who looks just as good posing on stage as she does covered in cum! Her big 34D tits are a flex, and countless hours sweating in the gym have given her an award-winning physique. Leila's cardio is on point and she can fuck for hours, athletically working big dicks until a partner taps out, drained and satisfied. Leila trains hard and fucks harder, and you can get the same endorphin rush by checking her out in the scenes below!

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Leila LaRocco in 'Getting Her Husband A Raise'

Leila LaRocco - Getting Her Husband A Raise

Leila LaRocco isn't about to just let her husband's boss, JMac, go another year without giving him a raise, and she's fed up of her meek husband just letting himself get walked all over, so she takes matters into her own hands! Leila likes the finer things in life that comes with making more money... she also likes a big cock... thankfully for her, JMac can offer her both! How can JMac say no to such a hot and horny wife?

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Leila LaRocco in 'Sensual Blowjob'

Leila LaRocco - Sensual Blowjob

Leila Larocco is here to give one hell of a blowjob. Watch and listen closely as she sucks tenderly on JMac's cock and tells him just how much she loves it. How long would you last if you had these gorgeous eyes looking at you while she sucks you dry?

Leila LaRocco in 'Leila Larocco Fucks The Raging Bull'

Leila LaRocco - Leila Larocco Fucks The Raging Bull

Lil D is late again! His trainer Leila has had enough of his undisciplined behavior. She punishes him during the workout. But when she was able to pinpoint little D's frustration she gets an idea. She pulls down his pants and starts sucking his big black cock Lil D is shocked. But she is determined to make him a champion. So she sits in his face, so Lil D can tongue punch her pussy. If he wants control he needs to take by force and fuck her hole until she climaxes.

Leila LaRocco in 'Big Butt Gym Girl Gets Fucked'

Leila LaRocco - Big Butt Gym Girl Gets Fucked

Leila LaRocco was working out in the park. Peter Green was shouting from the Bang Bus that her form was all wrong. She was a gym rat and took his accusations very seriously. Peter jumped out of the bus, ripped his shirt off and challenged her to a push up competition. His 100 push ups did not impress her so they lured her into the bus with money. More cash convinced her to get naked and get her worked out body fucked. Peter was good at fucking her making her big butt shake! Obviously he came into her face.