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This British babe has Grade 'A' quality big tits, just the way we like them over here at Brazzers. As far as rare imports go, nobody minds the swank enormous knockers we have been shipping over the pond, least of all us. Not some shapeless stick, this chick has hips and ass to match, and boy, do we love watching them roll. Add some punk rock tattoos and a dirty, fuck me now attitude and you have one hell of a pornographic experience on your hands. Let Lexi get you worked up and we guarantee you are going to blow hard.

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Lexi Ward in 'Fitting Right In'

Lexi Ward - Fitting Right In

Lexi isn't the best employee, and her supervisor Tamara doesn't really like her work ethic. The thing is, Lexi has other hidden talents, and she's going to show her manager and her supervisor just how hard she can work.

Lexi Ward in 'Rock Harder'

Lexi Ward - Rock Harder

Lexi Ward is challenging for the ZZ Women's Boxing World Championship and failing miserably. That is, until one of her trainers, Johnny provides her with the secret ingredient to motivate her to victory - his rock hard cock. After defeating the champ, Lexi and Johnny celebrate by getting down and dirty in the ring.

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Lexi Ward in 'Rebel Punk Bitches'

Lexi Ward - Rebel Punk Bitches

Punk sluts Hannah Shaw and Lexi Ward show us how rebel bitches love to fuck in this highly arousing girl on girl debauchery scene.

Lexi Ward in 'Lifestyles Of The Cuckolded 12'

Lexi Ward - Lifestyles Of The Cuckolded 12

Monday night football used to be Julian A's favorite night of the week, that was until my Slut Wife Lexi Ward decided that Monday night football was dumb. And now, Monday night was going to be humiliation night for me. This is the night each week she would bring home her local stud Billy Glide and make me watch as she fucked and sucked him! She told me football sucks and so do my sex skills. She said I had a little dick and was a loser like my team. Good times, Thanks Honey, NOT!

Havana Sins in 'Caged Whore Gets Fucked as Dominatrix watches. Total Foursome Chaos'

Havana Sins - Caged Whore Gets Fucked as Dominatrix watches. Total Foursome Chaos

Dirty MILF masturbates as she watches her caged whore get fucked through the bars. This soon breaks out into a no holes barred foursome! This truly is chaos

Lexi Ward in 'Young Harlots - School Trip'

Lexi Ward - Young Harlots - School Trip

British babe Lexi Ward gets a special reward from her professor for all her hard work in this pussy pounding scene.

Lexi Ward in 'Lip Service'

Lexi Ward - Lip Service

School girl Lexi Ward gets a master class in cock sucking. Class A student!

Lexi Ward in 'Loves It Hard!!'

Lexi Ward - Loves It Hard!!

Lexi Ward is a sexy chick that hails from England. I love British chick! It's definitely the accent. That accent is all the way sex. Lexi has come a long way to get dicked down all propa! She loves to fuck and she especially loves to get her tight ass fucked. We brought in Mike for this hard task of pleasuring a sexy Brit chick. He jumped at the chance and now we have an awesome movie for you perverts out there!! Enjoy!

Lexi Ward in 'Cadets On Cock'

Lexi Ward - Cadets On Cock

Lexi and Kelly are two Cumrades at a photo shoot just waiting to get some dick. The two start getting on each other and before long, the photographer joins in and a three way fuck session begins! These cock cadets grab that shaft and hoist it into their twats and between their tits commanding their fuck toy to cum all over their tits and inside ...

Lexi Ward in 'Toy Stories - Boys Not Included'

Lexi Ward - Toy Stories - Boys Not Included

Punk sluts Hannah Shaw and Lexi Ward show us how rebel bitches love to fuck in this highly arousing girl on girl debauchery scene.

Lexi Ward in 'Twisted'

Lexi Ward - Twisted

Two girls in the ultimate porn mayhem fuck video! What a dream, what a passion?. This is porn at it´s best!