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Ahryan in 'Wet Dreams'

Ahryan - Wet Dreams

When Lexi is in the middle of a terrible nightmare, Ahryan being the good stepmother that she is, knows she has to wake Lexi up and comfort her. She comforts Lexi the only way she knows how, a large dildo in the holiest of holies.

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Lexi in 'Sweet But Bad'

Lexi - Sweet But Bad

Looking oh so sexy in her miniskirt dress, Lexi is a mouthwatering sight. The only thing hotter than that dress has gotta be this certified nubile hottie on the ground with a Rabbit vibrator fucking first her mouth and then her cum loving landing strip snatch while she squirms and squeals.

Lexi in 'Pretty Pink'

Lexi - Pretty Pink

If you want to see a hottie like Lexi get naked and let that landing strip pussy gobble a Rabbit vibrator, look no further. This British babe is always eager to get down and dirty with making that twat twitch. Let her show you all the ways to push her buttons!

Lexi in 'Cute And Naughty'

Lexi - Cute And Naughty

Some girls like Lexi are super cute but it's also really obvious they're constantly thinking about sex. Don't be surprised when she offers to show you her tan lines and perky little nipples, or when she keeps stripping so you can enjoy her landing strip twat as she goes to work with the Rabbit vibrator.

Lexi in 'Bare Beauty'

Lexi - Bare Beauty

Lexi knows that thinking about masturbating just leads to masturbating, and boy does this hot chick think about it a lot. The first thing she does is let her fingers brush the goods on top of her thong. Getting naked is step two, followed by letting her fingers make her moan.

Lexi in 'Titties in training'

Lexi - Titties in training

Lexxii came to have a workout with Al B. He told her he was a personal trainer and he was going to hook her up with free training sessions. She was looking super hot in her tight workout clothes. They began by stretching and her tits and sweet camel toe were looking amazing as she worked out. She said he had been a long time since she had sex and she was very horny. It was not long until she was jumping on the trampoline topless. She sucked that cock and got her pussy pounded. She got man juice all over her pretty face.

Lexi in 'Lexi'

Lexi - Lexi

So we're on the bus up to no good as usual. Trying to score some hot looking street pussy! Jmac, The driver, and I had been at it for hours and we needed a pick me up. Jmac suggested some Cuban coffee aka "liquid crack" around these parts! We headed north to some shit whole that the driver knows and there she was. I new instantly she was the right candidate when she asked Jmac for directions. Jmac is well trained and he directed her to me. She approached me and after about three minutes of conversation this girl volunteered that she was penny less, lost, and didn't even speak Spanish. She was having a shitty day and it was about to get worse for her. I told her the old real life, real Americans story because it works every time. This girl was real cute. Caramel skin and a big bubble but. She had nice tits too. I started with the personal questions ten minutes into the conversation. When "How many sexual partners have you had?" was asked she was instantly quiet. I knew this girl was a slut and could be bought! So I asked her if she'd fuck Jmac for five hundred. Her eye's lit up. She pretended to think about it and then said hell yes. It was on! We got her naked and she her body was tight! She had a smooth nice pussy! Jmac did a great job pounding her cunt from all angles! He came all over her face and then we ditched her in the worst part of Miami! She ran after the car for dear life! She almost caught up to us a few times. -The Sanchez