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This gorgeous Czech blonde is as sweet as, well, sugar! Marilyn Sugar adores her fans and loves nothing better than recording all her sexy adventures for them to see, both on professional porn sets and in her private life, with hot video clips she shares on social media. In between Marilyn's tight sexual schedule, she loves to travel, shop, and head to music festivals to hear her favorite bands and let her hot tight body dance! Check out this always-horny babe now in the scenes below.

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Marilyn Sugar in 'Clumsy Barber'

Marilyn Sugar - Clumsy Barber

Marilyn Sugar is a sexy, scantily-clad barber, that you wish worked at your local barbershop. When Christian Clay comes in for a shave, he quickly notices the blond beauty and steals glances of her ass and cleavage where he can. Marilyn takes care of Christian's shave, but as she pulls the barber's cape off him, she finds that he's prepared a special tip for her, his big dick. Being the slutty little barber she is, Marilyn is eager to take dick as a form of payment and let's Christian give her a good fucking.

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Marilyn Sugar in 'Horny Blonde Nurse Marilyn Sugar Fucks The Doctor'

Marilyn Sugar - Horny Blonde Nurse Marilyn Sugar Fucks The Doctor

Gorgeous blonde bombshell, Marilyn Sugar, looks absolutely stunning in a tight latex nurse outfit. The naughty hottie is more than ready to provide the best service for the handsome doctor, Charlie Dean. The horny duo shares a passionate kiss on the lips as soon as they see each other. Charlie fingers Marilyn?s wet pussy before diving tongue first into her sweet pearl. The sexy blonde returns the pleasure by giving Charlie?s hard cock a blowjob and deepthroat. Moans of pleasure fill the room as the lustful couple starts fucking doggy style and missionary. Marilyn can?t help but shiver in delight as Charlie bangs her tight hole in reverse cowgirl and spoon. The horny stud keeps pounding Marilyn?s pussy before cumming all over her face than in her mouth.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Beautiful in Pink'

Marilyn Sugar - Beautiful in Pink

Some girls just look incredible in pink, Marilyn is no exception. With a set of pink lingerie to match her perfect pussy that she's happy to show off. Spreading her hot pink lips for Kristof's tongue to take advantage of. That perfect cunt wraps tightly around his cock and won't let go until he releases his nuts into her.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Just a Treat'

Marilyn Sugar - Just a Treat

Blonde babe Marilyn looks delicious when she's all dolled up. This sweet sinner is ready to get down with Nick's big cock, slurping it up and getting stretched out for a creampie.

Marilyn Sugar in 'A Sweet Snack'

Marilyn Sugar - A Sweet Snack

Cute tease Marilyn knows what she's doing in that little red dress. When she pulls Charlie's cock out of his pants her skills really shine! She might look innocent but once a dick is in her face, a whole new person appears that won't stop until she's milked every drop of jizz from him!

Marilyn Sugar in 'Marilyn Sugar, the Student and the Teacher'

Marilyn Sugar - Marilyn Sugar, the Student and the Teacher

Marilyn Sugar is looking for inspiration for her new novel in Private Specials, Urban, Sexy And Anal Loving, she's at the park in search of some new creative ideas, but what she's about to find, is a sexy surprise. No creativity or imagination needed here, Marilyn has run into her old literature teacher, Lutro, and this is one sexual fantasy that's about to come true! Watch this sexy chapter unfold on as this horny teen keeps her glasses on for a sloppy blowjob before spreading her legs and enjoying a hot fuck that has her moaning all the way to a cum filled facial.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Sweet Spot'

Marilyn Sugar - Sweet Spot

Marilyn is all alone and looking for company. She loves what she sees online… now she just has to find it in real life. He'll know her by the blonde hair and long jacket… she'll have to find him by the bulge in his pants.

Marilyn Sugar in 'All About Tonight - S41:E7'

Marilyn Sugar - All About Tonight - S41:E7

Sometimes Kristof Cale needs a little bit of a pick me up, and he knows the girl for the job. He can always pick up the phone and have Marilyn Sugar on her way over in just a few minutes. Marilyn takes just long enough to deck herself out in some simple but sexy lingerie beneath a simple but sexy dress, and then she heads to Kristof's place.When Marilyn arrives, Kristof is waiting for her to put on a show. This bubbly blonde is happy to deliver! She takes her time stripping for both Kristof's pleasure and her own. The slide of her fingertips across her skin is the perfect foreplay, especially as Marilyn's dress slithers to the ground. Backing up against the wall, Marilyn beckons for Kristof to join her.With an invitation like that, how can Kristof say no? He crosses the room, propelled even faster when Marilyn is able to reach out and grab his tie to pull him in for a kiss. At Marilyn's insistence, Kristof kisses his way down her body while relieving her of her lingerie along the way. He pays tribute to her firm titties and lovely plump nipples, then gets down on his knees so he can worship her sleek bare pussy.Turnabout is fair play as Marilyn helps Kristof to his feet. Popping his hardon out of his pants, she slides down his body until she's at the perfect level to lean forward and start sucking. Her BJ may have begun slow and steady, but there's an undeniable greed there that soon has Marilyn going at it harder and faster. Kristof listens to his lover's needs, gently capturing her hands and pinning them above her head as she deep throats him in an increasing sexual frenzy.When Kristof can't wait another moment to be buried inside Marilyn, he helps her up and leans her backwards on the edge of the couch. Marilyn has just enough time to get one leg propped between them so that Kristof's body is scissoring her wide open, and then Kristof is shoving inside her tight warmth. Her dripping twat is the perfect welcome, a velvet glove that Kristof fits inside perfectly.Marilyn gets on her hands and knees next with her face pressed against the top of the couch. That position is still at the perfect height for Kristof to reenter her. Going at it in doggy changes up the angle of penetration in a way that really gets Marilyn moaning in pure sensual delight.When Kristof gets Marilyn off the couch and lays down in her stead, she doesn't waste a moment mounting him in cowgirl. Her stiffie ride continues as she turns around for some reverse cowgirl enjoyment. There's no stopping either of them in this position. As Marilyn comes apart, her pussy milks the climax right out of Kristof's fuck stick so that he fills her up with a creampie that drips free from Marilyn's twat when she climbs off the D.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Marilyn Sugar, a Grateful Fucking'

Marilyn Sugar - Marilyn Sugar, a Grateful Fucking

The beautiful Marilyn Sugar is in the sights our top scout Lutro in Private Specials, Lingerie Models Agency, and once again, this sexy star proves why she's a top Private babe! Marilyn's beauty turns heads wherever she goes, and after receiving a modelling offer from Lutro in the park, she decides to express her gratitude in the only way she knows how. So enjoy this stunning blonde in action right here on as she slips into her sexy lingerie for a hot blowjob and a hard pounding that has her moaning all the way to a climactic 69 and a cum filled facial, what a finish!

Marilyn Sugar in 'A Spoonful of Marilyn'

Marilyn Sugar - A Spoonful of Marilyn

Tiny Marilyn plays by the pool, showing off her small perky tits and her ass in a white thong. Getting Tommy's attention to come and fill her mouth and pussy with his big dick.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Horny Blonde Nurse Marilyn Sugar Fucks Handsome Doctor'

Marilyn Sugar - Horny Blonde Nurse Marilyn Sugar Fucks Handsome Doctor

Gorgeous blonde bombshell, Marilyn Sugar, looks absolutely stunning in a tight latex nurse outfit. The naughty hottie is more than ready to provide the best service for the handsome doctor, Charlie Dean. The horny duo shares a passionate kiss on the lips as soon as they see each other. Charlie fingers Marilyn's wet pussy before diving tongue first on her sweet pearl. The sexy blonde returns the pleasure by giving Charlie's hard cock a blowjob and deepthroat. Moans of pleasure fill the room as the lustful couple starts fucking in doggystyle and missionary. Marilyn can't help but shiver in delight as Charlie bangs her tight hole in reverse cowgirl and spoon. The horny stud keeps pounding Marilyn's pussy before cumming all over her face then in her mouth.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Marilyn Sugar, the Maid'

Marilyn Sugar - Marilyn Sugar, the Maid

Today in Private Specials, Playful Maids, Marilyn Sugar has decided to play dress up with her man Potro, and like all good servants, she's willing to do whatever her master wants. There's no resisting this incredible babe in lingerie, and soon after seeing her, Potro is diving in head first for a taste of Marilyn's juicy pussy. Then watch the rest of the action on as this horny maid goes on to repay her man with a nice sloppy blowjob before putting her delicious curves to work as she enjoys a hard pounding that has her shaking with pleasure all the way to a cum filled facial.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Tattooed Blonde Marilyn Sugar Fucked And Facialized In POV'

Marilyn Sugar - Tattooed Blonde Marilyn Sugar Fucked And Facialized In POV

Sexy tattooed blonde with natural tits, Marilyn Sugar, can't help but smile as she shows off her amazing figure in blue lingerie. The naughty babe teases the camera with her alluring smile before dropping on her knees to give the stiff rod in front of her a sloppy blowjob. She enjoys slurping and slobbering the hard cock before bending over on the bed to offer her tight pussy. Marilyn moans in delight as she gets fucked hard doggystyle. Her pussy lips tightly grip the cock while getting pounded in missionary. Marilyn's natural tits and butt beautifully bounce while she rides the dick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The cute blonde kneels on the floor and happily receives a warm load of cum all over her face.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Sexy Snaps - S22:E3'

Marilyn Sugar - Sexy Snaps - S22:E3

Marilyn Sugar is feeling a little bit horny and a little bit naughty. This blonde babe knows just what to do. Pulling out her phone, she starts snapping increasingly sexy photos for her boyfriend. By the time her tits are out and her hand is down her shorts, Marilyn is certain that her beau will get the hint of what she wants. Sure enough, Stanley Johnson shows up shortly afterwards, rock hard and ready to give Marilyn just the hardcore treatment she needs. Stanley starts by continuing to snap photos of Marilyn, this time for their own personal enjoyment. His hands are all over Marilyn's plump breasts and firm ass. When Marilyn leans back and spreads her thighs, Stanley gets in for some close ups. His hand caresses her slippery pussy, spreading her sweet juices all over the place. Then he hands the phone over to Marilyn so he can sample those delightful juices. Licking and slurping, Stanley works his fingers into Marilyn's tight pussy to prep her for pleasure to come. Marilyn gives a bit of the same treatment when she gets on her knees and lets Stanley fuck her mouth nice and rough.When Marilyn finally gets her pussy filled with cock, she can't stop moaning in delight. Stanley rolls her onto her side so he's partly banging her from behind. Gradually he keeps on turning Marilyn until she's on her hands and knees and mewling with every rough thrust of doggy style pussy pounding. Stanley gets Marilyn to her feet so he can take her place on the couch. She climbs on top of him and guides his fuck stick until she's fully impaled and all set for a stiffie ride in her bare snatch. Bouncing away is just what Marilyn needs to get herself off! Crawling to the side, she slurps her own juices from Stanley's dick and then strokes him off until he is ready to pop. Aiming Stanley's cum shot at her mouth, Marilyn enjoys her facial and swallows every drop she can get into her mouth.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Marilyn Sugar, Horny Journalist'

Marilyn Sugar - Marilyn Sugar, Horny Journalist

The sexy blonde Marilyn Sugar returns to and today she's taking on stud Jesús Reyes in an interview where sex is her favourite way to impress! It doesn't take long for things to heat up between these two as Jesús is soon devouring Marilyn's pussy until she repays him with a sloppy gagging blowjob. Then watch as this horny teen puts her amazing body to work, riding, grinding, and getting fucked in some incredible interracial action that has her moaning with pleasure all the way to a facial cumshot.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Working From Home - S39:E28'

Marilyn Sugar - Working From Home - S39:E28

Marilyn Sugar, Rebecca Volpetti, and Sam Bourne are part of a threesome that lives together. Sam has been working from home, but Marilyn and Rebecca are eager for him to give them the attention they crave. Today, they've come up with a plan to make sure that Sam joins them in the bedroom instead of staying glued to his computer.They begin with Rebecca taking a quick shower while Marilyn does her makeup. The girls both wind up decked out in lingerie that hugs their curves. Strutting into the kitchen where Sam is trying to concentrate, they kick off a not-so-subtle makeout session that involves plenty of caresses. When both girls are topless, they relocate directly into Sam's line of view. Marilyn gets Rebecca's panties off and tosses them to Sam, who looks up to see Rebecca pressed against the doorframe and Marilyn crouched behind her, teasing Rebecca's pussy. When they know they have Sam's attention, the girls embrace and beckon Sam to join them in the bedroom.They don't wait for Sam to get their party really started. Since the girls are both nude anyway, Rebecca goes to town squeezing and suckling Marilyn's breasts. That's how Sam finds them. They welcome him with open arms and mouths, making sure that his hard dick receives plenty of attention even as they're kissing him. When Rebecca and Marilyn get down on their knees to start sucking Sam off, they share so nicely as they indulge every bit of their passion.Sam eventually gets on the bed so that the girls can continue to blow him. Their BJ and ball sucking bliss only comes to an end when Marilyn takes things to the next level by letting Rebecca help her straddle Sam's hips and slide down onto his fuck stick. Her velvet gloves pulses in delight as she rocks her hips and enjoys that first feeling of fullness.Rebecca gets to enjoy the same treatment as Marilyn climbs off and lets her girlfriend hop on. Where Marilyn enjoyed herself in reverse cowgirl, Rebecca takes Sam's cock on a cowgirl ride. Marilyn's hands on her ass and Sam's balls help both of them double down on their delight. When Rebecca hops off, Marilyn is there to suck her girlfriend's juices from her boyfriend's hardon.Sam stays on his back as Marilyn mounts him in cowgirl and Rebecca crawls on top of his mouth. Riding Sam's tongue while Marilyn rides his cock is the perfect interlude for Rebecca. She can even lean forward and suckle Marilyn's bouncing titties and hard nipples.Rebecca gets to enjoy the D again as she gets on her hands and knees so that Sam can take her in doggy. He gives it to her in a perfectly sensual rhythm that Marilyn wants some of, too. Sam is happy to deliver when the girls swap spots. In fact, Rebecca takes the opportunity to slide underneath Marilyn in a makeshift lesbian 69. That puts her face in the perfect spot to catch Sam's cumshot in her open mouth when he blows his load right on Marilyn's bare muff.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Sweet Treat'

Marilyn Sugar - Sweet Treat

Angel or devil? Whichever you prefer, Marilyn is both: a platinum blonde angel lighting up the city at night with her smile, and a smouldering temptress in red lingerie when nobody is looking. Come see how this good girl gets naughty.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Alone With My Step Sis - S16:E4'

Marilyn Sugar - Alone With My Step Sis - S16:E4

Marilyn Sugar is living with her stepbrother, Stanley Johnson. Their arrangement is growing tense as Stanley grows sick of Marilyn sleeping all day. He wakes her up and instructs her to start taking more personal responsibility. In retribution, Marilyn gets out of bed and peels her nightclothes off right in front of Stanley. Stanley is really taken aback by his stepsister just flaunting her hot body like that, but now that Marilyn has committed, she isn't about to back down.Putting on a bikini, she tells Stanley to rub sunscreen onto her shoulders. She likes the way his big hands feel on her body, so she turns around to have him rub down her collarbone. In return for her stepbro's help, Marilyn reaches out to feel that he's nice and hard. She coaxes him onto the bed and opens wide so she can suck his cock. Her greedy pussy is already nice and wet when she peels off her bikini bottom and then climbs on top of Stanley so she can rub herself all over him before adjusting her hips so he can slide on home into her tight twat.Once he has his hot stepsis riding his cock, Stanley can't wait to get even more intimately acquainted with her. He lets her indulge in reverse cowgirl, then flips her on her back so he can eat her out and give her a firm pussy fingering. As Marilyn rubs her own titties, Stanley slides on home once again. He flips Marilyn onto her knees so he can fuck her in doggy, squeezing and spanking her ass until Marilyn cums hard. Then Marilyn returns the favor, blowing her big stepbrother's fuck stick until he rewards her with a mouthful of cum. Now that they've gotten intimately acquainted, they agree that it'll be much easier to live together.

Lika Star in 'Expanding Horizons'

Lika Star - Expanding Horizons

Two blonds in bikinis. Are you dreaming? Probably. But you should share your dreams with your girlfriend because if you're too uptight, she might do like Marilyn and run off with her sexy friend Lika so they can experiment with another guy.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Looks So Sweet'

Marilyn Sugar - Looks So Sweet

Blonde babe Marilyn slides out of her dress to reveal those perky teen tits to Tommy. When she peels off her lacy panties to touch her pussy, he knows it's time. Devouring her cunt, she moans and needs his cock filling her up immediately!

Marilyn Sugar in 'Sweet as Sugar'

Marilyn Sugar - Sweet as Sugar

A petite blonde in thigh highs? What more do you need? Add a pair of perky teen tits with an ass that's just as fine and you've got a winning package in Marilyn. Not to mention her unstoppable desire to suck cock and get her little pussy filled with cum and you've got yourself an incredible scene!

Billie Star in 'and Marilyn Sugar Get a Black Anal Lesson'

Billie Star - and Marilyn Sugar Get a Black Anal Lesson

The sexy Billie Star returns to Private Black after a long absence this horny brunette is looking to make up for lost time as she is joined by Marilyn Sugar for an interracial threesome gonzo style! The girls are in for a practical lesson with their professor Mike Chapman today, learning how to handle a BBC as they get all warmed up with some sloppy deepthroat action. Then watch as these young nymphos take turns getting blasted, finishing the class off with some anal for Billie before sharing a facial and a hot cum swap.

Leanne Lace in 'Sugar And Lace - S35:E26'

Leanne Lace - Sugar And Lace - S35:E26

Leanne Lace and Marilyn Sugar are dressed to the nines in high heels and lingerie. They stand in the corner making out and letting their hands roam freely as Murgur watches with a glass of wine. The show continues until the girls decide that it’s time for Murgur to join in on the fun. Crawling onto the couch, they join him with Marilyn dropping her head into Murgur’s lap and Leanne stripping her girlfriend out of her bra before settling in for a pussy licking.Murgur continues to enjoy the show that is being put on for his benefit, especially now that he can enjoy some hands-on action as he rubs down Marilyn’s breasts. Eventually, Marilyn turns onto her side with Leanne still situated between her thighs. From that position, she can pop Murgur’s hard cock from his pants to stroke and suck. Leanne eventually sees what Marilyn is up to and crawls up her friend’s body so she can join in for a double BJ!Leanne is the first to take advantage of Murgur’s desire for something more hardcore. Slipping her thong aside, she leans back on the couch and lifts her thigh. Murgur barely needs to move to slide on home into Leanne’s dripping pussy. Marilyn watches for a minute, then inserts herself between the pair so that she is receiving a doggy style pussy pounding while also eating Leanne out.The trio rearranges itself when Murgur resumes his seat on the couch and pulls Leanne onto his lao to ride his man meat. Leaning forward as her hips rock in a hardcore rhythm, Leanne can easily lap away at Marilyn’s tender clit. Eventually Marilyn disengages to lap at the base of Murgur’s cock as he fucks her friend. Eventually, she winds up on her hands and knees with Murgur plowing her from behind as she eats Leanne out. Still on her hands and knees, Marilyn continues to make magic with her tongue. Murgur adjusts his position to spoon with Leanne. When Leanne lifts her leg, Murgur reenters her with Marilyn’s help. In return, Leanne is there to do whatever it takes to ensure Marilyn’s pleasure as Marilyn hops onto Murugu’s hardon and rocks her hips to ride him.Now that he has played stud to two lovely ladies, Murgur is ready to take his own deep delight. He shoves himself balls deep into Marilyn’s welcoming twat as the girls exchange kisses above him and blows his load inside her hot glove. When Marilyn disengages, Murgur’s cum drips from Marilyn’s twat, a hot treat for Leanne to lick up and snowball with her girlfriend.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Marilyn Sugar, Stunning Teen Debut'

Marilyn Sugar - Marilyn Sugar, Stunning Teen Debut

Debuting for you today is the sweet young teen Marilyn Sugar and she has come to Private Specials, Deeper is Better to put on a real show with the lucky Alberto Blanco. As soon as this horny girl is picked up by her man she wastes no time heading straight in for a blowjob right there in car! Then watch and enjoy as they take things back to the apartment where Marilyn continues to show off her cock sucking expertise before offering up that tight wet pussy for a hard fuck as she moans and screams her way to a facial cumshot.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Only For You - S35:E3'

Marilyn Sugar - Only For You - S35:E3

Marilyn Sugar settles in on the couch to write in her journal as Nick Ross gets ready to go to the sauna. When he lays eyes on his hot blonde in her sheer shirt, he changes his plan and surprises her on the couch instead. Taking a seat, he whips out his cock for his now-topless girlfriend to start sucking.Loving on Nick with her hands and mouth, Marilyn eagerly delivers the BJ that Nick was angling for. She laps at the tip and deep throats the shaft in turn, doing whatever she can to get Nick even harder. Slipping his hand into Marilyn's shorts, Nick rubs her clit as she keeps sucking.Getting up from her prone position, Marilyn swings one leg over Nick's waist and slides down on his fuck stick. Fully impaled, Marilyn starts bouncing away on her personal ride. Her titties jiggle with every thrust of her hips, making her squeal with carnal delight. When Nick reaches around to start fondling Marilyn's clit, she quickly comes undone in his arms. Next, Nick gets Marilyn on her hands and knees so he can really have his way with her. He parts the pretty pink folds of her pussy, then slides his hardon all the way inside. Wrapping his big hands around Marilyn's slim hips, Nick starts pumping for both of their enjoyment.Flipping onto her back, Marilyn spreads her thighs wide to accommodate Nick between them. She reaches up to cup her boobs and thumb her nipples to hard peaks as Nick resumes his pussy pounding. Throwing her head back, Marilyn succumbs to her orgasmic need. When Nick pulls out a heartbeat later, Marilyn is there to see him over his own edge with her hot little hands jerking him off to spill all over her belly.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Teen Sugar'

Marilyn Sugar - Teen Sugar

Blonde hottie Marilyn Sugar wants to show herself off just for you! Her full all natural boobs are as sweet as her name implies. Slipping out of her leotard, she spreads her ass cheeks and then her thighs to put her bare twat on display, then demonstrates just how she likes to masturbate.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Intimate Massage'

Marilyn Sugar - Intimate Massage

Lingerie clings to every curve that teen dream Marilyn Sugar brings to the table. She may look good in her sexy getup, but she looks even better once she's nude. Watch her grab a vibrator and explore the way it feels pressed to her tender breasts and nipples, then lower to her bald snatch.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Give Me Some'

Marilyn Sugar - Give Me Some

Look at the tight body on Marilyn Sugar! A horny Euro babe, this teen is never shy about enjoying herself. She pulls her sheer shirt up to play with her dark areolas and puffy nips, then keeps stripping until she's free to let her hands roam all over her lush figure.

Marilyn Sugar in 'Cumming With Marilyn'

Marilyn Sugar - Cumming With Marilyn

Marilyn Sugar will take any excuse to make herself cum. Wiggling her butt in her tight shorts and flashing her teen titties is just foreplay for her. Soon enough she's naked on the couch with her thighs spread wide and her magical fingers going to town fondling her tender clit until she's moaning.