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Nadia is indeed a rare flower: a Middle Eastern beauty from a devout Muslim family, who are living in France, she is still exploring her playful and naughty French side in modeling and acting in porn. Like the thrill that comes from watching catholic schoolgirls get dirty and curious, flipping up their skirts and sliding teasing hands down white panties, seeing a Muslim girl go for the full treatment in hardcore porn is quite a compelling scene. Her sleek catlike features, huge tits and demure silence make her especially striking while gazing at Keiran through her lashes while getting jackhammered and covered in jizz.

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Dolce Elektra in 'Ep-2- Ce Soir, Le Sex'

Dolce Elektra - Ep-2- Ce Soir, Le Sex

While sight seeing with Christoph, Keiran encounters the lovely Nadia, who invites him to join her at a trendy nightclub. While there, the two decide to venture away from the dance floor and fuck in a private room. Keiran's exploits don't go unnoticed, however, as busty Dolce takes notice and decides that once Nadia's done, she doesn't mind being Keiran's sloppy second!