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Nikki Nine has a cute doll-face and a juicy, stacked body that will have you drooling on your keyboard in no time. From her head to her toes, this gorgeous gal absolutely screams sex. Let your eyes wander over her creamy, smooth skin the color of cappuccino, and enjoy her big, delicious tits you'll want to tip to your mouth and take a sip on, not to mention an ass so thick and juicy it'll make your mouth water. When Nikki gets her hands on a big fat boner, she loves to fit as much of it in her mouth as possible, ideally enough to tap the back of her throat and make her eyes water. Watch her first Brazzers scene, a wild sex scene in which she shows off her impressive dick-sucking skills, and indulges in her favorite sex act: big cock worship.

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Nikki Nine in 'Blown By An Old Flame'

Nikki Nine - Blown By An Old Flame

Only a guy like Keiran would receive a visit from an old flame who wanted his dick so badly she was willing to seduce him at a party in front of his new fiancee. Nikki Nine knew exactly what she wanted, and that was to use a session of hot sex to convince Keiran the flame was still burning strong. Once Nikki got Keiran alone in the bathroom, Nikki pulled open her dress to show him her big fake tits and tease him with her creamy smooth skin. Keiran shoved his cock down Nikki's throat, and split her in half with his member. Did Keiran give a fuck when his future wife saw him balls deep in his ex? No way. He enjoyed every moment throwing it in Nikki's sweet snatch.