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Nikkita James in 'First time licking pussy'

Nikkita James - First time licking pussy

Nikkita James meets Persia at her husband's office. She's making her final stop to sign her divorce papers because she is done with men that can't take care of their women. She then suspects Persia, whom she thinks has been fucking her husband but she learns that she's a lesbian and her curiosity of the unknown leads her to wonder what women can offer that men can't.

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Persia Pele in 'fucking in the couch with her tits'

Persia Pele - fucking in the couch with her tits

As a young realtor showing homes to perspective buyers is pretty boring for Danny. Here's the kitchen, here's the pool, blah blah. Persia is a different kind of client all together. What she's actually after is young cock, not houses! What better way to get it then fucking a young realtor in some strangers house?!? Making her move on him, he's mortified! She's hot but this is somebody's house! By the time his cock is out, and he's getting the best blowjob of his life, he's totally forgotten what his job is and what house he's in!

Persia Pele in 'fucking in the office with her big tits'

Persia Pele - fucking in the office with her big tits

Persia has never liked the office kiss ass but when her nerd co-worker is in the way of her paycheck she turns up the charm and shows this nerd what Persian pussy feels like.

Persia Pele in 'fucking in the bar stool with her tits'

Persia Pele - fucking in the bar stool with her tits

Persia frequents a local bar which is always filled with young cocks for her but today she seems to be out of luck but the young bartender who she's never noticed before is ready and willing to be used by this sexy cougar.

Persia Pele in 'fucking in the couch with her black hair'

Persia Pele - fucking in the couch with her black hair

Persia Pele is making sure her new co-worker understands all of his duties. But he wants to know what Persia is gonna do since he discovered she's stealing cash from the company. A blackmail blow job is first on Persia's new list of things to do...

Persia Pele in 'Bad girl Persia Pele fucking in the bed with her big tits'

Persia Pele - Bad girl Persia Pele fucking in the bed with her big tits

Persia Pele can't wait to show off her new lingerie. She's so excited that she finished shopping with her friend early to go and flaunt it. But Persia isn't going home to her man; she's visiting her friend's husband. Persia won't stop until she's filled with married cock!!!

Persia Pele in 'Cuckold Diaries 15'

Persia Pele - Cuckold Diaries 15

Persia has fucked the pool boy, the garbage man, the mail man, the neighbor and even her poor husband's boss but today she took it one step beyond. Today she fucked a guy in front of her husband and while she thought he would hate it but he looked like he was getting off on it. His cock got harder the more she screamed in ecstasy. Is that a smile on his face as he gets cucked? You be the judge!

Persia Pele in 'Shane Diesel is taking over Persia!!!'

Persia Pele - Shane Diesel is taking over Persia!!!

What's up guys? This is the episode that you have been waiting all your life to see. That's right, here in mother fucking Sunny Fucking California your boy Shooter, the one and only, is bringing the hot temptress Persian Pele. This is one bad bitch, she's got long legs, a fierce rack, hot lips and finger tips. Pele is also sporting an insatiable hunger for black cock. This Persian princess will stop at nothing to have Diesel pump her with his Piston and gape her pussy wide open and her lips stretched out. We let Diesel show her the Helicopter and she immediately wanted to book her flight if you catch my drift. Diesel isn't one to shy away from a hot girl and was ready to give her the ol' Boom! Boom! Neither is Pele She was already sucking him off and stretching her throat wide open to fit in the long schlong. I don't think Diesel can handle this one. I know the title says Shane Diesel is taking over Persia , but I think its Persia thats taking him down! Watch and Enjoy !! Boom!!

Persia Pele in '- Glory Hole Initiations'

Persia Pele - Glory Hole Initiations

Persia's afternoon lunch break comes at a perfect time. She's out to look for a bite to eat when her pussy signals her brain that something else is in order. Her clothes are moments away from covering the floor in a bathroom not fit for the homeless or drug addicted. Ms prim and proper soon morphs into a cock sucking machine that only white cock can satisfy. Her top soon comes off showing you tits have been housed by the luckiest bra ever. Her booty is barely covered by panties that soon come off as she's teasing the thought of a sexual encounter. Once she's gotten comfortable a white guy steps up to the plate and risks his cock being bitten off. However, that's not in the cards as Persia has other things in mind such as seeing how much cum she can milk out of it. First things first and she needs to inspect the goods before it can find a home in her mouth. As she sucks his cock you can see and hear her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she anticipates that fat white rod invading her naughty area. As she violates the gloryhole wall with her ass grinding against it you can imagine the heaven that the white guy is in as his white sword jams itself inside Persia's reproductive organ. Today would test Persia's limits and its safe to say that she's a whore 24/7 no matter where she gets down.

Persia Pele in 'My Kingdom For A Pussy'

Persia Pele - My Kingdom For A Pussy

Danny and Prince Habibou are having a little chat towards a business agreement that will benefit both of them. After making fun of the englishman after chocking on the Shisha. To make it up to him, he decides to give him one of his many mistresses to ease the pain and see the advantages of being a descent from royal blood.

Persia Pele in 'and Danny Wylde in My First Sex Teacher'

Persia Pele - My First Sex Teacher

Professor Pele called in a student to find out why he sent her flowers to the school because that's something that could get her fired. He thinks she's beautiful and smart and wanted to show his appreciation. Even though Prof. Pele is anxious about his gesture, she's not made of stone. And since it's after-hours she asks her young pupil if he'd like a private lesson... on how to properly kiss the teacher's ass!!