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Talon in 'The Fixer Upper'

Talon - The Fixer Upper

Talon just got dumped at the altar by his bitch fiancee and his two buddies want to help him rebuild his new life. That's when they ask for the services of construction girl Priscilla Milan to tighten the loose bolts and put the lead back in Talon's pen...

Halia Hill in 'Too Much Cleavage'

Halia Hill - Too Much Cleavage

Halia and Priscilla were minding their own business, when all of a sudden Lifeguard Gunn came along complaining about their attire. The girls baffled by this, still followed him back to his office. Once there they made a deal. Tommy would get to fuck them both and let them go or call the cops and get them arrested, the girls didn't want to get arrested so they agreed with the deal...

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Priscilla Milan in 'fucking in the couch with her natural tits'

Priscilla Milan - fucking in the couch with her natural tits

When Brad answers an online ad from a girl who wants him to "lick it and kick it", he's utterly surprised to find out his sister's sexy friend, Priscilla, is the one who wrote it. Looks like this sexy rendezvous will just have to stay between the two of them.

Aline in 'A Perfect Combo'

Aline - A Perfect Combo

Girl on girl and guy on girl... What would you want more!!! It's the perfect combination!!! Enjoy!!!