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Ruby Knox is incredibly, edibly delicious. Her sweet perky tits, her pretty pussy, and her tight lithe body are entirely tasty. Ruby shot her first scenes in 2005 and has worked on a number of films since. Before entering the Adult entertainment biz, she pursued a handful of jobs from life guarding to bank telling, and eventually stripping, but nothing lit her up like working in porn. Ruby knew from an early age, when she saw her first Penthouse centerfold, that she wanted to pursue a similar path to that of the models in the magazine. She says it wasn't the sex as much as the intensity and energy of porn that drew her. She confesses to being an energy junkie, and this is certainly apparent when you see her perform on screen. The energy, passion, and vitality she brings to every scene makes her a joy to watch.

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Katie Summers in 'Sharing is Caring at Camp Starfish'

Katie Summers - Sharing is Caring at Camp Starfish

Victoria is unhappy at her summer camp. The other girls, especially Katie and Ruby, are mean to her but most of all she misses her boyfriend Johnny. When Katie and Ruby catch Victoria writing to her boyfriend they tease her and help ease her craving for dick by giving her her first lesbian experience. The experience is a good one, and when Johnny comes to visit, Victoria show what she has learnt and shares his big cock with her fellow campers.

Ruby Knox in 'Ruby So-Hoe'

Ruby Knox - Ruby So-Hoe

Ruby is having a movie nights with her friends and after having everyone cancel the night on her, Johnny shows up at her door coming for the movie night. Having no one else to watch the movie with her, she lets him in. After getting a little turned on with the raunchiness of the movie, she notices Johnny's cock getting harder by the minute and after a few more minutes, she spends more time looking at his dick than the movie. Without too much encouragement, Johnny leaves the movie on it's side and start to show Ruby a much better time than if she was having her movie night.

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Ruby Knox in 'Petite Ruby Knox fucking in the couch with her natural tits'

Ruby Knox - Petite Ruby Knox fucking in the couch with her natural tits

Seth stops by the house of his kid sister's friend Ruby to help her study. He owes his sister a favor, and he is more than willing to impart some of his knowledge on Ruby. While studying, Ruby lets it slip that she is dating Danny, a douchebag that Seth hates, and a womanizer. It seems Danny has stolen some of Seth's girlfriend's in the past. Seth thinks quickly, and decides to turn the tables on this one. He will steal Danny's girl for a change. Some quick sweet talking by Seth, and Ruby is powerless to resist. Revenge is his!

Ruby Knox in 'Slutty and Sluttier 16'

Ruby Knox - Slutty and Sluttier 16

Manuel Ferrara's mechanic has sent his tomboy daughter - butch, blue-collar Ruby Knox - to fix the director's car. When the young Latina's finished with her work, she asks to use the bathroom. Then Ruby washes away the grease and gets dolled up in high heels, fishnets and a miniskirt - a total transformation! Manuel can't resist this gorgeous girl's lithe, young body, and soon he's spreading her soft cheeks and tonguing Ruby's juicy pussy and asshole. The now ultra-feminine cutie laps at Manuel's balls and slurps his giant cock. After a passionate fuck session, he spurts hot cum into her open mouth.