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Like a precious gemstone, it is quite the luxury to acquire the lovely Sapphire Lapiedra. Hailing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this lovely siren will leave you feeling anything but blue! Friendly, hot, and faithful, this big titty babe loves to hit the strip and shop for the latest fashion, and when she isn't showing off her delicious curves, she's cooking up a storm in the kitchen! The real meal when it comes to Sapphire Lapiedra is her juicy booty, and you can get a taste of it in the scenes below!

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Maximo Garcia in 'Beady Booty'

Maximo Garcia - Beady Booty

The stunning Sapphire Lapiedra knows how to live the good life. She surrounds herself with the finest luxuries: jewelry, oils, big dicks. Today, she experiences all three. Watch Sapphire strip down and get a hot, oily ass fucking.

Sapphire Lapiedra in 'Big Tits Pool Day Fucking'

Sapphire Lapiedra - Big Tits Pool Day Fucking

Jordi ENP is about to enjoy a pool day but is sidelined by his dad. Fortunately for him, his hot new stepmom Sapphire Lapiedra isn't shy about showing off her bikini body! After a stumbling mishap causes Sapphire's boob to meet Jordi's face, she teases him with her body. Jordi's dad gets ready to rub his new wife down by the pool, when his work phone distracts him, but Jordi is more than happy to slide in and provide the oil massage. Sapphire is pleasantly surprised that her new stepson's doing the rubbing instead. Soon, the horny woman can't help but sneak Jordi into the bedroom for some sneaky sex!

Amy Amor in 'A Sofa Shop, Bucket and Mop'

Amy Amor - A Sofa Shop, Bucket and Mop

Sapphire Lapiedra is shopping for new furniture at Amy Amor's store, and as we soon find out, Sapphire has a very particular way of testing out her potential new purchases! While Amy is at the computer looking through her inventory, Sapphire grinds her sweet ass and pussy on a clear table, wanting to make sure it's sturdy and comfortable to fuck on, of course! Enter Jordi, who can't believe his eyes when he sees a gorgeous babe, tits out and getting herself off. He peeps on Sapphire, and when Amy sees what her customer is up to, things get really wild as the two engage in lesbian sex. Jordi can't contain himself, jerking off and cumming on a sofa, until he is caught by the angry and horny store owner! Amy and Sapphire pull him into an intense threesome, oiling up their titties and smothering Jordi's face with them, fucking him in every which way until they're left covered with his cum

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Sapphire LaPiedra in 'Is A Horny Big Tits Bombshell'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Is A Horny Big Tits Bombshell

Sapphire LaPiedra feels extremely horny. She wants to fuck a stiff cock on the spot. Lucky for her, Ricky Rascal comes at the most opportune moment. The horny lad waste no time at all. He kisses Saphhire on the lips before excitedly taking off her clothes. Sapphire can't help but moan as Ricky enjoys the taste of her bald pussy. After the sensual pussy licking, Sapphire gives the horny lad a sloppy blowjob. The gorgeous hottie with big tits passionately reacts as Ricky fucks her bald pussy in doggystyle and spoon. Her big tits bounce hard while she rides on top of Ricky in the reverse cowgirl. Sapphire tirelessly grinds and humps Ricky before giving him another blowjob until he cums on her beautiful face.

Jesús Reyes in 'Busty Beauty Sapphire Lapiedra Gets a BBC'

Jesús Reyes - Busty Beauty Sapphire Lapiedra Gets a BBC

Today on the busty sex bomb Sapphire Lapiedra returns for her first ever interracial scene and this is one wild gonzo fuck that you certainly won't want to miss! Dressed up in her sexiest lingerie, Sapphire plays hard to get with stud Jesús Reyes, but it doesn't take long for her to change her tune as she's soon devouring his BBC with a deepthroat blowjob before showing off her big ass and tits in a spectacular interracial fuck that has moaning with pleasure all the way to a facial cumshot!

Sapphire Lapiedra in 'Seeks New Experiences'

Sapphire Lapiedra - Seeks New Experiences

Brunette, sexy and amazing big tits, it's of course none other than Sapphire Lapiedra, a busty beauty who comes to Private Specials, Irresistible Beauties 2 today seeking a new experience as she offers up her ass to Alberto Blanco for the anal fuck of a lifetime! Sapphire wastes no time getting down to business in this one as she gets straight on her knees for a sloppy deepthroat blowjob and titfuck to warm up. Then watch the rest of the action unfold on as she puts her incredible curves to work in a hot anal fuck that has her moaning all the way to a facial cumshot!

Sapphire Lapiedra in 'Sapphire Lapiedra, Busty Beauty Enjoys Oily Fuck'

Sapphire Lapiedra - Sapphire Lapiedra, Busty Beauty Enjoys Oily Fuck

Today on, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Sapphire Lapiedra, a spectacular brunette with a huge pair of tits who has come to Private Specials, Big Boob Seduction for a debut that she'll never forget! Armed with her sensational curves, Sapphire gets straight to work oiling herself up as she treats the lucky Alberto Blanco to a deepthroat blowjob and a hot titfuck. Then enjoy the rest of the action as this busty beauty gets on all fours ready for a gonzo style pounding that has her screaming with pleasure for over 45 minutes until her big awesome tits are covered in cum!

Sapphire LaPiedra in 'The Monster Anal Fantasy'

Sapphire LaPiedra - The Monster Anal Fantasy

The beautiful and sexy Sapphire Lapiedra is here with us today. She shows off her perfect body for the camera before the boy Freddy Gong shows up and gives her exactly what she wants. She's been craving some big dick to put in her ass, and Freddy has just what she needs. She's shocked when she sees how big his dick is, and struggles to even get the entire thing in her mouth. After a super sexy blowjob she tells him to put it in her booty. They fuck in multiple positions and he lets out a huge load all over her.

Sapphire LaPiedra in 'Giant Tits, Creamy Anal'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Giant Tits, Creamy Anal

Sapphire LaPiedra is so sexy she's dancing around in her dress, getting her pussy wet for you. She lifts her skirt to bare it all. Her juicy holes are nice and wet. Charlie can't help but worship her ass. His dicks pops out, and she is impressed. she puts it in her mouth and sucks it like a vacuum. No crumbs left. Sapphire wants it in her ass. She gets her hole demolished in doggy and cowgirl. it's so hot you cum all over her face.

Katrina Moreno in 'Fuck My Friend Too'

Katrina Moreno - Fuck My Friend Too

Sapphire brings her friend Katrina over to the junkyard to meet her new boyfriend Tommy Cabrio. He has a big dick and Sapphire knows that Katrina is into that so she decides to share it with her. They find Tommy working and decide to surprise him with a random threesome. Tommy is worried about his boss finding them fucking on the job but the girls don't care and proceed to stroke his cock and smother him with their huge tits. He gets a blowjob from both of them at the same time and fucks them both hard in multiple positions. He busts a huge load all over their tits before being discovered.

Katrina Moreno in 'Big Titty Threesome'

Katrina Moreno - Big Titty Threesome

Katrina Moreno was kissing Sapphire La Piedra. The girls got more and more horny. They were biting nipples, licking ass. Then luckily Emilio Ardana came into frame and started to lick ass, too. The girls started to suck his balls and dick. Then he fucked them one by one. There was pussy and ass everywhere. Dick pumping in and out. Girls screaming. Lots of rough fucking. Then a double blowjob led to the sperm eruption. Both girls ended up with cum on their face.

Sapphire LaPiedra in 'Maid Cleans My Cock For Money'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Maid Cleans My Cock For Money

Potro De Bilbao's girlfriend never helps him clean so he hires maids and always gives them all his money to fuck. Sapphire comes to his house expecting to just clean up his mess but instead ends up cleaning his dick. He gets her to stop being nervous by giving her all his cash and gets to fuck her in his room. She rides his cock, takes it doggystyle, and gets fucked hard until he cums on her tits.

Katrina Moreno in 'Big Booty's Like It Rough'

Katrina Moreno - Big Booty's Like It Rough

Today we have two sexy girls with some big asses. Katrina and Saphire are both slutty, freaky, and hungry for some dick. They came to the right place. They show off their amazing booty in the pool, and then we send in our boy Potro to come and give them the dick that they desire. They jerk him off in the pool before he takes them to the bedroom for the real fun to start. They give him an amazing and sloppy double blowjob and then take turns riding his dick until they cum multiple times. They change positions and Potro goes back and forth girl to girl and booty to booty. He doesn't stop until he lets out a huge nut all over their face and asses.

Sapphire LaPiedra in 'Sapphire's First Sex Scene'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Sapphire's First Sex Scene

Sapphire Lapiedra is shooting her first scene. Tommy Cabrio is lucky he gets to fuck her. She has big tits and a round ass. She fucks around on the stripper pole then fucks around on his cock. He likes fucking her and fucks her hard. She has that wet ass pussy and she knows what the fuck to do with it. She's so sexy. She cums on his big cock and then he cums on her phat ass.

Sapphire LaPiedra in 'Tire Surprise'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Tire Surprise

Sapphire La Piedra was hiding behind some tires in the junkyard where Potro De Bilbao worked. When he found her he was first upset but then quickly realized why she was there and what she wanted. He slapped her breasts, she sucked his dick and they fucked out in the open. His dick was giant and he rammed it into her tiny pussy. Then he shot his giant load into her tiny face.

Sapphire LaPiedra in 'Peeping Roommate Gets Lucky'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Peeping Roommate Gets Lucky

Sapphire is enjoying a nice shower alone, so she thinks. Her roommate keeps spying on her. We can't blame him. This girl is perfect. Pretty face, huge tits, amazing booty, and perfect body. A total fucking dime. She catches him while she's naked and tries to leave the room. He pulls out his dick and starts to masturbate. At first she's nervous, but then she sees how big his dick is, and her mouth basically starts to drool. She knows she wants to taste it. She starts to give him an amazing blowjob before he fucks her perfect tits. She eats his ass like it's dinner time and then they start to fuck hard in multiple positions. This girl is a freak, she likes it all. She gets spanked, slapped, and choked until she lets out multiple orgasms all over his dick. He shoots out a huge load and she slurps it all up.

Sapphire LaPiedra in 'Junkyard Action'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Junkyard Action

Sapphire LaPiedra was sent by her husband to check on one of his workers. However, she had different things in mind. She went into the junkyard determined to get fucked. She walked up to Tommy Cabrio and started pouring water on her tits. She asked him if wanted some water, he'd have to drink it from her massive tits. From there, they hid in the middle of the junkyard and started fucking. Sapphire's pussy was stretched in several different positions. Finally, he busted all over her pretty face.