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Shannon Kelly was born on November 30th 1980 in Rockville, CT. She is 90 pounds and measures in at five feet. Don't let her size fool you though. She's been in kick boxing for over 9 years. She won the Tough man Competition 95, in Louisiana in the Cajun Dome, in which she won her weight division, and was the first woman ever to enter the Tough man! She has appeared in various calendars, posters and magazines, including Playboy Playmates 2000 Search, Planet Muscle, Celebrity Sleuth, Hustlers Leg World and Taboo. She has also entered the Ujena Bikini Jam 15 in beautiful Cancun, where I was a World Finalist, winning the International Talent Competition with an amazing Fire show.In 2003 she began her career in pornography. She has made over 45 films and several films on the internet. She continues to grow in porn but also in the media where she is equally popular.

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Shannon Kelly in 'Friends help friends'

Shannon Kelly - Friends help friends

Maya has never had a big dick and she wonders what it would be like to fuck one. Her good friend Shannon offered her to fuck the guy she is dating since he has a HUGE COCK. The only condition being that Shannon had to participate!! Now Maya knows that this might be her only chance to fuck that big cock and she won't miss it for nothing in the world...

Shannon Kelly in 'Fair Trade'

Shannon Kelly - Fair Trade

Mikey is willing to do anything to stay on the basketball team. This is why he is begging his math teacher, Mrs. Shannon Kelly, to give him a passing grade so he doesn't get kicked off the team. Mrs. Kelly, however, sees how fit he is and decides that Mikey's going to have to work hard for this grade...

Shannon Kelly in 'Milf Pickup'

Shannon Kelly - Milf Pickup

Since our usual girl couldn't show, we needed a quick replacement. We found this hot busty milf that's always waiting at the bus stop. We picked her up and invited her for "coffee", but she wanted a little more! Wow...this was one horny milf! After taking out her huge tits, she begged for some cock...our boy Justice gave her the ride of her life, complete with a happy ending! Looks like we got a bit more than we bargained for!!!

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Shannon Kelly in 'Cougar Shannon Kelly fucking in the couch with her piercings'

Shannon Kelly - Cougar Shannon Kelly fucking in the couch with her piercings

Shannon Kelly may be a cougar, but she's still got it going on and she's taking glamour shots to preserve those hot fiery looks. And just her luck, Johnny is her photographer, and he's just how she likes 'em ... young, sexy, big, and hard.

Shannon Kelly in 'Professor Shannon Kelly fucking in the desk with her tattoos'

Shannon Kelly - Professor Shannon Kelly fucking in the desk with her tattoos

Mrs. Shannon Kelly doesn't like the way Alex tries to dominate her class. She's gonna' teach him a lesson he'll never forget ... the economics or the consumption of consumption of his cock and spunk!

Shannon Kelly in '- Blacks On Cougars'

Shannon Kelly - Blacks On Cougars

I can't help but stare at these two black guys doing work behind my building. I was fixated on them and wondering how much black dick they were packing in their pants. I couldn't wait a second more to find out and approached them to see if they had a break coming up. My sick mind wanted them to break my white pussy in half with huge cocks that I'm sure dwarfed any whites ones I ever fucked with. It was broad daylight outside so I quickly shoved their black monster poles down my mouth. I would never have thought about doing this kind of thing when I was younger but a milf does have her needs. I got them naked in no time and wasn't expecting for them to go in my pussy and white ass at the same time but I was so excited that it was a welcomed surprise. I drained their balls like a good little lady and sent them back to work since my old man was paying them by the hour.