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Shy Love, one of the hottest up-and-coming agents in Porn Valley, is not only a business woman, she's a sexual bombshell blowing up all over the internet. This smoldering AVN Hall of Famer doesn't just sit back and watch her models do all the hard work. She lays it all on the line, putting her own raw sexual talent to the test, and showing the world that Shy's still got it! Smart, successful, and oh so sexy, Miss Love has grabbed the industry by the balls, and made opportunities instead of waiting for them to fall into her lap. Aside from starring in hundreds of hardcore scenes, this pornographic powerhouse has written two books, built a self-help company, and started her own modelling agency from the ground up. She's got a full plate, and this hardworking hottie never seems to sit down, but it's all in a day's work for Shy Love, mistress of adult entertainment and queen of the pornstars!

Latest updates featuring Shy Love

Megan Rain in 'Up Your Game, Bitch'

Megan Rain - Up Your Game, Bitch

When Megan Rain arrives on set and proceeds to annoy everyone with her unprofessional behavior, it's up to consummate pro and agency head Shy love to come by and straighten the bitch out. After confronting the young starlet, Shy allows Megan to prove her worth with a firm but fair lesbian fuck sesh.

Shy Love in 'A Little Bit O. Hotel Ass!'

Shy Love - A Little Bit O. Hotel Ass!

Scott?s car broke down and he?s crashing at this hotel for the night. He is so bored, he calls hotel room service and tells them he needs some entertainment. Moments later, there's a knock on the door and Scott opens it, he sees Shy, a big butt escort at the door. He flips out as she pushes him on the bed? She gives him an ass show that makes his mouth drop. Then she dominates him and fucks him with her big ass and fulfills his wildest dreams!

Shy Love in 'Dr Shy Love or- How I Learned to Stop Cumming too Fast and Love the Spray'

Shy Love - Dr Shy Love or- How I Learned to Stop Cumming too Fast and Love the Spray

Scott Nails visits Doctor Love hoping to find an answer to his premature ejaculation problem. She introduces him to a very effective spray that numbs his cock. In order to find out if the solution works properly on him they must obviously fuck. Can you think of any other way of testing it out? No? Me neither.

Shy Love in 'Do You Want Dessert'

Shy Love - Do You Want Dessert

Shy Love heads off to a local restaurant where she hopes to find a waiter with a big piece of meat. Luckily for her Johnny is serving her tonight and desert is on the house.

Shy Love in 'Total Knockers'

Shy Love - Total Knockers

Shy Love is stressed the fuck out! She hasn't had sex in a long long time, she just went through a bad break up and she's been training for her next fight. Let's put her in the ring with Mikey Butders and see what happens. Keep your chin up Mikey cause she sucks like a butterfly and fucks like a whore!

Shy Love in 'Sleeping on the Job'

Shy Love - Sleeping on the Job

Shy Love caught Keiran sleeping on the job again. This time she decided to fire him, but he insisted and decided to tell her why it happens: he's a ladies man that has a stable of women to satisfy every night, which leaves him very little time to sleep. Not convinced in the slightest, she decides to have him prove it to her by fucking her to redeem his pos

Shy Love in 'A BIG sprain'

Shy Love - A BIG sprain

Shy love is always getting in trouble, this time she injured Alec Knight. But she took him home and took care of him if you know what i mean. His sprained ankle wasn't hurting anymore when .Shy had Alec's huge dick in her mouth. She loves herself a big fucking dick.

Shy Love in 'Reunion Swapping'

Shy Love - Reunion Swapping

Shy Love invited her best friend Shyla Styles and her husband over. They hadn?t seen each other in a long time and had a lot to catch up. But when Shy caught Shyla?s husband looking at her ass and Shyla caught Shy?s husband looking at her breasts, the naughty housewives agreed to have a swap and enjoy the other?s better half. Shy enjoyed getting fucked in the ass while watching her husband fucking Shyla.

Shy Love in 'Teachings from the book of Kamasutra'

Shy Love - Teachings from the book of Kamasutra

This young man Seth is having a great deal of trouble trying to understand and follow the instructions in the Sex Pro book of Kamasutra. He nearly popped his blow up doll trying to reenact the sex positions in the book, so before he made a casualty of a real girl he called on Sex Pro, Miss. Love for aid. She brought out the sex god in Seth and it made for a very hot scene!

Shy Love in 'Climbing the corporate ladder'

Shy Love - Climbing the corporate ladder

It is Shy Love's first day at work and she was really surprised to find out that her manager is someone she had a one night stand with. At first she was embarrassed but then she realized this was a good opportunity to start moving up the corporate ladder so she showed him her real "skills" and made sure he would want to keep her around...

Shy Love in 'Love teachings'

Shy Love - Love teachings

Dr. Love, who is incredibly sexy might i add, today is doing a physical consultation shall we say. The man in to see her today is having issues performing anal sex with his partner and seeks the council of Dr. Love, approriate no? Being an expert on the issue she gives him a really in depth and passionate lesson on anal sex. See Dr. Love at her best in this scene, you might learn a thing or two!

Shy Love in 'Waste Time'

Shy Love - Waste Time

Jack came in to see his office doctor for his flu shot, only to find out that the doctor had left for the afternoon. Shy, the doctor's secretary, was able to get the doctor to come back, but now Jack has to wait an hour. Luckily Shy and Jack found a very convenient way to waste some time...

Scenes from other sites featuring Shy Love

Shy Love in 'Housewife 1 on 1'

Shy Love - Housewife 1 on 1

Shy Love's been reliving her college party days. To keep her husband happy she's going to give it the "ole college try" in the sack! Shy knows the way to her man's heart is thru his cock and she's going to tug, suck and fuck every bit of it!

Milan in 'fucking in the bedroom with her tits'

Milan - fucking in the bedroom with her tits

Milan is the luckiest milf in the world. Her husband Kurt has planned the most special night for them, including champagne, strawberries, a blindfold, and surprise ... her best friend Shy Love. Now that's a party. And yeah ... that Kurt's one lucky guy.

Shy Love in 'fucking in the couch with her tits'

Shy Love - fucking in the couch with her tits

Shy Love thinks Cheyne's wife is crazy, because, if she's not fucking Cheyne, then she must be crazy. Cheyne is hot, and if his wife isn't fucking him, then Shy soon will be. Poor Cheyne ... stuck with the crazy wife when his neighbor is the smokin' hot Shy Love.

Shy Love in 'Wife Shy Love fucking in the bedroom with her piercings'

Shy Love - Wife Shy Love fucking in the bedroom with her piercings

Shy Love's been reliving her college party days. To keep her husband happy she's going to give it the "ole college try" in the sack! Shy knows the way to her man's heart is thru his cock and she's going to tug, suck and fuck every bit of it!

Shy Love in 'Wife Shy Love fucking in the desk with her petite'

Shy Love - Wife Shy Love fucking in the desk with her petite

Shy Love has come to see her husband at the office, he is really hungry and is mad that she didn't bring him anything to eat. Well maybe she can give him desert by fucking him, that sounds pretty good to him.

Shy Love in 'Stranger Shy Love fucking in the couch with her tits'

Shy Love - Stranger Shy Love fucking in the couch with her tits

Matt has built himself quite a reputation with the cleaning service. It's to the point where the only thing getting cleaned anymore is his cock! Aye que buena!

Shy Love in 'fucking in the living room with her big ass'

Shy Love - fucking in the living room with her big ass

Her husband is not taking her out enough and not treating her right, so she decides that letting his friend fuck her will help to ease her sexual tensions.

Valentina Paradis in 'Club Filly'

Valentina Paradis - Club Filly

Milf Shy Love is on the hunt for sexy girls at Club Filly. She spots Kat Arina and Valentina dancing. Shy decides to seduce the girls into passionate threesome sex inside the club. Horny Kat and Valentina pleasure Shy's ass and pussy. Then Shy fucks both girls at the same time, leaving them happy.

Shy Love in 'One pie for Shy'

Shy Love - One pie for Shy

Today on our Big Tits Cream Pie adventure I got Shy Love. I bet everyone knows who she is. I asked my guys to meet her cause I was running late. She told them that she wants to fuck some young guy and by the time I got there I already had someone in mind for that, and of course that would be Porcupine. When we were sitting there at some cafeteria talking, some dude came up to us and once we told him what we were shooting for he got so excited I could barely get rid of him. Anyway back to my place, Shy and Porcupine were ready to fuck. She took care of this young man. He fucked her really hard and we all got to see this nice hot dripping cum out of her pussy. Check out this episode.