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Miss Tabitha Stevens is one of the hardest working veterans in the porn industry. After meeting a fellow porn actress at a Las Vegas gym - Tabitha decided to jump into the industry. Since the start of her career, she's appeared in over two hundred films. In 2007, Tabitha Stevens was inducted to the AVN Hall of Fame - which honors the biggest and best of the adult entertainment industry. After a six-year hiatus, she returned to the adult industry to shoot a blowjob scene for $5000 - and now she's back, sucking and fucking for all of us porn lovers.

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Tabitha Stevens in 'It Wasnt Me Teacher'

Tabitha Stevens - It Wasnt Me Teacher

While Mrs Tabitha is teaching math, Keiran and a classmate are passing notes commenting on the teacher's big tits. As a prank, Keiran goes up to the front of the class and pretends to hump the teacher. He takes the joke a bit to far by taking out his dick. When he gets busted, Tabitha decides to give him a one on one punishment.

Tabitha Stevens in 'Mommy digs some young cock'

Tabitha Stevens - Mommy digs some young cock

Tabitha ain't afraid of shit, she takes away the guy of her daughter's dreams and makes his, a reality. She fucks him so hard he cums in her mouth, but that wasn't what she wanted. She spits out his cum onto her left hand and spreads it right back into her pussy, smothering his cum all over it, this mlif is one fucked up mlif.

Tabitha Stevens in 'Kill My Husband And Then Fuck My Face'

Tabitha Stevens - Kill My Husband And Then Fuck My Face

Tabitha is tired of being a trophy wife, but she has become accustomed to her affluent lifestyle. With divorce out of the question, she decides to seduce her son's tutor into ridding herself of her fat stupid husband.