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Taylee Wood is the girl that all of Europe is talking about. This dark-haired Czech beauty made porn fans across the continent sit up and take notice of her eye-popping curves--big natural tits, a tiny waist, and a huge mouthwatering booty--as much as of her impressively nasty sexual appetites. Taylee jumped right into gangbangs and anal on camera, turning out scenes so naughty no one could believe it. This playful babe may be naturally submissive, but she's set to dominate the porno scene worldwide!

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Taylee Wood in 'Sneaky Senior Semen Sampling Shoe-Sniffer'

Taylee Wood - Sneaky Senior Semen Sampling Shoe-Sniffer

A new company called 'International Seed Exchange' is offering a hefty sum for a semen sample. They'll even send over one of their trained nurses to help extract & collect the precious material, so clients don't have to leave their homes! Hans calls the service & is awaiting anxiously. His grandson Sam has no clue what is going on when a gorgeous nurse Taylee shows up at his door. But after spying on the strange & perverted things she is doing to Hans, Sam decides he wants to sign up for some action too!

Taylee Wood in 'Bargain Humping'

Taylee Wood - Bargain Humping

Taylee Wood is looking for a new pair of pants to fit over her round, juicy booty, but because her ass is so thick, finding the perfect jeans to hug her otherworldly curves can be a challenge. So, when Taylee decides to try on everything she can grab in one haul, her jackass of a husband gets impatient and demands she hurry up. Store clerk Jordi ENP, though, is eager to help Taylee with whatever she needs after getting a glimpse of her big ass, including checking in on her via a sneaky glory hole while she's in the changing room. It turns out that Taylee likes the attention, and when she gets her hands on Jordi's hard cock, she discovers that it fits her, and her ass, far better than any item of clothing.

Taylee Wood in 'Loves A Big Cock'

Taylee Wood - Loves A Big Cock

With her big natural boobs just asking to be covered with oil, Taylee Wood is looking for a big cock to deepthroat and titty fuck. Christian Clay has just what Taylee desires, giving her every inch of his big dick until she's left savoring his warm cum!

Taylee Wood in 'Shower My Tits In Cum'

Taylee Wood - Shower My Tits In Cum

We catch the beautiful, big-tittied Taylee Wood and Eric Everhard at the tail end of some hot sex. Eric has just left a hot load of cum on Taylee's tits. The still horny Taylee teases Eric and leads him into the bathroom, where he watches her get in the shower and clean herself off. Eric can't resist her soapy tits and soon he's ready for more pussy. When Taylee hops out of the shower, this hot pairing goes for round two.

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Taylee Wood in 'Just Like a Fucking Celebration'

Taylee Wood - Just Like a Fucking Celebration

A good wedding is like a polished business plan. You invest money, then invite guests and entertain them. In return for your kindness, the guests bring you gifts and refund you a multiple of the money. However, this approach does not work for everyone. In this story, the party ended with the disappointment of cheap gifts. Good thing, though, the manager of the event found a great way out of the situation by finding the finances the young couple needed and taking his cock out of his pants...

Taylee Wood in 'My Wife Likes It Rough'

Taylee Wood - My Wife Likes It Rough

My wife likes it rough. She always liked that. I can't imagine how she could have chosen me, a soft-spoken, nerdy intellectual who couldn't even say the word 'fuck' out loud. How many times she asked me to spank her or slap her during sex, I always refused. My upbringing doesn't allow me to do inappropriate things to a woman. But that night we met him. He was a real macho man, capable of any kind of rudeness. And in the name of my great and bright love for my wife, he agreed to fuck her the way she always wanted to...

Taylee Wood in 'Be a good dog while I fuck your wife!'

Taylee Wood - Be a good dog while I fuck your wife!

There are just too many hot women out there! I want to fuck someone ASAP!' – those were the thoughts coursing through my head as I was sitting in a park. All of a sudden, I heard an obnoxiously loud lady ordering flower delivery. Would have loved to shut her up on the spot with my cock, I can tell you that much! I had a great idea anyway: since this busty bitch had the audacity to mention her full address in my presence, why don't I pay her a visit later in the day? When I showed up, my boner was ready to hose her down with pent-up semen, but there was a 'but' - her husband. He got laid off from work that day. What a predicament! Everybody knows that everyone has a price and I'm willing to really shell out for his wife's pussy. 'Hey, hubby, here's your collar – be a good boy while I fuck your wife. Heel!'