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This Midwestern MILF may be tiny, but she has an insatiable appetite for massive cocks. Her fans love her ultra-firm body and her frame-tipping fake tits. Torrey's twinkling blue eyes and mischievous smile show us that what she's thinking is a whole lot nastier than her innocent little face lets on. She likes to surprise her fellas with sex when they least expect it, so when she shows up at your office with a basket of muffins, you'd better make sure there's a lock on that meeting-room door. Our sexy little mama knows how to handle a man, and she loves when a spit-soaked cock slides between her plump double Ds. Keep watching, because our petite cougar princess is always on the prowl.

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Torrey Pines in 'Seduce a Milf'

Torrey Pines - Seduce a Milf

Keiran gets in on the ladies' plan to seduce her mother so they can throw a house party. Keiran has no problem making a move on Torrey, because he knows she can't wait to smother him with her huge tits and wrap her long legs around him like a boner tree.

Torrey Pines in 'The Party Boner'

Torrey Pines - The Party Boner

Keiran is having a blast at a house party. He's flirting with some hot tail, and nothing is going to slow him down. Well, nothing except Rebecca putting boner powder in his drink. Lucky for Keiran, while trying to get away from the party, he bumps into Rebecca's mom, and let's just say that she's a big fan of the big dick.

Torrey Pines in 'Sexual Cooking Lessons'

Torrey Pines - Sexual Cooking Lessons

Johnny really wants to impress his date with a nice home cooked meal but he isn't very good in the kitchen. He decides to ask his friends mom to teach him a thing or two about cooking. The oven heats up quickly and before you know it, Johnny's getting some sexual lessons from Mrs. Pines.

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Torrey Pines in 'Professor Torrey Pines fucking in the bedroom with her tits'

Torrey Pines - Professor Torrey Pines fucking in the bedroom with her tits

Kris wants to get in touch with his artistic side and his art professor has agreed to give him private lessons and he is impressed by her clean canvas and only wants to paint his load all over her.