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was born June 27th, 1979 in Berlin Germany. She began in 2003 when she was 23 years old. She has made close to 200 films. She specializes in anal. Her bio will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Victoria Sin in 'Grade Fixing'

Victoria Sin - Grade Fixing

German Teacher Victoria Sin is one tough and mean bitch. She gave Ramon a bad grade even though he answered correctly. What Ramon failed to realize is that Victoria is a sexually frustrated teacher that needs to be put back in her place. Ramon decided to pull his cock out and give her a grade of his own; an A for Anal, and a D for Destruc

Austin Kincaid in 'Big Dick Auction'

Austin Kincaid - Big Dick Auction

Austin and Victoria wanted to help out Sienna , because of her recent divorce. All Sienna wanted was a big dick and Austin & Victoria knew how to do that with fun. A big dick auction. Alec Knight and Jordan Ash were invited to this exciting fiasco. They must of been worth a lot to the girls because they gave up everything they could. In the end everyone was satisfied. This is a very intense scene , you have been warned.

Victoria Sin in 'Bad Timing'

Victoria Sin - Bad Timing

It's very busy at the hospital today and Dr. Victoria Sin is under a lot of pressure. On top of that Nurse Strokes is late again. So when he shows up she gives him a piece of her mind and asks him to change fast and get to work. But when she sees the size of Nurse Strokes' cock she decides to take some time to relax and give that cock a nice ride...

Victoria Sin in 'German class test'

Victoria Sin - German class test

Sexy German teacher Victoria Sin caught one of her students copying at a test again. She called the school's principal, Mr. Glide, to help her set her student straight. After being asked why he would never study for the tests, the student told Principal Glide a little secret he shared with his teacher Miss Sin.

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Victoria Sin in 'Wife Victoria Sin fucking in the couch with her tits'

Victoria Sin - Wife Victoria Sin fucking in the couch with her tits

Victoria Sin got caught in the rain, so when she comes home, her dress is soaked and completely see-through. And she's cold, so she must strip off that wet dress immediately and suck some cock to warm up.

Victoria Sin in 'fucking in the office with her petite'

Victoria Sin - fucking in the office with her petite

It's time to go to happy hour, everyone from the office is going, except Victoria. She is swamped with other people's work and she is pissed. Well, if Dan stays and helps her finish, it will be worth his time. Victoria is hot and she fucks like an animal!

Victoria Sin in 'Dora Venter Fuck Me'

Victoria Sin - Dora Venter Fuck Me

Beautiful Franki gets her pert ass pounding in this fast paced erotic scene.