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Tall blondie, Victoria White, has it going on. Cute, slim, and attractive, she just begs to be watched. Her perfect 36C breasts and stunning features don't hurt either. She began performing in hardcore scenes in her early twenties, and found the work suited her. Since taking the plunge, Victoria has worked for Brazzers and Twisty's, among others.Victoria has a navel piercing and a beautiful white cat named Casper. In her spare time she likes to play with her cat and hang out with her best friend, Alley Kay.

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Katie Summers in 'Sharing is Caring at Camp Starfish'

Katie Summers - Sharing is Caring at Camp Starfish

Victoria is unhappy at her summer camp. The other girls, especially Katie and Ruby, are mean to her but most of all she misses her boyfriend Johnny. When Katie and Ruby catch Victoria writing to her boyfriend they tease her and help ease her craving for dick by giving her her first lesbian experience. The experience is a good one, and when Johnny comes to visit, Victoria show what she has learnt and shares his big cock with her fellow campers.

Victoria White in 'Semester A-Broad'

Victoria White - Semester A-Broad

After spending a year studying on the other side of the world, little, innocent Victoria has returned to show her boyfriend that she's learned a lot more than she bargained for. A changed girl, her stuffed animals have been replace by shiny dildos, and after eating foreign food for so long, she's worked up quite the appetite...for big cocks!

Victoria White in 'Eleven Inches of Heaven'

Victoria White - Eleven Inches of Heaven

When Victoria arrives at a friend's party, the birthday girl asks her if she would like to play seven minutes in heaven. She agrees and excitedly lets herself be blindfolded and led into the closet. Once there, Victoria's friends decide to leave her alone to be discovered by Scott; a horny son of a bitch that just can't let an opportunity like this escape him. He then proceeds to give Victoria HIS eleven inches of heaven!

Suzanne Kelly in 'TnA caught breaking and entering'

Suzanne Kelly - TnA caught breaking and entering

Suzanne and Victoria like to go frogging: breaking into peoples homes and using their stuff while they're away. The two teens break into Enzo's home while he drives off and plays with his things. Later Enzo comes home to find the two girls playing with each other in his bathtub. These girls learn their lesson and tag team Enzo's big cock so he won't call the cops.

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Victoria White in 'giving the blowjob of her life'

Victoria White - giving the blowjob of her life

So, I'm chilling at this resort for a few days because work is stressing me to all hell, and this HOT barback there gives me a flame when my lighter goes out. I'm at the resort to let loose, so I do something I would never ordinarily do: I wrote my room number on a card for him and asked him to come up for a drink later. He knocks on my door in the evening and I just sucked his dick so damn good and let me fuck my wet pussy forever and blow his load all over my lips. God, it was hot.

Victoria White in 'fucking in the chair with her glasses'

Victoria White - fucking in the chair with her glasses

Victoria White is horny for her boss John, but she's shy to tell him. He walks back into the the office from his exercise break and asks her if she's going to go and work out, but she tells him she's trying to fix something on the computer for him. He ends up giving her a hand and asks her if she wants to exercise. Victoria does want to get a sweat on, but she hints that she wants to do it by sucking his cock and bouncing on top of it!

Victoria White in 'fucking in the couch with her small tits'

Victoria White - fucking in the couch with her small tits

Danny's Dad and his young girlfriend Victoria are moving in together, and she thought it would be fun if she and Danny checked out one of the model homes for her and his Dad's new condo. Danny pretty much hates his Dad's new chick, and she doesn't seem to get the hint. After a few minutes checking out the new pad, Danny can't contain himself, and let's her know in no uncertain terms that he doesn't approve of her. She plays nice at first, then goes a little psycho, and let's him know that she's not going anywhere, and then gets nice again. Nice, crazy, nice, and then she's hitting on him! What the fuck?!? Fuck is the key word, and before he can say no, she's on his cock, and call him crazy, she feels pretty damn nice!

Victoria White in 'fucking in the classroom with her big tits'

Victoria White - fucking in the classroom with her big tits

Professor London caught Victoria texting in his class. He's trying to teach her about the causes and effects of global warming but she doesn't seem to care. Now he's going to show her the causes and effects of her slacking in his class by having her get in his pants!!

Victoria White in 'fucking in the floor with her natural tits'

Victoria White - fucking in the floor with her natural tits

Victoria is looking for a personal trainer to sculpt her abs and ass. Derrick is a potential candidate. To prove he's got what it takes to train Victoria, he'll have to show her what he's got!

Samantha Saint in 'Friend Samantha Saint fucking in the outdoors with her tits'

Samantha Saint - Friend Samantha Saint fucking in the outdoors with her tits

Samantha Saint and her friend Victoria White are throwing a big Memorial Day party for all their friends, but it turns out everyone ditched them for a pool party up the street! Johnny Castle shows up ready to party. The girls don't want to have to tell him the party is over, so instead they have their own party'on his cock!

Victoria White in 'White Kong Dong 30'

Victoria White - White Kong Dong 30

While hanging out at his local used record store Alex ran into this wild chick who said she was totally into heavy metal, concerts and old movies. She also told him she loved guys with big dicks and Alex laughed and said 'So you wanna go see a band, a movie or a big cock?' Victoria chose the big cock. What a surprise! That night was the best fuck of her life!

Victoria White in 'Evil Anal 14'

Victoria White - Evil Anal 14

Hugely hung Italian porn pervert Omar Galati emerges from a courthouse where he's (somehow) been acquitted of promoting anal sex. Pretty Henessy steps up with a microphone, and Omar invites the lovely Channel 69 journalist to interview him privately at his office. His idea of an interview includes anal toys, deep-throat face fucking and a sweaty, male-dominant butt fuck; upon climaxing on Henessy's face, he makes her lick up the excess from a leather chair. Henessy is good news!

Victoria White in 'Play With Victoria White'

Victoria White - Play With Victoria White

Pornstar Victoria White is one hot and young sex pot! Watch Victoria as she strips down in her retro studio and plays with her tight body.After taking off her sexy black lingerie, Victoria brings herself to a full climax. Cumming all over her fingers!

Victoria White in 'Blowjob'

Victoria White - Blowjob

Let young and hot newbie Victoria White get naughty in her tight leather corset in POV style. Playfully giving you a strip tease while talking dirty. Then dropping to her knees so you can fill her mouth with your gigantic cock! This blue eyed blond jerk you off and sucks your cock until you give her a huge creamy facial.

Victoria White in 'Birthday Looner'

Victoria White - Birthday Looner

This princess has only one birthday wish and it's to be covered in icing. Victoria's little unused teen pussy gets the shit fucked out of it. She had no clue how she was gonna get fucked next. This tiny little girl's wish comes true as she gets sprayed with fresh creamy icing…. Twice!

Victoria White in 'California Anal Girls POV'

Victoria White - California Anal Girls POV

Seda is a pale, all-natural cutie eager for some nasty anal fun with director Mike Adriano. This brunette spreads her plump, juicy booty and winks her sweet, puckered anus for Mike's POV camera. He inserts a lollipop into her rectal aperture, then has Seda suck the ass-flavored candy. She loosens her sphincter with a wide anal toy; Mike takes it further, using a colon-expanding inflatable butt plug and a medical speculum. Seda gags on the director's dork in a slobbery, marathon blow job and gets her asshole thoroughly fucked. And she swallows the messy load jacked load into her mouth.

Victoria White in 'Tall, Blonde, and Beautiful'

Victoria White - Tall, Blonde, and Beautiful

Innocent looking blonde is destroyed by a fierce brunette dominatrix with electrcity, strap-on sex, and more!

Victoria White in 'FuckingMachines in the Girls Locker Room'

Victoria White - FuckingMachines in the Girls Locker Room

Victoria White - blond, thin, perfect cupsize tits, long legs and sexy ass, stretches out her pussy and ass with FuckingMachines in the locker room.

Isis Love in 'Drill Baby Drill'

Isis Love - Drill Baby Drill

Victoria gets her ass drilled in rough threesome.



It's gymnast time! Hot blond spreads for the robots in the locker room. She does a DP for the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE and it's AIRTIGHT!

Bobbi Starr in 'All natural blonde beauty double penetrated for the first time in her life!'

Bobbi Starr - All natural blonde beauty double penetrated for the first time in her life!

Tall all natural beauty double penetrated for the first time in her life in a sexy humiliating pile driver by two sadistic lesbians!

Victoria White in 'Tall, Tanned, Thin All Natural Blond Babe Machine Nailed in her Pussy and Ass'

Victoria White - Tall, Tanned, Thin All Natural Blond Babe Machine Nailed in her Pussy and Ass

California Dream Cheerleader machine fucks in a locker room. Her pink pussy is stretched by two dildos in the shower, her ass rammed hard at top speed

Victoria White in 'Pick-up and Blow!'

Victoria White - Pick-up and Blow!

Attention all Fuck team Five supporter's. In this week's update we bring you Jamey Janes, Ally Kay & Victoria White. These three sexy porn stars are hot, blonde and natural. I promise you are gonna love watching these ladies get there tight shaved pussies cracked open and not to mention the insane sloppy blow jobs they all give! Also in today's feature the ladies do a little box licking as well! Happy stroking! Keep an eye out cuse you could be next on Fuck team Five!

Victoria White in 'Hardcore'

Victoria White - Hardcore

Round titted blonde gives us a hardcore video that will put a rise on your sleeping cock from her tasteful sucking to a wild hard fucking

Victoria White in 'and Mark Zane in My Sisters Hot Friend'

Victoria White - My Sisters Hot Friend

Today is Victoria's birthday and she's going out to the mall with her friend. When Victoria gets to her friend's place, it's Mark who greets her with a rose. He tells Victoria that his sister is going to be about an hour and goes right in for a kiss. She's into a guy who puts himself out there and rewards Mark with a tour of her birthday suit!!!

Samantha Saint in '2 Chicks Same Time'

Samantha Saint - 2 Chicks Same Time

Samantha Saint and her friend Victoria White are throwing a big Memorial Day party for all their friends, but it turns out everyone ditched them for a pool party up the street! Johnny Castle shows up ready to party. The girls don't want to have to tell him the party is over, so instead they have their own party.on his cock!