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Zlata Shine is a Russian starlet who loves to get naughty. This busty, tall brunette is ready to have sex 24/7, anytime, anywhere! One of the hottest free agents in the industry, Zlata's big boobs and brilliant booty have attracted her a ton of attention online. When she isn't creating content, Zlata likes to hang with friends, try new restaurants, and travel. Check out this sexy Russian in the scenes below.

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Sofia Lee in 'Emergency Vibrator Extraction'

Sofia Lee - Emergency Vibrator Extraction

It's Zlata Shine's birthday and her girlfriend Sofia Lee has a treat for her: a remote-control vibrator that Sofia slides into Zlata's pussy. Sofia has a blast repeatedly setting the vibrator to go off... even after Zlata's oblivious mother comes to wish her a happy birthday. Zlata's mom notices Zlata shaking uncontrollably and insists they go to the hospital to have this checked out. The sexy doctor figures out what's going on and figures out a way to turn this sexy lesbian fun into a proper threesome.

Zlata Shine in 'Wet Pussy Wants To Play'

Zlata Shine - Wet Pussy Wants To Play

Blonde Zlata Shine has slipped into a bodystocking that makes her ass look out of this world! Gorgeous Zlata plays with her big, natural tits and shows off her perfect, tight pussy. Zlata plans on driving Jordi wild and her black, sheer bodystocking is just the thing to do it. When Jordi arrives, he worships every part of Zlata's incredible body before slipping his hard cock into Zlata's tight asshole. These two don't hold back and go at each other like wild animals!

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Zlata Shine in 'ZLATA SHINE Squirts In DP Threesome'

Zlata Shine - ZLATA SHINE Squirts In DP Threesome

Primping in a vanity mirror, blonde MILF knockout Zlata Shine wears a slinky, hot pink mini dress. Pornographer David Perry sidles up to feed her a segmented black dildo. Zlata squats to take the toy up her ass as David spanks her pubic mound, till she ejaculates girl squirt! He blindfolds Zlata as well-hung studs Jay Miller and Darrell Deeps stuff their big Black cocks in her mouth. She sucks their massive pricks in frenzied blowjobs. Darrell crams Zlata's asshole as she inhales Jay's dark meat. Jay rails her in an aggressive, doggie-style anal fuck. He drills her butthole while Darrell invades her slit, resulting in double penetration debauchery! Gorgeous Zlata chokes up gobs of slick spit as the dudes fuck her mouth. Following more fulfilling DP, the guys unload their sacks on her pretty face. Torrents of creamy jism leave her high cheekbones awash in a glorious cum facial, climaxing the crazed threesome.

Zlata Shine in 'and the Photographer'

Zlata Shine - and the Photographer

Today in Private Specials, Girls Sharing Secrets, Zlata Shine is a sexy model with a very naughty secret… she has a crush on her photographer, Yanick Shaft! That's right, this spectacular babe can't help but get excited every time she goes for a shoot, and today on, she kisses goodbye to professionalism and instead lures Yanick in for an awesome fuck where she shows off her big natural tits and deepthroat blowjob skills and enjoys a hard anal pounding until her beautiful ass is covered in cum! Now that's a photoshoot!

Zlata Shine in 'Zlata Shine, From Twister to Anal'

Zlata Shine - Zlata Shine, From Twister to Anal

A game of twister between Zlata Shine, Vince Karter and Yanick Shaft is only likely to end one way, especially when it takes place at a Cherry Kiss Home Party, and today on, we're here to offer you a front row seat! Red foot right, Zlata gets a cock in her mouth. Left hand yellow, and now another cock too. Watch Zlata's big natural tits in action in Private Gold, Cherry Kiss Home Parties where she enjoys a hardcore gonzo threesome full of deepthroat blowjobs, anal, wild fucking, and two facial cumshots too!

Zlata Shine in 'Let Her Shine'

Zlata Shine - Let Her Shine

Big tittied European MILF Zlata puts on her best lingerie to get ready for Nick to come over and fuck her brains out. Her incredible cocksucking skills are matched with an unstoppable thirst for that big load.

Zlata Shine in 'Shine On'

Zlata Shine - Shine On

Women with big natural tits will always be the best. Add Zlata to the list of epic all-natural babes that love sucking cock and getting blasted with jizz. Watch her massive jugs bounce as she rides Charlie's dick and gets fucked hard.

Zlata Shine in 'Zlata Shine, Need for Speed and Anal'

Zlata Shine - Zlata Shine, Need for Speed and Anal

How do you turn on Zlata Shine? With speed of course! That's right, this wild babe can't help but get wet in the passenger seat as her man takes her for a spin in Private Specials, A Time for Love, and as soon as you get her home from a drive… she'll take you for a ride too! So enjoy Zlata's beautiful tits and ass in action on as she returns the favour to her a man in style with a sloppy blowjob and a hard and intense anal pounding that leaves her perfect ass covered in cum!

Zlata Shine in 'Is Hungry For More of Sabien Demonia'

Zlata Shine - Is Hungry For More of Sabien Demonia

Locked up in a cage wearing sexy latex lingerie Zlata is hot, horny and begging her Mistress to please play with her. Sabien Demonia happens to be in the mood to have her way with bratty little pet Zlata and her sexy ass. With nipple clamps tight on Zlata?s beautiful natural tits Sabien gives this little slut a good hard whipping with the flogger to get her warmed up. Whips turn to slaps and Zlatas ass turns bright red and stinging. Sabien slides her fingers inside Zlata?s sexy ass, fill her hole with a thick butt plug and then straps on a dildo and fucks her into a frenzy. Zlata is going crazy loving every second of her Mistress?s long cock pounding out her horny ass until she cums and squirts and gapes. All that hot action got Sabien turned on so Zlata is ordered to eat her Mistress?s wet pussy and ass and then fists her tight cunt until she cums hard and squirts all over. What a good pet.

Atlantis Deep in 'Deep Stretch - S16:E12'

Atlantis Deep - Deep Stretch - S16:E12

Hanging out on the couch, Zlata Shine is doing some work on her tablet. Her girlfriend, Atlantis Deep, joins her to see what's going on. Atlantis is feeling the urge to stretch out. She asks Zlata to give her a hand, but Zlata insists that she still has more work to do.Atlantis ultimately puts her exercise towel down beside the couch so she can do her stretching while still hanging out with her girlfriend. Seeing those big boobs and that hot ass in athletic action is too much for Zlata. When Atlantis accidentally on purpose spills some water down her own cleavage, Zlata is there to help wipe it clean.The girls wind up getting into a water fight, splashing each other until they're both dripping. Capturing one another's lips in a passionate kiss, they give in to their need to come together in a sexual way. Zlata pops Atlantis's huge breasts from her shirt and delivers sweet openmouthed kisses to them. Turning around on her knees, Atlantis lets Zlata peel her shorts off. Zlata pours more water onto Atlantis's big booty, then goes in for a pussy rubdown and finger fucking. There's plenty of tongue action to really get Atlantis moaning in pure delight.Atlantis is eager and willing to give as good as she just got. Pushing Zlata onto her back, she buries her face in those big beautiful boobies. Then Atlantis moves lower, tugging Zlata's shorts aside to dive deep into her girlfriend's twat. She keeps up her oral work until Zlata is moaning in pure delight.Zlata takes charge of Atlantis's pleasure once again. Pressing her girlfriend's back against the front of the couch, Zlata curls her arm around the back of Atlantis's neck. One palm on Atlantis's huge tit and the other on her clit, strokes and finger fucks Atlantis to another big O.In return, Zlata helps Atlantis onto her side. Once Zlata has brought her knees up, Atlantis buries two fingers into her twat. That just gets them both even more worked up, the perfect level of horniness for them to create a lesbian 69 with Atlantis on top and both girls feasting on each other's juices. They give themselves one last mutual climax by pushing themselves clit to clit for some tribbing that finally leaves them sated.

Zlata Shine in 'Fucks Her Husband's Poker Buddy'

Zlata Shine - Fucks Her Husband's Poker Buddy

Zlata Shine can't hide her disappointment when her husband uses her as a betting chip in a poker game. To make matters worst, her husband lost to his friend, Jimmy Bud. After seeing Jimmy, Zlata forgets about her anger and starts feeling horny. She doesn't even care if her husband is watching. Zlata gives Jimmy a sloppy blowjob before letting the handsome lad eat out her pussy. The beautiful bombshell can't help but enjoy Jimmy's intense pussy pounding in the missionary. The horny lad fucks Zlata in spoon and doggystyle. The naughty MILF returns the pleasure by riding Jimmy's dick in reverse cowgirl until he feels he is about to cum. Zlata drops to her knees and happily receives Jimmy's warm cum on her face.

Zlata Shine in 'Zlata Shine, Celebratory Anal'

Zlata Shine - Zlata Shine, Celebratory Anal

Zlata Shine is awe inspired by the view from her new apartment building in Private Specials, A Rooftop Romance and it's now time to head to bedroom with Dean Van Damme for a celebration Private style! Watch this sexy babe on as she offers up her juicy pussy for a taste before returning the favour with a mind-blowing deepthroat blowjob. Then enjoy Zlata in action as she puts her perfect figure and big natural tits to work in a passionate anal fuck that has her moaning with pleasure all the way to a facial cumshot.

Zlata Shine in 'Sucks And Fucks Her Man's Dick In POV'

Zlata Shine - Sucks And Fucks Her Man's Dick In POV

Captivating blonde hottie, Zlata Shine, shows off her alluring body in see-through blue lingerie with floral accents. The captivating tattooed hottie is more than ready to suck and fuck as soon as the camera starts rolling. She is already on her knees, ready to give a sloppy blowjob to a lucky stud. The horny lad fucks Zlata's titties before banging her from behind. The horny couple changes their position from doggystyle to missionary. Zlata's tits bounce hard while she rides the hard cock in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl until she cums over and over again. She teasingly watches her man jerk off his cock until he shoots out his warm and sticky load all over her beautiful face. Zlata then cleans the man's dick with her mouth.

Jayla De Angelis in 'Jayla de Angelies and Zlata Shine, Groupies Addicted to Anal'

Jayla De Angelis - Jayla de Angelies and Zlata Shine, Groupies Addicted to Anal

The stunning Jayla de Angelies and busty Zlata Shine have come to Private Specials, Anal Loving Bachelors to take on stud Dean Van Damme for their debuts, and this is one wild anal threesome you won't want to miss! A double deepthroat blowjob with a side of rimming is the perfect way to get the party started as this sexy duo show off their oral skills in some style. Then watch Zlata's big natural tits and Jayla's spectacular body in action as both girls take turns enjoying a hard anal pounding all the way until their pretty faces are covered in cum.

Zlata Shine in 'Why Dont You Stay - S41:E14'

Zlata Shine - Why Dont You Stay - S41:E14

Bigtit hottie Zlata Shine isn't shy about her sensuality. She's just getting into bed when her Raul Costa, arrives. Zlata asks Raul to come on in, thinking that he's her boyfriend. Raul claims he doesn't have time and he has to go. That's okay; Zlata gets started without him and is prepared to finish without him. Feeling a bit naughty, Raul comes inside anyway. By the time he makes it to the bedroom, Zlata has her big boobs out and her hand down her thong to masturbate her greedy twat. Raul can hear Zlata in action and he can't help but sneak a peak around the corner. He may have gotten away with his peepshow except his shoulder hits a photograph and creates a big ruckus. Boobs still out, Zlata comes out to investigate what's going on.Raul tries to make some excuses about why he's there, but Zlata's not shy about herself. She isn't afraid to seduce Raul now that she's set eyes on him. The only thing better than masturbating is getting off with a hard dick, after all.Reaching out, Zlata pushes Raul's face into her titties to make it clear that he's supposed to start licking and sucking them. She encourages him to touch lower, too. In return, Zlata slides her hand down to cup Raul's hardon that is clear evidence that he wants her right back.Taking Raul into the bedroom, Zlata pushes him down onto his back and crawls on top of him. She once again pushes those lovely breasts into Raul's face to encourage him to add to her delight. Raul doesn't need to be asked twice; he gets the hint enough to begin licking and sucking those sweater puppies to Zlata's delight.Eventually Zlata can't wait another moment to get down and dirty with the D. She slides down Raul's body and tugs his pants down, unveiling a big cock that's ripe for a BJ. Zlata can't get enough, slurping and sucking as she grasps the root to deliver a handy on the bottom and a blowie on top. She even gives Raul a nice titty fuck to really make his day!By the time Zlata is ready to move on to something more hardcore, Raul is fully committed. He gets his face between Zlata's thighs to really feast on her dripping pussy juices. Then, he curls up behind her to slide home for some spooning sex. He drives himself nice and deep, giving Zlata all the cock she can handle as she rubs her own clit for added pleasure.Taking a seat on the bed, Raul helps guide Zlata down until she's totally impaled on his dick in reverse cowgirl. She bounces away as she mewls in delight. Turning around, she leans forward so Raul can keep on worshipping those big titties as she continues her stiffie ride.Zlata is insatiable as she gets on her hands and knees so Raul can give it to her in doggy. He pumps her full of dick, leaving Zlata nearly satisfied. Rolling onto her back, Zlata takes Raul inside one last time as he makes sure she's sated. Then he pulls out, blowing his load onto Zlata's lovely jugs and hitting her open mouth. Rubbing the jizz into her skin and licking her fingers clean, Zlata is clearly well fucked.

Zlata Shine in 'Gaping Anal Elegance'

Zlata Shine - Gaping Anal Elegance

Tall, sexy, blonde Euro-beauty Zlata Shine returns home in cutoffs and a tank top. Finding her in sexy stockings and garters, porn director David Perry gently blindfolds her. He twists her nipples through her bra, and he fingers her cunt. David's wet digits feed her a taste of twat tang. He stuffs his big cock into her hungry mouth for a blowjob. With her eyes covered by the thin black mask, David bangs her doggie-style, fucking both her pussy and her asshole. Unmasked in her boudoir, Zlata props up her ankles as David fucks her butthole. The suave pornographer slams her twat some more. Zlata deepthroats dick. Anal reaming makes her bunghole gape widely. The dirty girl tongues his bunghole in a sexy rim job. David delivers a cum facial, spunking her tongue, and Zlata cleans him with a BJ. She kisses his cock and licks his sack.