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YinyLeon,Leon in 'Brazzers' - Public Perving On A Perfect Pair (Brazzers Exxtra)

If you're like Leon, you could not help yourself when you see a curvy goddess like Yiny out and about. Tight clothes hugging a body to die for. You'd pull out your cock and stroke it, inviting her to watch. Yiny is shy at first but offers to help. Maybe drive somewhere a bit more private to let out the inner nympho to drool, stroke and ride Leon's cock. To make it her own as she begs him to fuck her all day long! To squeeze her big tits, grip that brunette hair, and pound that round juicy ass!

Released : March 6th, 2023
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YinyLeon in 'Claiming Queen Yin's Ass'

YinyLeon - Claiming Queen Yin's Ass

Only way to start the morning right is with an insanely curvy woman getting herself ready for the day. The curve of Yinyleon's round perfect tits and thick juicy ass will wake you up faster than a cup of coffee. All it takes is a few sloppy drips to accentuate her soft cleavage even more, and soon she's soaked to make her curves shine and beg to be grabbed and fucked. The bathroom fun does not end there, though, as Leon joins to run his hands over every inch of her body, squeezing and playing until she's practically begging for him to claim that round tempting ass.

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Susane Barts in 'Perfect Pair'

Susane Barts - Perfect Pair

Susane Barts is decked out in a sheer shirt that lets us admire her big boobs in their bra and her firm ass in its thong. After rubbing down her bigtit knockers, she shakes her ass so that Leon can admire the jiggling delight. Then she lifts her bra to free her titties, tempting Leon to worship her breasts.Leon is definitely up to the task that Susane has set for him. He leans forward to suckle her big areolas and rock hard nipples. Then she pulls out Leon's stiffie so that she can rub the head of his dick along her knockers. Pushing the large globes together to create a channel, she gives him a titty fuck that rocks his world. Then she leans forward to use her mouth for a sucktastic BJ.Giving as good as he gets, Leon presses Susane back onto the bed so that he can settle between her thighs. After tasting her with his soft tongue, he reaches out with two fingers to push them deep into her tight twat. Finding her nice and wet, he spoons behind her to slide into her dripping landing strip fuck hole.Susane knows how much her lover enjoys her bosom, so she decides to give him even more of a show. Climbing onto his hardon, she slides down until he is fully impaled in her hot glove. Then she starts grinding her hips against him in a stiffie ride that leave her titties jiggling even as Susane fills the room with her moans of delight.Getting down on her hands and knees, Susane lifts one leg high when Leon presses into her from behind. This angle of penetration is much deeper, delighting both partners. As soon as Leon establishes a fast rhythm, Susane finds herself rocking back into every one of his thrusts until she's screaming her orgasmic bliss.Rolling onto her back, Susane plays with her breasts as she watches Leon continue to dominate her cum craving snatch from above. When he pulls out to rub his dick between her boobs one last time, she smiles with delight at the knowledge of what's coming. Moments later, Leon explodes all over Susane's generous chest to cover her in the evidence of his love.