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Brazzers 'Working Hard' starring Tasha Holz (Photo 6)

Tasha Holz in 'Brazzers' - Working Hard (Big Tits at Work)

Danny D is no stranger to business lingo, but his new boss insists all his employees talk only in sexual innuendos. Danny quickly catches on with the help of his busty co-worker Tasha Holtz. Their dirty talk soon turns into dirty actions with a naughty fuck!

Released : January 2nd, 2016
Male Models : Danny D

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Tasha Holz in 'Trying Out Kink'

Tasha Holz - Trying Out Kink

Perhaps inspired by the recent mainstream interest in kinky behavior exemplified by the novel and movie Fifty Shades of Grey, our two new models Tasha Holz (in the black and pink bustier) and Jemma Valentine have dolled themselves up in nylon stockings, garters, and high heels to try out some 'mistress-slave' games in this new fetish XXX video!

Tasha Holz in 'Tasha Holz: Cheating Princess, Cheap Slag'

Tasha Holz - Tasha Holz: Cheating Princess, Cheap Slag

Tasha's a beautiful 24-year-old English rose. She's also a dirty little slut who loves a bit of rough and has got the wettest pussy I've had the pleasure to plunder since Amy six months ago. Even before we've got down to fucking, her cunt was glistening like a river.In the scene she plays the girlfriend of a mate of mine who I've seen getting it on with someone else at a nightclub so I've popped round to give her a lesson in fidelity. Well, kind of. More a case of just punishing the bitch for being such a cheating slag. Which she more than demonstrates by not having the slightest problem with me ordering her to strip down, suck my willy and get jolly-rodgered. And what a sight she proves to be with pounding away in and out of her. Those tits! Suffice to say there's rather a lot of them dancing up and down - while she's bursting for a pee, while she's sucking dick, while she's getting fucked, while she's waiting for me to shoot my cum at her tonsils. Andy makes sure that at every possible opportunity she's making them bounce up and down. That is, after all, what they're there for. Glory hallelujah.

Sasha Steele in 'Wet Pussies Stretched by Cucumber'

Sasha Steele - Wet Pussies Stretched by Cucumber

When Tasha got in my cab today, I couldn't get over the size of her tits! I'm an F cup, which is pretty massive, but this pretty tart is a J! We got chatting about having big boobs, and all the associated difficulties, like finding good lingerie, and I suggested to Tasha we do a little comparison. We found a place to park and I got in the back so I could inspect her amazing titties, and lick her nipples. Well, after playing with each other's tits, we got a little horny! I pulled off my panties so Tasha could taste my pussy, then we switched spots. Tasha had the tightest little snatch. I just wanted to fuck her! And it turned out she had a cucumber in her bag for her picnic. What happened next? Well, let's just say, I don't think I will ever look at salad the same way again!

Tasha Holz in 'Nice Big Tits Get Fucked and Sucked'

Tasha Holz - Nice Big Tits Get Fucked and Sucked

I don't always remember a face, but I never forget a pair of tits! When Tasha got in my taxi today, I knew we'd had some fun in the past soon as I saw her massive knockers. Turns out, she had a little time on her hands, so we decided to make the same deal as last time: free ride for a little fun in the backseat! I just couldn't wait to get my face buried in those incredible boobs. I slipped in the backseat to lick her nipples, then the curvy brunette got on her knees to suck my cock. Tasha loves to gag on a big dick, but I think I hit her gag reflex a bit hard! After she tittyfucked me, pounded her wet pussy up against the slut hatch, then we went outside so she could suck me off, and I could cum all over those amazing tits.