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Brazzers 'Ho Hardware' starring Mandy Haze (Photo 4)

Mandy Haze in 'Brazzers' - Ho Hardware (Baby Got Boobs)

Johnny just can't stop visiting the cute salesgirl at the hardware store. He may be forgetful, but he's also got it bad for Mandy and her massive titties. When he finally gets a chance to go to the back room with her, you can best your ass Johnny will try to rip that plaid right off her chest!

Released : December 26th, 2012
Tags : Black Hair, Store Clerk, Ass Worship, Big Tits Worship, Medium Ass, Medium Tits

Jessa Rhodes in 'Lovely In Latex'

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Jessa Rhodes in 'Lovely In Latex'

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Mandy Haze - Wrong Dorm, Right Girl

Due to some sneaky pranksters at ZZ University, collegiate Mandy has had to move in to Xander's dorm room for a few days. She's damn fine, but she's also the dean's daughter, and if Xander wants to keep his scholarship, he'd better keep his hands off her. If only she'd stop doing that yoga, and walking around with her tits out...

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My friend is taking me out to lunch today for my birthday, at least that's the impression my husband is under. While he's out on interviews for a new job, I'll be the breadwinner today, thanks to Levi and the arrangement we've got set up. I give him what he needs --hot sex-- and he gives me what I need -- money for our bills. All I'm doing is providing for my kids while both me and my husband are unemployed. Times are tough, but at least I'm earning cash and enjoying myself.

Mandy Haze in 'Sexy Amateur Gets Fucked Good!'

Mandy Haze - Sexy Amateur Gets Fucked Good!

Mandy Haze is more then just a chauffeur for the day. Well, she doesn't know that just yet. We were actually on our way to pick Mirko up. While on the way Mandy showed of those gorgeous set of tits. Somebody's horny! Once we picked Mirko up, Mandy sat in the back with him. Suckin his dick. Iut of the blue. You know what time it is! We go back to out place and Mirko gave her what she wanted. i good pussy pounding and a mouth full of cum for her to swallow. Enjoy!

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Mandy Haze - My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Mandy Hazel is in trouble! She through a massive bash at her boyfriend's pad while he's off in Europe conducting business, and her little shindig gets a bit out of hand, ending in a destroyed home, broken glass, and neighbors complaining to security. The next morning, her boyfriend's son Levi shows up to boot her ass out of the place for ruining it! But Mandy knows how she can make him look past a little party ... by slamming her fat ass on his cock and letting him suck on her big titties!!!

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Mandy Haze - A Sex Freak Lies Within!

Welcome back for another exciting new update of Big Mouthfuls! Mandy Haze is a closet sex freak. She might seem like the quiet type, but when it comes down to the fucking. Mandy Haze gets buck-wild. With a body like hers. It's hard to believe that she's this shy. Don't worry Bang Bros fans. Our homie Buddy will sweet talk her and make her feel at home. After a bit of small talk. Sure enough the sex freak in Mandy Haze comes knocking at the door. She got naked within minutes. Showing off her goodies underneath all that clothes. Damn! She has a banging body with nice curves. Buddy sure had a good time fucking this tight pink pussy. That is until he busted a huge load of cum all over her mouth. Yummy! Enjoy.

Mandy Haze in 'What everyone needs is a Mandy Haze handjob'

Mandy Haze - What everyone needs is a Mandy Haze handjob

Wow oh wowwie! Mandy Haze is super hot! She has never done a scene before either. She wanted to get into the business and do something naughty. We told her about what we do and she was down. Mandy has an amazing body too a fat ass and a beautiful set of tits. Mandy has been giving hand jobs since she was in her teens so she felt comfortable with a cock in her hand. In fact, she was having fun tugging away in the back alley of these Miami streets. You gotta check her out for your self.