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Hailey Rose,London Laurent in 'Brazzers' - Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy) (Brazzers Exxtra)

Manuel Ferrara is an obedient, office-working stiff who worships routine. His coworkers might describe him as "a stick in the mud," but when his flirty, big-breasted coworker (London Laurent) coats his pencil in her pussy juices, Ferrara sniffs the arrival of a new office culture. Laurent flops her massive tits out in the cafeteria, and (a newly liberated) Ferrara smacks them with his huge uncut cock. Before long, another coworker (Hailey Rose) notices, and they're both sucking his dick — teamwork! Ferrara fucks them around the cafeteria, the girls alternating between riding his hog and mashing their boobs in his face. Once Hailey's pussy begins flowing, it's apparent that the new office collaboration is working. True to his nature, Ferrara stiffly works their mouths and pussies before coating their faces in cum. What a stunning example of project management and problem-solving — but a new problem arises: who can return to work after that?

Released : November 7th, 2023
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Pictures from Hailey Rose,London Laurent in 'Brazzers' Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy)

Hailey Rose in 'Brazzers' Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy) (Thumbnail 1)
Hailey Rose in 'Brazzers' Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy) (Thumbnail 2)
Hailey Rose in 'Brazzers' Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy) (Thumbnail 3)
Hailey Rose in 'Brazzers' Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy) (Thumbnail 4)
Hailey Rose in 'Brazzers' Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy) (Thumbnail 5)
Hailey Rose in 'Brazzers' Taking Care of Fucking Business (Pounding Office Pussy) (Thumbnail 6)

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Hailey Rose in 'The Dream Team'

Hailey Rose - The Dream Team

Jodie has invited Hollywood to shoot some hoops, but Jodie's girlfriend Hailey quickly becomes enamored with Hollywood. She can barely hide her crush, she decides to make a move and it pays off for her – until Jodie catches them in the act! But no worries, nothing a little wet pussy won't fix. Hailey ends up getting ravaged from both sides by the hunky dream team!

Esperanza Gomez in 'Honey, Where Are My Handcuffs'

Esperanza Gomez - Honey, Where Are My Handcuffs

Bruce can't keep his hands off Hailey's big naturals and round ass as she sneaks him into her sexy stepmom Esperanza's house. On the way to Hailey's bedroom, Esperanza sees Bruce and gestures that she'll suck his cock later, then steals her clueless detective hubby's handcuffs! Hailey sucks the cum out of Bruce's cock, but when Bruce leaves her bedroom to clean up, Esperanza intercepts him and drags him back to her room instead! Esperanza shows off her curvy body before Bruce fucks her until they're almost busted by Esperanza's hubby. Thinking fast, she handcuffs Bruce inside the closet and sucks his cock until hubby leaves. Bruce rolls off the bed as horny Hailey enters and licks Esperanza's pussy, but he's soon caught leading to a smoking hot threesome. After Bruce cums on both of their tits hubby busts them all and Bruce takes off running!

Hailey Rose in 'Double Timing With Big Naturals'

Hailey Rose - Double Timing With Big Naturals

Hailey Rose's boyfriend, Rico Hernandez, is being inattentive despite her obvious advances, so she turns her attention to roommate Max Fills, who's gaming. When Hailey flashes her big natural tits, Max is immediately turned on, leading to sneaky sex right under Rico's nose. Although Max busts a big load that drips from Hailey's pussy, she slips away undetected to wash off in the shower. Max, though, isn't done, and he follows her in and starts fucking her again. A hot, wet shower fuck gets interrupted when Rico comes in looking to join Hailey, only for her to distract her boyfriend with a blowjob while Max keeps fucking her behind the shower curtain, undetected. Hailey knows how to multitask and get what she wants, but the question is whether she can get away with it.

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Hailey Rose in 'November 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S45:E19'

Hailey Rose - November 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S45:E19

What more could a husband want than a hottie like Hailey Rose making treats for him? Wearing just a sexy little number complete with a sheer bra and apron, Hailey gets her bake on. By the time Max Fills arrives home, the muffins are ready and Hailey is all set to give him twice the dessert.Max's week at work hasn't been the best, but Hailey's surprise has surely brightened him up. Those muffins look nice, but Hailey is even more appetizing. She's happy to let Max do whatever he needs to brighten his day. That turns out to be eating Hailey out as she leans forward. Hopping onto the counter, Hailey continues to open herself up to Max's tongue and fingers.When Hailey gets on her knees so she can suck Max down in a deep throat BJ, his week continues to look right up. Popping her lovely boobs out, she delivers one hell of a titty fuck. Now that they're both primed, Hailey once again leans forward over the counter and spreads her thighs so Max can come into her from behind.That's just the beginning of their lovemaking! Hailey gets Max on his back on the countertop so she can climb aboard and ride him like a cowgirl. In return, Max puts Hailey prone on the stools so he can go to pound town in her cream filled cooch. Lifting one of Hailey's legs to hook her ankle over his shoulder, Max opens her nice and wide so he can give her a nice creampie. As they come down from their mutual delight, Max admits that he is indeed feeling better.

London Laurent in 'Is Captivated By Lexington Steele's BBC'

London Laurent - Is Captivated By Lexington Steele's BBC

Naturally busty blonde babe London Laurent is captivated by Lexington Steele's BBC. She makes sure she makes the best use of his giant BBC. Between her giant big naturals!

London Laurent in 'Staked wifey is excited for her first BBC'

London Laurent - Staked wifey is excited for her first BBC

London is excited, nervous and ready for her first time with a black guy. After reaching her destination, she can hardly wait to get her hands on Anton - not only will this be her first time - it will be one she will never forget.

Crystal Clark in 'Delivery man brings a mouthful to Crystal Clark and London Laurent'

Crystal Clark - Delivery man brings a mouthful to Crystal Clark and London Laurent

Whenever I make a delivery to Crystal Clark and London Laurent I get excited. Those babes are fucking hot. I even run into Crystal from time to time at the gym. Today was my lucky day for sure! I delivered some food to Crystal and London, and they invited me into their office this time. Once inside, things quickly get naughty. London starts eating Crystal's pussy while I watch and get hard. Then they proceed to give me a double titty fuck and fantastic blowjob all before I unleash my huge load on their big tits.

Hollywood Cash in 'Naturally Gifted Busty Slut Hailey Rose Embracing Every Inch Of Hollywood's BBC'

Hollywood Cash - Naturally Gifted Busty Slut Hailey Rose Embracing Every Inch Of Hollywood's BBC

It's time for Breast Worship! Hailey Rose shows off her 38G big naturals. It's the battle of the naturally gifted. Hailey Rose's 38G big tits Vs Hollywood Cash's 11 Inch BBC. Watch now! Find out who wins the battle!

Hailey Rose in 'CoEd hottie Hailey Rose just has to wrap her big tits and lips around her friend's dad's big dick'

Hailey Rose - CoEd hottie Hailey Rose just has to wrap her big tits and lips around her friend's dad's big dick

Hailey Rose stayed the night at her friend's house. Her friend just took off to work so Hailey heads to the kitchen to find some tea and start her day. Her friend's dad is in the kitchen all alone. They get to chatting and Hailey realizes he's looking at her tits. She apologizes for wearing such skimpy clothes this morning but the dad assures her nothing is wrong. Hailey likes older men and has been checking out her friend's dad from time to time anyhow. She asks him if he wants to feel them and of course he does, who wouldn't want to cop a feel at some big natural college-aged tits?! One thing leads to another and this lucky dad gets to have his way with his daughter's hot friend.

Hailey Rose in 'Eyes Glued on Her Tits'

Hailey Rose - Eyes Glued on Her Tits

Max just wanted to play a silly prank on his step sister Hailey Rose. However, things quickly went awry when he accidentally glued his hards to her shirt. After a few attempts, he finally pulled harder and his hands got free, the only problem was that he ripped her shirt with it completely exposing her perfect tits. From there, Hailey quickly got an idea, since he had already seen her tits it was only fair for her to get a peek at his private parts too. Soon, she was choking on his cock right in the living room. And not long after that, Max penetrated his step sister's pussy in several different positions making her scream in pleasure. All culminating with a huge load all over her face.

Hailey Rose in 'Give Me Some Honey - S19:E2'

Hailey Rose - Give Me Some Honey - S19:E2

Hailey Rose loves to dress up in lingerie that hugs her busty curves. Her boyfriend, Max Fills, loves it, too. Today's getup is red with black lace on that really draws the eye. The outfit is completed with black stockings and high heels. She eyes herself in the mirror while fluffing her boobies, then goes to where Max Fills is hanging out.Handing Max a bottle of water, Hailey insists he drink it. After all, he'll need to be hydrated for when he breeds her later. When Max doesn't immediately respond, Hailey takes charge. While describing exactly what her boyfriend should be doing, she puts her foot on his hardon and pulls his head to her cooch to begin eating her.Shoving Max onto his back, Hailey climbs on top of him to smother his face in pussy. He tongue the twat, then reaches up to knead her titties as she grinds against his lips. When it's time to hope off Max's lips and give something in return, she goes for an enthusiastic BJ. Since her boobies are already out, it's a simple thing for Hailey to deliver a titty fuck, too.Max is already on his back, which makes it nice and easy for Hailey to straddle his hips and climb on top. Sliding down, she takes him for a juicy pussy ride in cowgirl. That even gives her the opportunity to smush her breasts into his face for her own pleasure. When she gets on her knees, Max gives it to her as hard as she could want in doggy.The couple finishes with Max spooning behind Hailey, banging her from behind. Lifting Hailey's leg nice and high, Max makes sure she hits the big O one last time before taking his own pleasure. Ever the obedient boyfriend, Max blows his load inside Hailey's coochie to hopefully breed her.

London Laurent in 'Naughty Office'

London Laurent - Naughty Office

London Laurent finds out upper management is downsizing the company and she's about to get fired. She really loves working there and is willing to do anything to keep her job. Her boss, Will, has a naughty idea that may help her out. If she pulls out her big tits and lets him put his thick cock in her wet pussy, then maybe he'll reconsider.

London Laurent in 'My Girlfriend's Busty Friend'

London Laurent - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

Busty gal London Laurent has been staying with the Newmans because her tenant is an asshole. She's very grateful to her best friend for letting her stay over, but Brad is constantly watching her, and she wants to know why; it turns out Brad has a thing for big-ass boobs. London feeds into it and realizes that if she shows Brad her tits he'll get over it and move on. But one thing leads to another when they both get turned on by her naughty act!

Hailey Rose in 'Small Girl With Big Natural Tits Gets Two Cumshots'

Hailey Rose - Small Girl With Big Natural Tits Gets Two Cumshots

Hailey Rose is a brand new babe with a body that will make your head explode!! This all natural petite hottie has a pair of tits made for a girl twice her size. This ethnic beauty is almost too much to handle with her tan skin, big tits, cute smile and tight pussy. ITs a struggle not to but a load immediately when encountering a girl such as her. Needless to say it is one of those nights where one round simply isn't enough. Enjoy the pleased look on her face when she realizes the night isn't over after getting one load dumped on her chest. After a solid pussy pounding while covered in cum she milks out a second load right on top of the first one.