Kristal Summers in Brazzers - Special Package (Milfs Like it Big)


Brazzers scene description

Today is a beautiful day in Kristal?s neighbor. The sun is shining?the birds are chirping and most of all?her husband is out of the house which gives her the chance to get her freak on! When the mail man drops off a mysterious package, Kristal becomes very interested in his big mysterious package!

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Work Fantasies, MILF, Blonde, Wife, Big Tits, Ass Worship


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Big Tits At Work

Kristal Summers - Blonde and horny

Kristal Summers - Bustyz

11th April - Californian sensation Kristal Summers is our guest this week. Gotta love the perfect boobs and lovely eyes. This blonde babe has a killer body and she knows how to put it in use!!. Look how hot it gets when we put a hard cock in front of her pretty face, she just can't resist, what a good girl. ...Read More
Kristal Summers - Knocking for a Cocking

Kristal Summers - Milfs Like it Big

3rd April - Miss Kristal Summers has been busy selling her beauty products door-to-door, and she's determined to get some results. When James opens the next door she knocks on, she sees the perfect opportunity to use her knockers and special lubes to put this customer in the mood to buy. ...Read More
Kristal Summers - The Prince Returns...

Kristal Summers - Big Tits at Work

17th May - Prince Said is back, and this time he needs a manager that's money driven and willing to do anything to get ahead. Although he's not interested in whether Kristal is right for the job or not, he is interested in seeing what she's willing to do in order to get ahead... ...Read More
Big Tits At Work

Kristal Summers - Laid by the Maid

Kristal Summers - Big Tits In Uniform

11th July - Johnny is going through a pretty bad breakup. Lucky for him, he's got a couple friends who know exactly what he needs. Johnny is going to come home to a pretty big surprise.. actually, a couple big surprises to be exact. ...Read More
Kristal Summers - The Teachers Pet

Kristal Summers - Big Tits at School

23rd April - Mrs. Summers was pretty disappointed with her favourite and best student, Trent, because he cheated on his Canadian history test. Since Mrs. Summers would hate having to fail Trent and tell his parents, she's nice enough to figure out a solution that's beneficial to both of them... ...Read More
Kristal Summers - The Neighborhood Milf

Kristal Summers - Real Wife Stories

16th June - TJ had been checking out Kristal for a while now and when he over heard her fighting with her husband he decided this was his chance to fuck her. As soon as the husband was gone TJ popped out of nowhere to console her. She invited him in for a drink of water but he knew we was going to get much more out of the deal... He was going to get this hot milf all over him. Kristal didn't hold back at all she wanted this young cock inside of her... ...Read More

Kristal Summers and Rocco Reed in Naughty Office

Kristal Summers - Naughty Office

9th November - Rocco is the new boss. He's only been with the organization for a month so far, but he's noticed that his assistant and secretary Kristal Summers can't seem to do anything right. She's been with the company for a while, and he can't understand why. But when she tells him that she can show him how she's retained her position for so long, he's ready for some clarity. And when the busty blonde sits him down in his chair, unzips his pants and starts sucking on his big cock, it all makes sense to him. ...Read More
Kristal Summers and Johnny Castle in My Friends Hot Mom

Kristal Summers - My Friends Hot Mom

15th March - Krystal Summers is having a yard sale, so she's employed her son and his friend Johnny to move a bunch of boxes for her to prepare for it. While Bill is out grabbing some beer, Ms. Summers sees Johnny with his shirt off and is instantly turned on. She secretly calls her son and tells him to run another errand for her . so that she'll have enough time to swallow Johnny's cock and fuck him until he cums all over her! Moving boxes, eating boxes . it's all in a day's hard work. ...Read More
Kristal Summers and Kris Slater in My Friends Hot Mom

Kristal Summers - My Friends Hot Mom

9th November - Handyman Kris is helping his buddy's mom Kristal Summers fix up her house, and they're first going to run to the hardware store to pick up materials. But Kris is still in his towel right out of the shower when hot Ms. Summers shows up. He tells her he'll be ready in a jiffy, but the MILF is horny and doesn't want him ready in a jiffy; rather, she wants his jizzy, all over her after she sits on his dick for a while. Now that's handy. ...Read More
Big Tits At Work

Kristal Summers and Kris Slater in Seduced by a cougar

Kristal Summers - Seduced By A Cougar

23rd February - Kristal Summers doesn't fuck around. She met Kris at the club, and she's buzzed and horny, and brings him back to her place. His innocent and unassuming act turns her on even more, bringing out her inner cougar. The big tits blonde wrestles her prey onto the couch and digs her mighty claws into him as she devours every inch of his body! ...Read More
Kristal Summers and Derrick Pierce in My Friends Hot Mom

Kristal Summers - My Friends Hot Mom

12th February - Derrick's having a bad day. He's late to work and his car won't start, so he hopes his friend's hot mom Kristal Summers can give him a jump. But when she can't find jumper cables, he doesn't really care because he's hoping she will jump his bones instead. Maybe this won't be a bad day after all! ...Read More
Kristal Summers - Kristal Summers MILF Fucks Her Student

Kristal Summers - Kristal Summers MILF Fucks Her Student

3rd July - Kristal Summers MILF Fucks Her Student. Ripped from todays headlines here's the story of a school teacher who couldn't control her desires and took the innocence of a young boy in the process. Lucky fucking kid. This MILF with the big tits changed a young mans life forever. Lucky fucking kid. From DIRTY ROTTEN MOTHER FUCKERS 5 watch this tale of public education gone horribly wrong. ...Read More