Cherokee in 'Brazzers' - Banging the Bag Boy

Released : February 18th, 2009
Tags : Big Dick Worship, MILF, Black Hair, Blowjob (POV), Medium Tits

Cherokee is a very innocent women who keeps a very dark secret well hidden from people. Once she encounters a big cock she turns into a cock-craving maniac who will do whatever she needs to do in order to get a fix. In this case she kidnaps the bag boy at a local grocery store, who's more than willing to give her a taste of his cock.

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Cherokee in 'Prom Night 96'
Cherokee - Prom Night 96

It's every girls dream to be a princess, to be swept away in a golden chariot and ridden off into the sunset. The problem arises when two dreams collide because only one girl can be the next Prom Queen. Cherokee and Rachel go through the biggest cock the 90's created to claim the crown.

Cherokee in 'The G-Spot Giggler'
Cherokee - The G-Spot Giggler

Cherokee is a big fan of male porn star Keiran Lee and his famous line of sex toys. When she hears that he is appearing at the local sex shop for the release of his brand new product 'The G-Spot Giggler' she rushes to buy one for herself. When she arrives at the store the toys are all sold out, so she asks Keiran if he could give her a tester on the real version of the toy.

Cherokee in 'Beach Bum'
Cherokee - Beach Bum

Cherokee spends the day at the beach with Johnny. They run in the sun, dip their tootsies in the ocean, and frolic in the sand. Of course this all leads to some canoodling on the beach and subsequently sex.

Cherokee in 'Stop Bullying Me and Fucking My Mom'
Cherokee - Stop Bullying Me and Fucking My Mom

Cherokee's son Keiran is constantly being picked on by the neighborhood bully. Just like all mothers, Cherokee is very protective of her son and decides to pay a visit to the bully and teach him a very valuable lesson.

Cherokee in 'PhD Mentorship'
Cherokee - PhD Mentorship

Johnny is doing his PhD at Brazzers University under the mentorship of Cherokee. He meets at her office for the weekly meeting with the mentor. After one too many test and distractions, he confronts her with his issues. She lets him know that he's been performing well. She then has him fuck her on her desk for the ultimate test.

Cherokee in 'Tango Lessons- Its the same two-step with a little twist'
Cherokee - Tango Lessons- Its the same two-step with a little twist

Charles is getting married in two days and needs to master Tango before his wedding. He learns that Cherokee teaches afternoon home lessons. He signs up and when he gets there he is a little surprised to learn that its the same two-step with a little twist. She tangos with more than just her legs as her boobs do the talking and teaching. Charles is trapped and unfortunately can't dance his way out this problem.

Cherokee in 'Great Moments In Hook-up History 4'
Cherokee - Great Moments In Hook-up History 4

Keiran and Jordan are two diabolical spinsters who are always looking for a way to score on hot chicks. Today they have a plan to go to swingers club and pick up some horny housewives who could give a hit about their husbands. Alone at the bar, no husbands, are Cherokee and Lily. Heads turn when they find out they are married! If the guys can pick up a lesbian couple, this will forever go down in hook-up history! Find out how the story plays out...

Cherokee in 'The Noisy Neighbor'
Cherokee - The Noisy Neighbor

Cherokee can't take it anymore, her neighbor Billy is always having sex and he just can't keep it down. She decides to go see what the hell his problem is when she stumbles on his big fat cock. She'll be making noise of her own when he rips her tight pussy up!!

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Georgia Peach in 'Porn Star Ass!'
Georgia Peach - Porn Star Ass!

This is a classic AssParade from years ago that featured the very sexy Georgia Peach and the big bubble booty Porn-Star Cherokee!. This is a dynamite combo right here. Nothing but ass shaking all over the place. This update has it all. Cock sucking, pussy licking, lesbian action and Anal sex. JMac is one lucky man. To have all this ass on your dick is every man's dream. I know it's mine. Enjoy!

Cherokee in 'The best ass ever'
Cherokee - The best ass ever

Another classic AssParade! Everybody knows Cherokee has a ginormous ass. If you don't, your a dick. Cherokee is a legend in this biz. Her ass is more famous then most names. I'm just saying. Preston could tell you the same. He experienced what many would love to. Like they say "Once you go black, you'll never come back".

Cherokee in 'The One And Only'
Cherokee - The One And Only

The famous ass of Cherokee is back people and let me tell you it hasn't changed a bit. Its still big and juicy as fuck. Its like her ass need its own zip code. She can just look at and make each big ass cheek move to a beat of a drum. Our boy Alex is in total wow as soon as he sees that ass that he has to take a bite of it literally. She sucks he cock like Cherokee, she rides his cock like Cherokee, she like to get pounded like Cherokee, did I mention people once again that this is the famous beautiful black Cherokee. No question in my mind that this is the perfect way to end this year off by jerking to the famous Cherokee in full effect, damn good!

Cherokee in 'At The Car Wash'
Cherokee - At The Car Wash

Nothing better to satisfy the BIGGEST ASS CRAVING than Pinky and Cherokee. These two beautiful asses go pound for pound fucking and sucking. Pinky and Cherokee with their fat asses decided to go join us to a car wash. Little did we know that their ass would be used perfect for windshield wipers. So we took those asses back to the place and smacked those asses and saw those waves making tsunamis. My boy Justice banged these asses and made them bounce like not other could of. These girls sucked and fucked and then rode that dick like a beast in need of pleasuring. Come check it out!

Cherokee in 'Wright Training Program'
Cherokee - Wright Training Program

CJ Wright has the perfect training program for MILFs!!! Let's just say he's got the right muscles for the workout... Cherokee will be one satisfied customer when her husband drops her off at the gym!!!