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Lola Marie in Brazzers - Helicopter MILF (Mommy Got Boobs)

Lola is a Helicopter Parent who just wants the best for her son. Now that he's in college, it's even more important to be vigilant with him. When he invites his competition over for debate prep, she scolds him for associating with the enemy. But, as the saying goes, you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer and that's exactly what Lola does. Jordi is easy prey for this helicopter MILF out to protect her son. I mean, who can study when there's a hot MILF leaning over your shoulder watching your every move? Jordi certainly can't. And he's more than happy to be distracted and used as a sexual pawn. Who needs to win the debate when your balls-deep in your friend's mom?
Brazzers 'Helicopter MILF' starring Lola Marie (photo 2)

Big Tits In Sports

Lola Marie - Helicopter MILF (Thumb 01)
Lola Marie - Helicopter MILF (Thumb 02)
Lola Marie - Helicopter MILF (Thumb 03)
Lola Marie - Helicopter MILF (Thumb 04)
Lola Marie - Helicopter MILF (Thumb 05)
Lola Marie - Helicopter MILF (Thumb 06)
Big Tits In Sports

Lola Marie - Ebony Babe Squirts and Piss in Taxi

Lola Marie - Fake Taxi

20th July - It was a scorching hot day when I picked up lovely Lola Marie. She asked me to take it easy on the bumps because she'd drank so much water, she had to pee very badly! But the bumps got the better of her, and she pissed a little in the back of my car. I found a place to park so we could clean it up, but it was so soaked into the seat, I had to tell the gorgeous ebony babe that I would have to charge her a cleaning fee. When Lola disagreed, I had a better idea: I took her water bottle and sprayed water all over her little white shirt! Now she could charge me the same fee. Even Steven! Lola stripped out of those wet clothes in the back of the taxi, and as soon as I saw her there, legs open, nipples hard, my dick went up, and we realized what we could do while we waited for her clothes to dry. We had a nice hard fuck, after which I sprayed my spunk all over Lola's face. I certainly know how to leave my mark. ...Read More
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